Blog update: Upcoming events…..

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I have done a real update since my hiatus and ever since then my blog has been kind of going all over the place. But things are about to change. With Jon’s Creator Showcase nearing it’s end, and the final post for it showing the results to be posted on the 1st of September, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you my plans for the upcoming months. Then again, we all know how plans are subject to change, with real life interfering, but that said I am still excited to share some of my ideas with you.

The return of the themes…


For those of you that have been following me for a while, you might recall that I started this year with the introduction of themes. What it came down to was that I picked a theme for each month and I would let my readers decide what I would watch and review. It was a lot of fun, bad sadly the last theme: Anime was never really completed in the way that I wanted to. That said, there has been a lack of anime content on my blog these past few weeks in the first place so I want to finish it properly in September. That means I will finally start to watch Baccano! and give it the review it deserves, and one that I promised a long while ago. I also have plans to fully rewatch a series but I am going to keep it under wraps which one that is, because if all goes well I hope to have a special collab post for that one. And then there are two shows that I am in the middle of but have never completed, Violet Evergarden and Space Battleship Yamato 2199. All of these I hope to feature somewhere in the upcoming month

A special project


The wonderful Karandi and I have been working on a secret project which will be revealed to you if all goes well that is, on the 4th of September. As it’s a secret, and Karandi and I have made a sacred pact to not disclose any information at this time, I will not yet tell you anything about it. But…be on the lookout for the countdown over on twitter at some point in the upcoming week.

Other Stuff


Don’t worry, besides anime there will be other things going on as well in September. I am currently reading a very exciting book by our very own Didi Oviatt called Aggravated Momentum. I would have finished it already, but things have been a bit busy on my end. Which doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome: It is…quite a lot actually. Expect a review for that in the upcoming month as well. Another thing that has been lacking on my blog is a review for Boardgames. I have promised Rose a review for the Sword Art Online: Sword of Fellows dicegame, and that one will be coming up soon. It’s one of those small, but truly fun games to play. And ofcourse as I am an enormous Sword Art Online fan, this one was pretty much a no brainer. You would think that would be enough now right?


Wel…almost. I’m also going to continue writing movie reviews, and you can expect an assorment of different ones heading your way. Arrival, The Predator and The Great Wall are some of the titles that I plan to review. My love for Korean dramas wil ofcourse not go away any time soon either. The one I am currently watching, Voice, has got to be one of the darkest that I have ever seen. As I am quite comfortable with those kind of shows, I can’t wait to see how this series will progress and of course I really hope I can write a fun review for that one too.

In closing…


Well, that’s about it. As the third week of September will be the start of my three week vacation from work, I hope to have a lot more time on my hands to catch up with stuff. For now though I am almost done with putting the finishing touches to the Jon Creator Showcase post. It’s been really difficult picking what to feature as there were so many good posts to choose from. I can’t wait to share the results with you on Saturday, and I hope the post will have been worth the wait for everyone. I’m excited to bring you all this stuff in September, and I hope there will be things that you look forward to as well. Thanks as always for reading, and see you all around!


Mission Impossible Fallout, American Movie (2018)

So let’s talk about Hollywood movie stars. Because, really why not? Big movie stars can have it rough. Imagine if you will: you take a walk to your supermarket to do some grocery shopping and everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows who you are. Would that not be like the most awkward thing ever? And what if it becomes even more creepier, as in papparazi’s stalking you everywhere you go. Don’t for a second think that being a movie star is all that glamorous. You have no private life so to speak of. And when negative things happen, it becomes even worse. Take Tom Cruise for instance. His association with the Scientology church, as well as some other stuff, have left a lot of people disliking the guy. But at what point does an actor’s social life, have an impact on his acting abilities? I for one don’t really care about it. Unless an actor or actress turns into an axe murderer or does something really horrific, I would not stop seeing the movies he or she stars in. And so it is for me with Tom Cruise. I may not always agree with the things he does in his daily life, but I just love his films. And after seeing the latest Mission Impossible movie, my respect for him has only grown.

