A D-mail conversation with Raistlin (part 2)

Hello everyone!

Today I’m presenting you a new collab project that I am very excited about. And my partner in time, erm crime, is none other than the wonderful Irina. We have been planning to do a project together for quite a while now, and we finally succeeded! It’s probably no secret whatsoever for everyone who knows Irina, that she is a massive Steins; Gate fan. I however had a different opinion on it when I first saw it. Seeing as that would make for a very interesting discussion our plan was to write a post about our different viewpoints. I did want to do a rewatch to refresh my memory seeing as it had been quite a while since I had last seen it. And that pretty much threw our entire original plan out of the window (yep, that blame is on me). But everything worked out fine in the end as now Irina and me now bring you a semi fictional time travel review for Steins; Gate. The fun started out on Irina’s blog last week: check it our right here! Today it’s my turn. It was so much fun writing this, and I really hope you will enjoy reading it just as much!

You see that the original plan was all worked out already on the board.

Inbox G-mail: Raistlin 0903, dated 2017/18/02

From: Irina

It’s better with friends

Hi Guys! I have just watched an absolutely amazing anime for the first second time called Steins Gate and I just had to share my thoughts on it with you. Now this show is a fan favorite, and no one is more passionate about it than a blogger who you probably haven’t even met yet called Irina. I’m telling you all that should keep an eye on her in the future as she is destined to make an enormous impact in the wordpress blogging community. Don’t ask me how or why I even know this, I just do: and trust me she is awesome, kind and an amazing blogger, and I just can’t wait for you all to meet her!

Don’t you go and question my wisdom for this now!

Anyways, back to the show. I think the most important thing for me to start with is mentioning the great cast of characters.When Stein’s Gate starts we meet up with the strange and pretty goofy character Rintaro Okabe. He sees himself as a “mad scientist” and pretty much can’t stop talking about that fact. Seeing conspiracies everywhere he also runs a laboratory in his appartment together with his friends the loveable Mayuri Shiina and Itaru Hashida. And I do say loveable as Mayuri is just the most innocent and sweet girl you are ever likely to meet. There is not a single evil thought in her mind, and I also love the fact that she talks about herself in third person. She is a childhood friend of Okabe and the two of them share a very deep bond. Itaru also known as Daru, is just so much fun. He is a hacker, otaku, totally in love with Faris who runs the maid cafe MayQueen Nyan Nyan (don’t ask) and also a bit of a hentai (pervert). But he definitely delivers most of the comic relief in this anime.

Who are you calling a hentai here?

But if you think the fun stops just with these three characters think again! It would be a mortal sin for me not to mention Kurisu. She is one of the strongest characters in the show, and serves as the voice of reason to Rintaro’s madness (but IS it really madness??). I loved her growth as a character. Where she starts of as this pretty serious woman, in later episodes she becomes more vulnerable, and as such it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with her. And a certain someone does. Did I mention this show has a lot of great female characters? Because it doesn’t stop with Kurisu. Rintaro’s laboratory is situated above the CRT television store run by mister Braun (Well, that’s what Okabe calls him anyway as that isn’t really his name). Now this gruff, but still very kind hearted man one day, after the shortest job interview ever, hires a new employee: the feisty and mysterious Suzuha.

Sorry I don’t have a clue WHAT you are talking about right now.

This young girl soon meets up with the rest of the cast, and as the story progresses you get this feeling that she knows more about what’s going on then she lets on. I loved her warrior like mentality, as well as the many great conversations that she has with Okabe. Speaking of mysterious let’s not forget Moeka. Being the paranoid guy that he is, Okabe is at first shocked when this woman seems to be taking pictures of him with her phone. It becomes even weirder as pretty much the only way she communicates is by sending him texts on his phone. This often results in hilarious moments, where Rintaro is giving one of his many speeches, and keeps getting interrupted by texts on his cell by Moeka. Last but not least there is Ruka who looks like a girl, but is in fact a man (or is he?). Pretty much the only one who seems to know that is Okabe, but of course he is ridiculed by all the other characters (and often scolded at) for even so much as implying that. Ruka is really shy, but also very sweet and kind.

Let me see if you are feeling alright here. Isn’t this a bit too much praise?

