A D-mail conversation with Raistlin (part 1) — I drink and watch anime

Hi everyone! Today I’m very pleased to present part one of a very special six part colab with the wonderful Irina. The kick-off for this has started just now over on her blog, so please press the link and check out the post below. Next week I will pick up the story over on my own blog. We both had a lot of fun writing this one, so hopefully you will have just as much enjoyment in reading it!

Hello Everyone, Raistlin and I have been looking for a project to do together for some time now and after I published my recent completely biased non reviews of Steins;Gate 0, he suggested we try to find something on that theme. Don’t let the good times end… Raistlin had a somewhat different opinion of the…

via A D-mail conversation with Raistlin (part 1) — I drink and watch anime


15 thoughts on “A D-mail conversation with Raistlin (part 1) — I drink and watch anime”

    1. Haha, allow me to explain:
      Steins; Gate is a series about time travel. I watched it a while ago and I didn’t really like it as much. Irina loves it a lot, and we were originally planning a conversation where we would talk about the reason why she liked it, and I didn’t. I did want to rewatch it because it was a while ago since I last saw it.
      After that…I changed my mind. I love this show now! In the anime there is a feature called D-mails. With those small text, that are sent to the past things can be changed. So..this whole collab is now about revisiting my old review, and with the “D-mails” that Irina sent, I change my review so a kind of like rewrite 😊😊

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  1. Interesting idea for a collab project. Usually I find that trying to convince someone to enjoy a series they didn’t initially like doesn’t work out. There are however shows that can win you over if you give them a second chance. Glad to hear that Steins;Gate is one of those anime. Maybe you will review Zero in the future?

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    1. Haha: well the funny thing is: Irina didn’t convince me. I had a vastly different opinion on the show and as the plan was to discuss our different viewpoints I just wanted to rewatch it to refresh my memory. And then I ended up liking it lol. So we just decided that the timetravel aspects of the show lent itself perfectly for a revisit of my original review😊
      I definitely plan on watching Zero at some point as well and doing a review. I have heard it said that it’s quite different from the original show though: so I wonder if I will end up liking that one too or have to do a rewatch to like it the second time lol😂😂

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    1. We really had amazing fun writing this post. It was a very unique and fun project, and there are more posts coming up (4 more to be exact 😊). Irina’s blog is terrific, she really is a great writer and has written some amazing stuff.
      Thank you again for your great comment 😊

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    1. Yeah….I think this is a great example of a series where a rewatch just changes everything. Sometime for whatever reason it doesn’t settle the first time. But now I really ended up loving the show. There is more to come from this 😊😊

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