The seating arrangements in helicopters these days are just totally off.

Ethan Hunt is back! It is now two years after the events of the last film, and you would think that after the capture of the evil Solomon Lane things have settled down in the world. But…think again. As usually happens with vile and evil organisations like Lane’s “The Syndicate”, the remnants of it have turned into something even more sinister. The Apostles as the new group calls itself, have their sights set on something truly terrifying, three Plutonium cores. With these they plan to unleash three nuclear devices, and bring terror and destruction to the rest of the word. It’s up to Ethan Hunt and the rest of his team to put a stop to this before it’s too late. They are being assisted in their mission by a special CIA operative, a man named August Walker. But soon the stakes become even higher for Hunt when someone very close to him is threatened. And in order to put a stop to the plans of The Apostles and save the people he loves, Ethan might just have to depend on someone he would never think he would meet again….Solomon Lane.

Erm, pretty sure that normal people wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle.

I don’t know of many franchises where the sixth movie turns out to be the best one. In fact, I have been wracking my mind for a while now and it comes up empty. (Yes…you can say it, maybe it was already empty in the first place). Seriously though, Mission Impossible Fallout pulls it off, and then some. The main reason for this though, is a man named Tom Cruise. Now as mentioned above, a lot of people seem to hate his guts these days, and that’s fine. I for one am not one of them. He is now 58 years old, but in this film he runs around like he’s 20 and even more impressive, does all of his own stunts. Let us just take a moment to leave that to settle in. I mean 58! I don’t know about you but I find that very, very impressive. And we are not talking about stunts that are simple things either. For example, in this movie he pilots a stunt helicopter through some very dangerous and incredibly insane twists and turns. And he does that without any aid: Tom is the pilot, and there is no trickery involved in any way.

Clark Kent decided he had enough of his glasses and totally went for a mustache look.

This film is an action roller coaster that doesn’t let up. It pulls out of the station with full speed, and it doesn’t stop for anything. Every action scene feels like it belongs there, and wasn’t just put in simply because it might look cool. But of course in case you had not yet figured that out, they do look cool! With so much action, you hardly get any breathers at all. And that does have an impact on the story itself which to be honest, isn’t all that great. It’s a fairly standard, nothing we haven’t seen before tale of a group of people trying to stop a bunch of terrorists from wreaking havoc. But despite that fact, it still works well, and I also felt that out of all the Mission Impossible films to date, this one had a bit of a dark edge to it. There were several moments, especially because of the music that accompanied certain scenes, that I felt myself in a kind of unsettling frame of mind. There are at least some attempts at humor in the film, but these scenes are quite sparse, especially when you compare them to the other five films.

She is such an amazingly strong woman. The gun is just for show…she doesn’t need it at all!

From an acting point of view we have a great cast assembled here. Henry “Superman” Cavill plays the role of August Walker, donning the infamous mustage. In case you missed it, he was not allowed to shave of this thing when he was filming Justice League. And that meant that they had to remove it digitally, with very mixed results and some often hilarious internet gifs were created because of this. But it has to be said, Henry plays a great part in this film, and it certainly shows of he can do more than just play a Man of Steel. Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg both return to reprise their roles, and they do so with great flourish. They really are very comfortable playing these parts, and it totally shows. Rebecca Furguson also reappears as Hunt’s love interest Ilsa, and she already impressed me in the previous installment. She does so again here. I just love her character, a true powerhouse of a woman who can more than hold her own against all the males gathered together in this movie.

I often wonder why Cruise never joined the Olympics, he sure does like to run!

Mission Impossible Fallout might just very well be the best action movie you will see all year. It’s one that I highly recommend if you like the franchise in the first place, but also when you are a fan of well executed actions movies. The film runs over two hours, but during that time you won’t feel bored for even a single second. Tom Cruise has just simply done it again. Yes he might at times be a bit weird in real life, as an actor he just pretty much always entertains. So just don’t be too impossible about this, and just go and watch this film. It’s one that will have you leaving the theatre with a big grin on your face, a sure tell sign that a movie does something right!

