The Void, Canadian/American movie (2016)

God, I hate hospitals. I don’t know if I have ever said this to you all, but really I do. Then again I don’t think that there are many people out there that like hospitals in the first place. But seriously, the smell alone once you enter the place, is enough to make me turn on my feet and walk on out of there. I have so far had to experience a hospital only twice in my life, both times for nothing serious. But, that did mean I also had to stay there at night. And really things are even worse then you know? Honestly, I think they are some of the creepiest buildings created by men. Tell me that I am wrong? So why all this talk of hospitals? Am I making plans to go there soon? Hell to the no! Interesting that I should mention hell though. With Halloween creeping up on our doorsteps soon, I thought it was nice to once again turn back to one of my favorite moviegenres: horror. And after the rather gloomy review I wrote yesterday , it’s time for something a bit more lighthearted. Well, at least something a bit more uplifting? Though come to think of it, this film is anything but uplifting. Unless you can find comfort in a descent straight down into the bowels of hell….

Some people really can’t read signs. Caution stand back? Duh…..

Police Deputy Daniel Carter is enjoying a nice and quiet night in his patrol car when a man comes stumbling out of the woods he is parked next to. Daniel at first thinks it’s some drunken teenager, but soon finds out that the man is covered in blood. Rushing the wounded man to his car, he screeches off intending to take the man to a hospital. The only one available is one that is a largely abandoned due to a fire. It also happens to be the place where his estranged wife works, Allison Fraser. Once he arrives there the man is quickly taken away to be helped by one of the doctors on duty a man called Richard. But it’s then when strange things are beginning to happen. A nurse brutally kills one of the patients and attacks Daniel. He barely manages to defend himself and escape the sudden attack. But when white robed people are beginning to surround the hospital, the true nightmare begins. It’s going to be a night that Daniel will never forget. A darkness, oh so evil has been awakened and the deputy soon finds himself in what can only be called a place taken straight from the most foulest places of hell itself….

SOMEbody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. 

It is no real secret that I am huge fan of The Thing, and if there is one movie that this one reminded me of, it’s that classic. This is one of those great, gory, a little bit gross, but oh so fun creature movies. It’s low budget, but it certainly doesn’t show that at all. Right from the very start of this film, the movie sets a very creepy and chilling tone and builds up the pace. I loved the way that this film did that. At first you don’t quite know yet what is going on. It seems there’s some kind of cult, maybe even something drugrelated things, but then when the first totally disgusting creature makes it’s appearance, the film goes into full on horror mode. The movie is gory, no hiding that fact. A lof of sickening, oozing and dripping fluids are spent in this movie but it gets nowhere near as bad as for instance Evil Dead. A creature feature stands or falls with the way the monsters are shown, and in this the movie doesn’t disappoint. A lot of designs are very unique (and suitably horrifying), and it also isn’t one of those films where you only see them as shadows in darkness. Still, this isn’t a blockbuster so don’t expect to see state of the art effects. But they are effective, no question about that.

Nope…not creepy at all….

Another thing this movie has going for it, is it’s setting. As I mentioned, a hospital is a pretty scary place to begin with. But it has to be said that the sets in this film are really wonderfully created. As it’s a rundown building, it only adds to the atmosphere this film has. Most of the actors in this film are relatively unknowns, but I have to admit that the acting in this film is quite decent. The main hero of the movie, Daniel, is played by actor Aaron Poole. He manages to create a likeable character that tries to make the most out of a totally abnormal situation. He really carries most of the movie on his own, though his fellow supporting cast members do some admirable jobs themselves. None of the characters are very well worked out though, so don’t expect to grow really attached to them. That’s a little bit of a missed opportunity I think, as it would have made the film just a little bit better in my opinion. But honestly it doesn’t ruin the movie in any way for me, as there are enough scares and intense scenes that make this film very enjoyable.

You know that things are bad when they start bringing out the axe!

I do think the film loses a little bit of momentum near the end. It’s luckily not enough to undo everything that came before it, but I do feel the ending could have been a little bit better. All in all though The Void was a very pleasant surprise. If you love low budget horror movies, or are a fan of the old Carpenter flicks, I urge you to try this one out. I think it’s one of the better horror movies that I have seen in a while. If you don’t like your horrormovies in the gory way though, this one is best avoided. So I guess this is it for this erm, did I mention in the beginning “uplifting” review? Okay, guess it didn’t really pan out that way after all. Well, can’t win them all I guess. Hope you still enjoyed reading this one though, and I will see you on the next one! Thanks for reading!

I give The Void a 8 out of 10 score.


34 thoughts on “The Void, Canadian/American movie (2016)”

  1. I like hospitals.. I am more at home in one. I like walking down the corridors. I like seeing my patients asleep peacefully. I felt I belonged there. I still feel I belong there. Though some other things have changed.
    Nah.. I don’t find hospitals creepy..

