A D-mail conversation with Raistlin (part 6)

All good things come to an end, as I am afraid we have reached the last installment of my collab post with the wonderful Irina. If you haven’t already, check out last week’s part over on Irina’s blog. Before I move on to the final part, on a personal note I want to apologise for not having responded to some comments left on this post. Trust me it’s not because I am ignoring you but it’s because currently I am really not feeling like my usual self. It’s hard to even write a comment sometimes or find any spark of energy to even write someting. I am sad that I have missed out on a lot of posts, and haven’t been able to keep my promise for still being around here. I am doing my best to find that energy again, so please be patient with me if you can. Now, before this becomes way too depressing, on to the fun stuff: Part 6 of the Steins;Gate review. I hope you will enjoy it, and thank you again Irina for doing this amazing project with me. It’s been a blast!

Inbox Gmail: Raistlin 0903, dated 2017/18/02

From: Irina

Contrast is key

Hello everyone, it’s Raistlin (yeah who else would it be). I’m back again to continue the review of the time travel epic anime series Steins; Gate. I hope you are all ready for this as we are entering the final arc of this series. And you know that’s where things can really go wrong. We all have probably seen countless examples of enjoying something thoroughly, and having the final ruin everything that came before. The past hours I have felt this weird pressure as if someone is overlooking my every move. It’s nothing quite as sinister as The Organisation that is looking over my shoulder, but more a guiding and helping hand that makes sure that I don’t screw this up. As I said before, this is an important review. I’m writing it to make sure that everyone ends up loving this series as much as I have. But also for that blogger that I have mentioned that you all still haven’t met. I have, she is an amazing friend, and the impact she will have on this community will be felt throughout the centuries. Irina is her name: don’t forget it, you will thank me later.

Nothing to see here….move on please…..

Okay in the last segment I talked about the fact that the first segment while slow, is very important, a joy to watch, and probably even the best thing about this entire anime.I have also let it shine through that the second half of the show is much darker. But exactly what do I mean with that, and how does it hold up in the overall scheme of things? I’m not going to tell you what happens because I have pretty much always avoided putting spoilers in my post, so I am not going to start now. Suffice it to say though that when that shift in tone occurs, you won’t be ready for it. There were very subtle hints in the first half, another thing that’s so clever about Steins;Gate. But the true shock will hit you like a sledgehammer. It will wrench your gut, and it will make you cry. You might even feel as if you are slowly suffering a heart attack. And after it happens, the anime shifts gears. Radically. It almost seems as if you are watching an entirely different show.

What do you mean we are watching an entirely different show??!!

I often had a hard time wondering what this series wanted itself to be. But looking back now that is pretty much exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. You see, what happens in this second half is that it creates an atmosphere of true desperation. A lot of things that seemed so very innocent in the beginning turned out to have very dire consequences. And you feel Okabe’s sense of urgency. You feel his heartbreak, his need to fix things in the right way. But maybe some things can’t be fixed. Or when they are fixed, they might leave a timeline that is even worse than the one created now. And I do say timeline, because the build up to the real time travelling aspects of the show, come to the fore in this second half. Think full on Back to the Future stuff and then some. As someone who really loves everything that even has a single spark of time travelling in it, I think this is where Steins;Gate really shines the most. And not for the reasons you might think. It’s not just the way that this show handles the concept of time travel itself.

Jeezzzz…..you are really making me upset here…..

No, what makes the time travel really work is the way this series is built up. The first half lures you in with this sense of calm, the funny dialogues, the establishing of the relationships, in short it seems to set the tone for the entire anime. At least that’s what you think. There are of course hints thrown your way that you might not pick up on until much later. And then that second half hits you: the tone is dark, the characters you know suddenly are much different when what you are used to, and you might even wonder where the series you loved so much all of a sudden disappeared to. But once the initial shock dissipates, you begin to go on the same journey that Okabe is going on. You want him to succeed at fixing things. You cry when he fails another attempt. You feel the sense of dread that maybe it won’t end happily. Every time jump into the past your heart races, hoping that maybe this is the one where our favorite mad scientist succeeds.

Okay, we are done, let’s go drink some Dr. Pepper.