I give Mission Impossible Fallout a 9 out of 10 score

The Out of this World Book Blogger Award

Hi everyone! Here I am again back with another awards post. And it’s one that has left me a bit speechless, and managed to give me a face so red that I have been working for days to return it to it’s normal shade of colour. If you are wondering what I am talking about, just take a look at this post and look at what was written there about me. See what I mean? Really I have been wondering if there is some secret “Let’s keep making Raistlin blush organisation” at work on WordPress. But this post just took it to a whole new level. So just in case you have not looked at the original post (really why on Earth not?), I was nominated by the absolutely amazing Nicole who has an equally amazing blog called The BookWorm Drinketh. I know right? Isn’t that just the best blog name ever? But…before I say thank you to her for nominating me, I already warned her there would be some payback after what she wrote. (Insert evil grin 😈). So yes, now it’s my turn, don’t say I didn’t warn you !

Time for some (well meant) payback! 😊

You see Nicole is one of those people that just loves to hand out compliments and lent support to other people. But when it comes to herself she either ignores it completely, or brushes it off. But…that’s where I come in (and hopefully a lot of others too after reading this). Nicole is an amazing woman, and I just love her. She writes terrific posts, and manages to always  brighten my day with her humor. Not only in her posts, but also in her comments that are just completely crazy at times (But it is has to be said, I’m pretty nuts myself so there is that). Now somewhere next week, Nicole has her birthday. She hasn’t told me which day yet, which might have something to do with this. But as I am one who doesn’t give up quite easily, I’m going to use this award as an excuse to also be used as a kind of “ wish Nicole a happy birthday and tell her how awesome she is post”. I know a lot of people appreciate her as well, so please use the comments section to wish her a happy birthday, and tell her why you like her so much. As for me, I will start off by saying: thanks so much for this award, and the amazingly kind words. I really appreciate it! Happy Birthday and remember: You are awesome! 🎉🎉🎉 Thanks for being just such a wonderful friend! So…back to the award now!

Rules again???!!! So boooorrring!!


  • Thank the blogger(s) that nominated you and link back to their post.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Don’t forget to grab your badge!
  • Nominate 3-5 bloggers for the award.
  • You may use the header image from this post if desired.
  • Please be sure to link back to the original post   and credit the creator: Reader Voracious Blog

The Questions:

1. What (or who) inspires you, and why? 

Well, there are a lot of things that inspire me to be honest, but it would go a bit too far to list them all. I can find inspiration from a powerful movie, especially ones that are based on real life events. One that springs to mind for instance is the movie United 93, that tells the tale of the horrible events that happened on 9/11 aboard the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. It shows how normal people can rise above themselves when faced with impossible and truly terrifying events. One only hopes that whenever something like that happens (and God forbid it ever will again), and you are in the middle of it, you can also find that kind of courage within you. On that note, I always find it inspiring when I see people that are able to help others without ever once thinking about themselves. It never fails to amaze me when I see something like that happening, and it goes to show that luckily there are still some amazing people left on this planet.

Sometimes we can all use a helping hand….

2. What is your favorite thing about blogging? 

I think you have seen me answer this question many, many times before, but just in case you haven’t: It’s the interaction with everyone in this amazing community. I have met so many people here that have really become incredible friends, that it’s simply said something I will never ever forget. I love interacting with people, exchanging comments, sharing thoughts on things we have in common, in short just having fun. Which is why I can not believe in a life without blogging anymore.

3. If you could be any character in fiction, whom would you be and why?

Another easy question (yay!). It’s Raistlin Majere from the Dragonlance saga written by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. When I first read about this amazing character there were so many things I could relate to. He had a frail health, and people just always seemed to mistake him for weak. But he never gave up in his quest for power and rising above himself (talk about inspiring). Okay…then he ended up wanting to become a God and taking over the world and wanting to kill everybody. So…yeah…not everything he did I could relate to lol. Still…he will always and forever be my most favorite character in fiction.

Yep, Raistlin again!