This cast is phenomenal and one of the many reasons this anime works so well. Steins Gate is full of dialogue, some of it funny, some of it really serious, and at other times heartbreaking. But all of it feels as if you are looking at lifelike and real human beings. In fact I would go as far as saying that this show might contain some of the best characters ever seen in an anime. Period! Yep, that is a bold statement I know, but I stand by it. I could have just mentioned only three characters and be done with it, but that would not really get my point across. So that’s why I took some time to introduce this wonderful cast, and it’s importance in this anime. Because every single one of them, even Faris who I didn’t talk about much, has an important role to play in the unfolding events. And if there is one thing I like as you know, it’s characters that you grow to care about. This anime achieves that, and then some.


27 thoughts on “A D-mail conversation with Raistlin (part 2)”

  1. This was a really interesting idea for a collab and I loved reading this.
    I love Steins;Gate for the dialogue between the cast. It is fantastically written and generally feels very genuine for the characters that are delivering it (okay, some of Okabe’s lines are out there but so is he so it works).
    Thanks for sharing this and I hope your week is going well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great to hear that you enjoyed reading this: there are still four more parts coming, so plenty more to read 😊
      I still honestly can’t believe that I didn’t like Steins; Gate the first time. Well…no, that’s a bit too harsh, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did this time around. Sometimes a rewatch is definitely worth doing to change your perspective on things 😊
      Today was a good day I have to say, as it’s my father’s birthday and had a lot of fun. The rest of the week will be pretty busy with some work stuf. Can’t wait for the weekend to begin where I also have things to do, but most of that is catching up with some long overdue things. Hope you are doing well yourself too, and that you are feeling a bit less exhausted 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Less exhausted but still behind. I’m hoping to catch up a bit on the weekend but I already know I’ll be doing some actual work for part of the weekend because I’m pretty behind there as well after being away a couple of days.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much for the kind words: Glad to hear that you enjoyed it, and it really has been a lot of fun to write. There is more coming up 😊😊
      An anime that is a must watch right now? Yes there is: Rascal does not dream of Bunnygirl Senpai. (Don’t be put of by the title, it’s a truly amazing series, and something totally different than you might expect. I highly recommend it 😊).


    1. It really was amazing. The fun thing is: the first time I really didn’t like it so much, and now with the second time around, I highly enjoyed it 😊 I always watch all my anime subtitled (and pretty much everything that has a foreign language, I always prefer the original language😊).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤔🤔 Good question, I have kind of forgotten which wordline we are currently on 😂😂😂
      Thanks Irina, I have really enjoyed working on this project with you: it was so much fun! 😊


    1. It’s definitely what happened to me with the rewatch. The first time I came out of this, with a really mixed feeling about it. I didn’t hate it, but I honestly didn’t enjoy it either. Now though I love it, and it’s one of my alltime favorite anime series. Hope the upcoming four parts for this will convince you even more 😊😊

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  2. I skimmed this post as I didn’t want to be spoiled because yes, I still haven’t finished this anime! But from what I gathered, you guys are having so much fun with this collab and that fills my insides with joy ❤ Seriously, it's so cool to see bloggers writing together and sharing in the fun 🙂
    I hope you continue these amazing posts, Michell!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha…well, the good thing is, the post doesn’t really contain any spoilers at all 😊😊 Which is true for most posts on my blog (if I do include spoilers, I usually announce them ahead of time 😊😊).
      But yes, we really did have quite a lot of fun with this post! 😊😊(or better to say:postS) Thank you again for your amazing comment! 😊😊You are too kind 😊


  3. Really glad you enjoyed it sir, and nice collab post! I really loved how the series shifted into some kind of super addictive impossible to resist show after the halfway mark. The weirdness of the first episodes makes you realize later on how connected you become to these characters. Love how it all ended too. I have yet to watch Zero though, but I’ll definitely get around to it. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I also still have to watch Zero. I have heard it’s a different show, as it has a different tone to it. But still…I want to watch it😊
      It really has been so much fun writing on this collab. And more posts are coming for it too ( 4 more to be exact 😊😊)
      The weirdness in the beginning definitely had a very good purpose, something I missed altogether in the beginning 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha..well I have seen it twice now. And it goes without saying that I didn’t like it the first time, and with the rewatch I LOVED it. So…sometimes a show does need a little bit of extra time to let it all settle in. It’s a great series. I hope you will enjoy it, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post! 😊😊

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