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    1. Haha, I think it’s different than when you work in a hospital than when you are actually a patient 😘😊 But I would never say anything bad about the people that work in a hospital 😊 They have my utmost respect, and I’m not even lying about that, it’s the total truth 😊😊

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  2. How can you consider hospitals spooky… A mental hospital – oh yes.. That’s spooky. I am glad you enjoyed your movie… Great review..
    You are a mad hatter for calling my hospital spooky.. If you had called me one, I might have agreed 🤔🤔😉😉😂😂😂😂

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  3. I saw this movie a wee while ago and have to say I really enjoyed it despite being a bit low budget, but I am coming at it from the perspective of an avid fan of World of Darkness roleplaying games and this film felt like a game session that had been converted into a decent script. You have the whole setup, the shocks and the wtf moments and then you have your finale explaining the mark and it felt really cool and creepy and I can’t promise I won’t rewatch it and adapt it into a scenario at some point…


  4. Yeah hospitals are not my thing. The smell makes me dizzy haha. I think you might enjoy the film Slither. It has some interesting gross creatures but is actually pretty funny. (Although I watched it like 10 years ago so maybe it isn’t funny anymore…)

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    1. Lol…well I don’t really think they are anyone’s thing😂😂 Slither was very cool! I saw that one also quite a few years ago, but it was a really fun film (and well really kind of gross as well 😅). But yeah that one was definitely more along the lines of a comedy. This one though….nothing really funny about it 😂

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  5. Excellent write-up… I’m of the opinion that indie / low budget scare flicks like this are better than the bigger state of the art visual effects type, so I’m quite keen on this one.

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    1. Thank you so much! And I totally agree with you as well. Most of the horror movies that I enjoy and that are genuinely scary are the lower budget ones. This film really was quite good, especially the very creepy atmosphere that was present right from the beginning. Really enjoyed it, and hope you will too! 😊

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  6. Those people in image #1 always have to ruin Black Friday or the launch of the new iPhone. Tsk, tsk, get back in line and wait patiently! I don’t care if zombies are after you or not; you’re going to wait until midnight like everyone else!

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    1. Exactly!! I tried telling them that, but they never listen. It’s so annoying. Tsk….so…a few monsters are after them. Big deal! Does that give them any extra rights? I don’t think so! 😂😂


  7. My issue with most horror movies is the story as they often lack one or simply… suck. Over the years I did find myself understanding that it’s never really the focus and that you could definitely have a fun time without a good story hahah The gore in this one looks and sounds visually nice, even if the budget for the movie wasn’t huge. Wonderful review, Michel. 🙂

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    1. True, there are a few exceptions to that rulem but I do agree that horror movies in general don’t really have an oscar winning script lol 😂😂
      Overall though this film was great, and the atmosphere that it set right from the beginning was really cool. It all came together really nice in one of the most fun horrormovies that I have seen in quite a while 😊
      Thank you Lashaan!! 😊😊

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  8. Wow, this movie may be low-budget but it looks and sounds creepy as hell 😀
    I completely agree hospitals are the creepiest buildings made by man. The fact that most have a mortuary in their basement, just makes the place so much more terrifying 😮 Definitely a place I would not want to spend a zombie-like apocalypse in 🙂

    Back to the movie, it seems pretty decent 🙂 It might make a good little addition to a Halloween horror binge watch 🙂

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    1. Haha, no…I mean look at what happened to Rick Grimes when he first woke up in the hospital in The Walking Dead. That really wasn’t good lol 😂
      Well, exactly as you say, it really is a very good one this movie. It doesn’t feel like a low budget movie for one second, even though it is. Definitely consider adding this one for a Halloween horror binge. It would make a nice addition! 😊😊

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  9. Hospitals are wierd because you feel some sort of impemding doom like when you think of death, but then you see little newborns being taken to the incubator area and then it kinda feel better. But all in all even I don’t like hospitals. This movie sounds exactly my type though. I like the kind of small-type horror that doesn’t make your brain explode you know. Great post Michel. Like I have said before, I like the flow and the way you narrate your posts. Your posts feel life like!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well…that is totally true. There luckily are also nice things in a hospital, and my hats off to all the personel working in them too. It’s not one of the easiest jobs, that’s for sure. But yeah, other than that…not a fan 😅
      This film really was a lot of fun. It’s really one of those smalltype horrormovies, that was very exciting and creepy😊
      And thank you so much as always for these kind words that never fail to make me blush 😊


      1. I agree about those jobs. It’s truly the kind of jobs where you really need a compassion to help others. There are no fixed boundaries to the job and you have to put literally your all in it right? I really liked your post, hence I commented so! Hehe!

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