4. If you had six months with no obligations or financial constraints, what would you do with the time?

This really is a fun question! The one thing I think I would do is buy a private jet (As I am totally afraid of flying I figured it would be a good way to lessen that fear, seeing as it’s only me and the pilot aboard. So hopefully fewer things that could go wrong). And then: I would make a world tour, visiting everyone I have met on WordPress and who I have become friends with. Because seriously, that would just be the best thing ever!!

5. What is one piece of advice that you would give a new blogger?

Well quite honestly I have a lot of advice, but seeing as I can only name one, I would say it’s this: Don’t be afraid to reach out to other bloggers. I know it can be terrifying to write a comment to someone you have never met before, and giving an opinion on someone’s post. Because really: what if the other person hates what I say? Or who am I to just bother them, right? Wrong! If there is one thing that I have learned it’s the fact that you can learn so much from other people here. And by commenting and talking to others, you will only get better in your writing. And even more importantly: make some great friends along the way!

Yes….totally shocking: I’m a shy guy 😳

6. Optional: Freebie question – share something with us!

Ugh…now this is a tough question! It seems like I have already shared quite a lot about me through other posts, but I guess there are always things people might have missed. So I’m going to put myself on the spot again by saying something that most people might not realise since I manage to hide it incredibly well (It’s truly an art that I have mastered through years of secret training). But: I’m an incredibly shy person. I have always struggled with a lack of selfworth, and as such I have always had trouble meeting other people or at the most connecting with them. And this is especially true in real life. But over the years I guess things did improve on that front, but it will never go away completely. Oh well, probably the reason I will stay single for all eternity.

And now…for the nominations!

Who? Me?? Being nominated? Get out of here!!!

I have no idea who has already been nominated for this one, but this is the first time that I have seen this award, so I’m thinking (hoping) that I lucked out in picking my nominees. As always there is no obligation to do this, but I just nominated you because well, you know, you are just all amazing book bloggers in my book (yep…where do I come up with these puns…ahem…)






Well, that’s it…well almost that is. I originally planned this post for a release later this week. But as I felt Nicole needed an extra positivity boost today (and Nicole knows why that is 😉) I decided to finish the post today. So….Nicole: Keep having that faith in yourself, and I know you will do just fine. And above all: never, ever forget how awesome you are! 😊😊

Good Luck Nicole: even though you won’t need it 😉

Everyone thanks for reading, don’t forget the (future) birthday wishes and telling Nicole how awesome she is in the comments. And…… see you at the next post!!


Jon’s Creator Showcase, August Edition: Update

Hi everyone! Well, this is not going to be a very long post, but seeing as the month is halfway through I thought it would be nice to give you a small update on what’s been going on for this month’s Creator Showcase. What do you mean you don’t know what this is about? Okay, well…check out my post for it at the beginning of this month. You can find it right here. I will even wait for you a bit while you are reading it…and waiting…and waiting…and, okay all done? Good! So far I have been having a blast reading all of your entries. At the same time though…it’s really becoming hard for me to decide what is going to featured in the final post. There are a lot of posts this month written by book bloggers, and all of them totally amazing. So…really not feeling any pressure at all to decide who will be entered into the Creator’s Showcase hall of fame! Right that was totally believable huh? With so many entries though, I hope I haven’t missed any. On twitter I gave every tweet that served as an entry a like, so that is pretty much the sign that I have seen it! Remember the showcase closes at the 25th of August. If you still want to enter, sent me a tweet and please use the #joncreatorshowcase. Well, I’m off to do so more reading! Talk to you soon!



Lawless Lawyer, Korean drama series (2018)

There is very thin line between justice and revenge. What many people might consider justice, might just barely scratch the surface for some of the victims of a crime. Or even worse: what if the crime isn’t punished at all, and the perpetrator that committed it walks free? I think history has plenty of examples for that. One only has to look at the O.J. Simpson trial to see what I mean. Good thing though that eventually the law cought up with that guy. However it’s when things like that happen, that you start to wonder if the law sometimes is enough. What would you do if you were the victim of a crime and find out that justice isn’t being served? I’m not talking about something petty, like a purse being stolen (although that can be annoying as well of course). No I am talking about the big crimes: murder, rape, etc. I consider myself a pretty peace loving guy, but if someone close to me got hurt, and I find out who has caused it…Well let’s just say that Bill Bixby in the classic tv-series of the Hulk said it correctly: You would not like me when I’m angry! After seeing Lawless Lawyer though, I think you will find out that you can hand out revenge in an even better way: by the law itself!