Steins;Gates’ contrast in tones is a stroke of genius. And I appreciate the show even more for doing it in this way. It takes a concept that at first seems very innocent to a level that you simply would not expect when you first start with this anime. If all my writing about this hasn’t been enough yet to convince you that you should really check this one out, then I don’t know what I can do more. Well, maybe there is one last thing. Somewhere, in the future, a time traveller called Irina will appear. Her identity right now is still hidden in mystery. When she first appears, you might not even realise her greatness yet. Almost like Steins;Gate she lures you in very cleverly. But make no mistake. Her blogging skills are awe inspiring and will blow you away. One day out of the blue, she will start to talk about this anime. And she will convince you even more to go and watch it than I have done. If for some reason the first time you might not have enjoyed Steins; Gate, try it again. Because who knows? Maybe time will change things for you…….Psy El Congroo……


23 thoughts on “A D-mail conversation with Raistlin (part 6)”

    1. Thank you so much Pete 😊 I had enormous fun writing this with Irina while we working on this.
      I’m sorry for not having been around. I learned today after having had some bloodtests that I have a very high Vitamine D defficiency, which explains why I have this lack of energy/being so tired lately. I am going to get some medicines for it, which should hopefully restore my energy levels. I also have some stomache problems the pas week and a half for which I’m also getting medicines. It’s really been a very annoying past couple of weeks.
      I really miss being here, and I am sorry for having missed out on so many of your and other people’s posts. Hopefully with the medicines I will be able to restore my energy levels somewhat 😊 Thanks for always being here, and commenting on all my posts. It really means the world to me 😊😊

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      1. Vitamin D defficiency and not feeling yourself this sounds like you might have parasitic Ghosts , the Kha-Shad horrible creatures suck out your vitality and happiness.
        After you take those vitamin D pills make sure to go to a Spa and take a mud Bath followed by visiting a dog pound and petting some dogs they have a powerful aura buff that cast way the Kha-Shad!
        Happy holidays Raistlin!

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      2. Hahaha😂😂😂 You always have THE BEST comments Joseph. I will definitely take this advice and see if I can beat those nasty parastic Ghosts lol 😂😂😂
        Thanks so much for making me laugh though, definitely can use that! 😊😊 Hope you have very happy holidays as well 😊😊


  1. You’ve made me want to see it! One day I’ll have netflix!!
    If you are not feeling your usual self it’s a good idea to feel your unusual self or even feel someone else’s self, I’m sure we could muster up a volunteer or two. But not in public or you’ll be arrested. Those missing sparks of energy are hard to track down, what with their cloak of invisibility and all, but they get bored easily and will come back to you when the winter has gone and the sun is up. In the meantime, a fun substitute is to stick your fingers in an electric socket for just a couple of seconds, that’ll perk you up no end. ( have a wet towel stood by though in case of hair combustion 😀 ) seriously my friend, rest and look after yourself. I hope things turn around for you and you soon feel tickety boo, and have a lovely Yuletide with lots of hugs and yummy food and all that good stuff. xx

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    1. Haha…this entire comment made me laugh so much 😂😂 Thanks for cheering me up 😂😂
      As I just said to Pete, I found out today that I have an extremely high Vitamine D defficiency, which explains the lack of energy and feeling so tired all the time. I also have been having stomache problems the past week and a half. For both of these I will be getting some medicines, which might hopefully get me back in “fighting” spirit.
      I really miss hanging out here, and I am really sorry for not having been able to comment/read posts lately. I do hope you know that comments like this one really cheer me up. Just know that you are an amazing friend and I really appreciate this 😊😊
      I hope you will have a wonderful holiday season yourself as well! Enjoy it: you definitely deserve it 😊😊

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  2. I loved this series of posts from you and Irons. Sorry to hear things aren’t going so well. Take all the time you need and take care of yourself. I will look forward to seeing you around online but if I don’t before hand, have a great Christmas.

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    1. Haha, well, it was a nice typo Irons. I’m sure Irina could appreciate it, as well you kind of is as strong as Iron 😊😊
      I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed this series. I did myself as well: it was a blast to write it.
      I am really sorry that I have so far not been able to keep my promise to stick around here like I said I would. I learned today from some bloodtests that have been taken, that I have a very high Vitamine D defficiency which explains my lack of energy and me being so tired. With some stomache problems the past week and a half things certainly haven’t been a picnic 😢 I am getting medicines for both things which hopefully means that I will be getting back some of that energy which would really be nice.
      I hope all is going well with you, and I don’t mind adding that I really miss you😊 Thanks for the Christmas wishes, if I don’t talk to you anymore (I am planning a Christmas post at least I am trying to) before the holiday season, I hope you will have some terrific and fun days yourself. Thanks for the kind words: I appreciate it. 😊😊

