So today it’s Megane Day! Yes, I know right, you are probably all very excited about this especially since you all know what this is about. You don’t? Wow, that’s a total shocker. Don’t worry though, I was as much in the dark about this day as probably most of you are. I found about this day through Mel’s awesome blog (yes this is also a shameless plug to follow her blog as it’s totally cool not to mention the fact that she is totally amazing herself as well). But now that you have pushed that follow button, what exactly is Megane Day? A Megane is a character wearing glasses. And in Japan the 1st October is a national day that is called Megane Day (which for the record is not an official holiday). So that’s pretty straightforward huh? Now Mel came up with this great idea to also celebrate it here over on WordPress which is what this post is all about. Now as I am still a bit of an anime novice (notice that I am not saying noob anymore) I tried hard to come up with a megane character. And not surprisingly as I haven’t seen as much anime as some of the experts around here, I had to think about this for a bit.

Maximilian Jenius as seen in Macross.

But, then it hit me. When I was nine years old I saw an animation series called Robotech. While it technically isn’t anime it was formed out of three separate Japanese animes, and then put through the blender to form a new animation series for Western audiences. One of those shows was called Macross, and it is a series that went on to spawn numerous sequels. Macross tells the story of an alien ship crashlanding on Earth during a time where global war was laying waste to the planet. But with the threat of an alien invasion imminent humanity pulled together and started to salvage the ship as well as adapting the technology found inside. One of the most awesome things they managed to create were the transformable fighter jetplanes called Valkyries. And of course those things needed pilots. Maximilian Jenius (or Max Sterling as he is known in Robotech) was one of those pilots, and he is my chosen character for Megane Day.

Max and Milia on their wedding day.

Don’t let his appearance fool you. When we first meet him, Max is very shy and humble and tells his commanding officer that he will probably need a lot of help out in the fight. But when the aliens attack, and Maximilian gets to show off his skills, everyone is completely baffled by his performance. He becomes the ace of the series, and manages to save a lot of lives in the process. But what he will be most remembered for is falling in love with the beautiful but deadly alien Milia Fallyna. Now one has to understand that the aliens that attack the Earth to reclaim their lost ship are a race of warriors that have never experienced emotions. Milia was on a mission to kill him since he had bested her in aerial combat multiple times. But, in the end his compassion and courage managed to make her fall for him as well, and they ended up getting married. So I guess in the end it all comes down to one thing: First impressions can be very wrong indeed! Happy Megane Day!