Some people just don’t know how to eat their food properly. 

Meet Bong Sang-pil. He is confident, charming and a very convincing lawyer who has a succes rate that others can only dream of. His methods however are quite unorthodox to say the least. Having returned to his hometown of Gisung after several years, he has started up his own lawfirm Lawless Lawyers. He is not alone as he has surrounded himself with a number of colourful characters that are going to help him pursue justice. But Bong Sang-pil has something else on the agenda as well. When he was a young child his mother was murdered before his eyes by the ruthless criminal Ahn Oh-joo. Bong Sang-pil barely managed to escape, and has since then grown up under the care of his uncle who runs a gang. Now, the young lawyer wants only one thing: revenge! He eventually meets up with the female lawyer Ha Jae-yi who has recenly been dismissed from court because she punched a judge in the face. Together this unlikely pair is going to bring the law to Gisung. But there are ties from the past between the two of them, that will soon rise to the surface. It becomes clear that Ahn Oh-joo might not be the only criminal in town, as there is someone with an even higher authority that will become the real target of Bong Sang-pil’s revenge…if he can survive long enough to bring that person to justice that is…..

Awwwwwwww ❤️❤️❤️

Sometimes you just have to watch one minute of something and you get the feeling that it’s going to be a series that will be more than worth the watch. Lawless Lawyer is just that kind of show. From the very first scene this Korean Drama series just brings a freshness with it and it hardly ever loses your attention during it’s 16 episode run. This is not just another legal drama. One of the things that I always love about K-dramas is the fact that they can turn the atmosphere of the show around in a heartbeat. When this series first starts you might think this is a comedy. But you would be wrong, dead wrong. While there is some seriously funny stuff in here as well (not the least of which is the sometimes totally crazy music that accompanies it), Lawless Lawyer is above all a terrific revenge thriller with some wonderful plot twists and an absolutely amazing cast. There are so many different things in here one would almost think it’s too much. Humor, Action, Romance, Sadness, Thrills…all of these elements are combined to give you an absolutely exhilarating experience.

Are you serious about this? Isn’t this a little bit too much credit? 

But the one thing that really kicks this drama into overdrive is the cast. Bong Sang-pil played by Lee Joon-gi is one of those characters that you will fall instantly in love with. From the very first moment he appears he wins you over with his charm. He can play any kind of emotion and just lights up the screen with his amazing performance. And that also more than covers his physical abilities which you will see in the many fight sequences this drama contains. Another thing that works exceptionally well is his on screen chemistry with his female counterpart Ha Jae-yi, played by actress Seo Ye-ji. Here we have a woman who is not only incredibly beautiful but also displays a cold and determined confidence in her abilities. She is certainly not one to be taken lightly, and is one of the strongest female roles that I have seen in quite a while. When Bong Sang-pil and Ha Jae-yi are together it is just a delight to see them play off each other, and their romance that develops later on is all the better for it.

One of the things you will wonder about int his show is how many suits this guy owns. 

However…the best performance and the one that makes this drama a must watch is on the parts of one of the villains, namely Ahn Oh-joo. The actor that brings this vile, but utterly delicious creature to life is Choi Min-soo. I recently sent a tweet out on Twitter claiming that if there was ever going to be an Oscar category for best villain in a Korean drama, he would win it without even having to blink. Ahn Oh-joo is just one of those thugs that you can’t help but smile at every time he enters a scene. I’m not kidding when I say that my jaw eventually began to hurt from being permanently stuck in grin mode. Ahn Oh-joo is despicable, loathsome and truly one of the lowest lifeforms you will ever encounter. And despite all that you will love him. Words alone can not really get my point across, so for a change I have included a scene with him below to let you see what I mean. I hope you will enjoy it. It’s a great confrontation between him and Bong Sang-pil, and it ends in a cliffhanger so that’s the perfect excuse to start watching this.