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      1. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell but at least they are figuring out some of the issues and hopefully you’ll start to recover. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and keep sending you good wishes.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you so much for these very kind words 😊 I definitely hope things change soon. Haven’t even been keeping up with all the great seasonal anime shows 😢 Well, got a lot of catching up to do when things get better again, that’s for sure 😊😊 Thanks again! 😊😊

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  3. You’ve added some things to this post since the last time I read it. That’s not fair. Now I’ve got feels and I’m going to share them.
    For Raistlin’s readers – We started this collab wau before Raistlin announced his intention to step back from blogging. I’m not sure if he was already considering it or not but let me tell you, I consider myself so incredibly lucky to have had a chance to do a project with him before hand. Some of us put a bit of distance between ourselves and our blogging personas. From what I can tell, Raistlin is not that type. He is authentic. He is kind and considerate, patient and almost pathologically supportive at all times. A word from him is always the best part of your day (or one of the best parts). If any of you are lucky enough to have gotten to know him a bit, I’m sure that you share my admiration.
    As for you Raistlin
    Thank you! Thank you for doing this with me. Some of my favorite posts on one of my favourite shows. I will treasure this collaboration. Thank you for cheering me on in the comments of my own blog. You don’t know how many times you’ve made me smile at the end of a long and exhausting day. Thank you for always finding the bright side of a situation. Thank you for having been there to encourage so many new bloggers when they were just starting out, and veteran ones when they were ready to give up. And thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and thoughts on the things that make you happy, so that we can be happy too. I know I’m not just speaking for myself here.
    Rest up and take all the time you need. And even if your road doesn’t pass through here again. Just know that you will always have people here who miss you and will be here for you if you need them. Because you’ve earned that and no one can take it away.
    Love – i

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    1. I litterally shed a tear after reading this comment. Oh no, not out of sadness, mind you but because I was truly touched by your incredibly kind words and this truly amazing comment. It not only made me cry, I blushed all over the place that’s for sure😊
      Pretty much everything I say in response to this is going to be too little, and because it’s text you also don’t really hear the emotion behind it. But wow Irina, these words were amazing, and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are an absolutely incredible person and I’m more than grateful for having met you. I truly value our friendship, and whatever happens to this blog, I promise to stay in touch.
      Something came out of the blood tests after all: I have a very, very high Vitamine D defficiency, which explains my current lack of energy and being so tired. I just got some medicines for that today, so hopefully with those my energy levels are going to rise again. Unfortunately I also have severe stomache issues the past week and a half for which I have also received medication. All in all, it’s been a lousy couple of weeks.
      However, reading something like this, made me smile so much. I just had to take time to respond to this.
      As I said everything I have written here, seems too little in some way. Either way, if I can find any way to return here, when hopefully my energy is up again, I promise to do so. If not, as mentioned I will keep in touch 😊
      If I don’t speak to you before Christmas, I hope you will have an incredible holiday season. You more than deserve it 😊
      Thanks for everything you have done for me, now, and in the past, and trust me, this isn’t goodbye 😊
      ❤️-Michel, aka Raistlin 😊


  4. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling like yourself 🙂 This time of year can be really crazy and stressful and the lack of day light doesn’t help things. Take care and hope you feel better soon 😀

    I really liked this collab series and this was an excellent final post 😀 You’ve pretty much sold me on this anime. You’ve made it sound so interesting and like one hell of a watch. When I finally regain the ability to watch shows, I think this will be the first show I’ll watch 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, and sorry for this very late response. Things still aren’t going well I’m afraid. I will be releasing a post with a little update on what’s been going on with me today, but well trying to hang in there, that’s for sure 😊
      This really was one of the most fun projects that I have ever done on WordPress. I had a blast writing this, and it’s certainly a series that deserves all the praise. My only regret is not having liked it the first time around..so weird🤔🤔
      Thanks as always for your kind comment, and I hope you are well yourself. Have a great Christmas 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry about it, you aren’t feeling well 🙂 I have stomach problems too, so I can understand why 😀
        Glad to hear you had fun with this project and hope you’re feeling well soon 🙂
        Hope you have a great Christmas too 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m sorry to hear that you are having stomache problems as well😢 I truly hope you will feel better soon too. I know how annoying this can be right now, so all I can say is hang in there. Hopefully whatever it is will resolve it self soon.
        Take care, and I hope you will be able to enjoy your Christmas despite everything 😊

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