Now I have purposefully not said anything about who the true villain is in this review, as that would be spoiling stuff. Which is also a bit of a shame as that role is an equally impressive part and now I can’t really talk about it. Suffice it to say that developing hatred for that person is the first emotion that will rise to the surface when you see it (erm for the role that is, I’m sure that in real life the one who plays the part is a charmer). So after all that positivity are there also any negatives to the series? Well, some of the humor is at times very slapstick and there are some small scenes that make you cringe a bit. Also a few of the later episodes do tend to drag the story out longer then it needs to. But these are very minor things as above all this is a solidly entertaining dramaseries, that you will binge through in no time. One can only hope that maybe one day Bong Sang-pil and Ha Jae-yi will return fighting the good fight. I for one would not mind it at all if there were to be a second season for this.

I give Lawless Lawyer a 9 out of 10 score.

Ant-Man and the Wasp, American movie (2018)

One of my favorite parts of going to a movie theatre, besides eating snacks, is the previews. It’s always exciting to see new and interesting trailers for movies that will be coming out later in the year. However these days, trailers have changed a lot from what they were years ago. While the main purpose of one is of course getting you excited for an upcoming film, nowadays I think that trailers quite often just give away too much. Sometimes whole plotpoints are revealed, and at times this certainly make me regret looking at one in the first place. Now I know what you are going to say: Why watch them then? I think that is a very good question. A good trailer for me, is one that shows you scenes to give you enough of a tease to look forward to a film, while at the same time holding back enough to not ruin the movie itself. It’s an art that not every one seems to have mastered. So why bring this up right now? Well, I will answer that with another question. What if a trailer shows you the entire film in a little over two minutes? Don’t think that can be done? Think again!

Wait….wasn’t this movie called Ant-man? This looks more like Giant-man!

With all the succes Marvel has had it gave the studio free rein to experiment with characters that are not as well known to the moviegoing audience. Three years ago we got Ant-man, a film that I went to the theatres for with little to no expectations. It ended up being a very nice and lighthearted film, with a lot of humor, some great special effects and a terrific lead in the form of Paul Rudd who played the role of Scott Lang. After this year’s incredible Avengers Infinity War movie (yes I know I still haven’t written a review for that one yet lol), the question on everybody’s mind was: where was Ant-man? Erm, well on some people’s minds anyway. Ant-man and the Wasp answers that question, at least sort of. In any case, we again meet up with Scott Lang, who has been under house arrest and is very close to the end of his sentence. He is trying to be a better father for his daughter, and it seems he is succeeding on that part.

That’s more like it. Was getting confused there for a second!

But of course eventually, as it always does, bad stuff starts to happen again. His former love interest Hope, has been trying to find a way together with her father to bring back her mother who disappeared into the quantum realm several years ago. But wait, wasn’t she supposed to be dead? Well…yes, but after having Scott return from that place where nobody is supposed to return from, it gave Hope some much needed erm…hope. Of course, our favorite mini sized hero eventually gets dragged into this, and just in time as well, as a new player appears on the scene in the form of Ghost. While in the middle of a deal for trying to obtain an important piece of technology in order to gain access to the quantum realm, Hope gets attacked by this mysterious figure. Just who is Ghost, and what is he or she trying to accomplish? Whatever it might be, it seems to tie in directly to Hope’s mother…

Is it just me, or does this seem like a character that looks like it walked away out of an anime?

Now, I wasn’t kidding when I mentioned the fact that a full movie can be shown in a trailer. Antman and the Wasp’s trailer accomplished it. There was nothing, and I really mean nothing, in this movie that was a surprise. The trailer really shows you everything, and there wasn’t a single scene in the film that showed me something that I wasn’t expecting. I really thought this was maybe just me, but a friend of mine who had also seen the movie, said the exact same thing. And even well known You Tuber Tyrone Magnus (If you don’t know him yet, go check him out. He has over 1.2 million subscribers, and is totally awesome), made a video review pointing this out. Now I don’t exactly know what this says about the movie itself though. Sure the trailer maybe showed too much, but thinking back on it, I don’t know how they could have done it in any other way. As really there wasn’t anything else worth showing to tease the movie going audience into seeing this film.

I guess they both smell really bad as they both have masks on. 

Does this mean that this is a bad film though? Well….for one thing this is a comedy movie. And as many of you know I’m not a fan of those. Where the first movie really had some delightful comedic moments, it also had a serious edge to it, and the comedy served simply to lighten the mood. Here it was the other way around: it was full on comedy mode, with jokes that sometimes worked, but also a lot of times fell flat. Without spoiling too much, the humor also felt out of place especially when you find out the nature of this film’s villain. And to be honest, that “villain” wasn’t the best we have seen in a Marvel movie. After all the darkness of Infinity War I can understand that Marvel wanted something lighter to follow in the wake of that movie. But I don’t know if this film completely succeeded at that. But it has to be said, it really isn’t a bad movie, as there is also enough to enjoy.

I’m as shocked as you are about the final score: Are you crazy?!

Paul Rudd certainly once again serves up the magic as he really brings to life his character in the best way possible. He really does a great job to show he is a father who would do anything for his daughter, and his on screen chemistry with Evangeline Lily who plays Hope aka the Wasp, is also a delight to see. Michael Douglas is always a solid actor, and I really liked the way he evolved his character of Hank Pym into a more symphatetic and likeable one. Criminally underused was actress Michelle Pfeiffer who just had a very small part in the film. I really would have loved to see more of this incredible actress, but sadly that was not to be. Oh well…there is probably always the inevitable sequel. The action scenes and special effects were great, but there certainly weren’t many of them. This is a small movie for Marvel standards, and one that seems befitting to the size of it’s main character. Overall, I was disappointed by this one. But it could be I was just expecting too much or the trailer just ruined it for me. While I was still entertained by the film, it had just too little to offer to make this one of the better Marvel films. If you like comedies, you can add another point to the overall rating below.

I give Ant-man and the Wasp a 6 out of 10 score.

Another Episode S/O, a novel/manga by Yukito Ayatsuji (2013)

Two years ago I came across an anime series called Another and I completely fell in love with it. Which is strange considering it’s a horrorseries, and a pretty bloody one at that. But what set Another apart is the incredible storyline about a cursed schoolclass, and one amazing lead character called Mei Misaki. If you have yet to experience this terrific anime, I highly recommend watching it. It has an incredibly tense atmosphere and a storyline that is full of twists and turns. After I completed the 12 part anime I was thirsting for more and immediately went out and bought the book on which the series was based. It was another (pun intended) win for me, as it added a little bit more background to the story (although to be fair it held little suprises, as having seen the anime I already knew how the story would turn out). But apparently that wasn’t the end of the story as we now have Episode S/0 that serves as both a prequel and sequel to the original. As this book contains both a novel and a manga I’m going to handle this review a bit differently.

The looks

The first thing you will notice when you pick up this book is the amazing cover. It features Mei Masaki with a haunting look on her face, and it immediately grabs your attention. But it doesn’t stop there. When you remove the cover you find a beautiful painting on the inside as well. Flipping through the book you will later on discover an art gallery for the manga of the original anime, that contains some breathtaking images of a couple of the main characters. I have included a small gallery below to give you an idea of what I am talking about. But of course I did not just buy this book because of the way it looks. What about the story?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Episode S

This story takes place after the events of Another and as such you could say this is a sequel of sorts. And I do say of sorts, because the story itself takes place during Another. Confused yet? Well, let me explain. In Episode S we again meet up with Mei Misaki, who is about to sit down and tell a tale to her friend Koichi Sakakibara. When Mei begins to speak, the narration switches to first person where we meet up with the main character of the story Teruya Sakaki. And he has a problem, a big one. As he is kind of, sort of dead. Yup, we have a ghost story here, and it appears a litteral one as it is actually the ghost of Teruya who is speaking to us. Teruya doesn’t remember how he ended up being dead, and eventually he meets up with Mei who can see death as we all know. Together with her help he is trying to find out what exactly happened to him, and who, if anyone, was responsible for his death.


Episode S was a nice little mystery story, and one I quite enjoyed. I would not call this a horror story but more of a supernatural mystery. As the main storyline takes place during the events of Another that is the reason I didn’t actually call it a full sequel. Still it was nice to once again read a little bit more about Mei in this one. I do have to say that the style of writing takes a bit getting used to. We often get long pages of conversation between two characters, without really saying who is uttering a particular sentence. I often had to look back in order to find the person who started talking, and that was at times a little bit annoying. Still the story itself is pretty cool, and it contains a nice twist that I most certainly did not see coming. As this is not a horror story, there are no really gruesome or gory scenes in it. All in all this was a nice follow up to the original.

Episode 0

I am not a huge fan of prequels as I have said quite a few times, as I usually find they bring little to no surprises to the table. Episode 0 is the prequel part of this book, and it is a manga. The thing I liked about it was the amazing art. I loved the way the characters were drawn, and I could quite often just keep staring at certain pages. The story features a young Reiko Mikami during her schooldays in the year 1983. As her classmates begin to die, Reiko is trying to find out exactly what is going on and meets up with the librarian mr. Chibiki. This mysterious man seems to know more, but can he really be trusted? With a pagecount of 45 pages, this story was just way too short to leave a lasting impression. While it was nice to see a little bit more background for Reiko, I honestly could not really connect to her at all in this one. This really was more of a filler story, and certainly didn’t add anything really significant to the existing mythology of Another.

I could not resist including an image of the Anime. It’s soooo good!

The Verdict

In the end I am left with some mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand I really enjoyed the main story of the book, despite it’s flaws. On the other the manga, while beautiful to look at feels like it was just added to give the book something to fill it up with. If you haven’t seen the anime or read the original novel, I would suggest starting there first. While both stories contained within this volume can be read on their own, you will find you will enjoy the book more if you know the background of the main characters. And not only that, Another is far superior to this, and as previously mentioned well worth it to check it out. In the end I do think this books is worth the buy, especially if you are a fan. The mainstory more than makes up for the weaker prequel story, and the art contained within if nothing else is really beautiful to look at. The writer of the book says there might be more to come in the future. I do hope that if that is true, it will go back to it’s original horror roots. But I guess, that is a story for another time….(yes I am done with the puns now).

I give Another Episode S/0 a 7 out of 10 score.

Bloggers in the Spotlight, Volume 4

Hello everyone! It’s that time again to all welcome you to another Bloggers in the Spotlight post. Last month’s post featured only a single blogger, but that was a one time deal only, well at least for now. In this post though I am back to spotlighting a few bloggers that totally deserve to be here. As always the aim is to shed some light on these in case you have yet to discover them, but also showcase their amazing talents. I had planned on doing this post somewhat later in the month, but last night I saw a tweet from someone featured here. And that made me want to get this one out ASAP, so I got started on writing it pretty much right after seeing that. Confused? Don’t worry, I will explain pretty much right away as he is the first blogger that will be featured here. This month I will be featuring bloggers who all blog about different topics, so grab a chair and start reading here!

Cactus Matt (Anime Q and A)

4F9A5F4C-D786-41A7-9375-82B2A7FF2EF6 So, this is the guy I was talking about in that cryptic text above.  Yesterday on Twitter he posted a tweet about feeling slightly discouraged considering the fact that his views were the lowest ever. I told him there is nothing to worry about, and it’s probably because of the summer season where a lot of people are on holiday breaks. We all get like this once in a while though where we feel that a post that you are very proud of isn’t getting the amount of views you expected it to have. Cactus Matt however, does something very special. He writes anime reviews in the form of a Q and A (Wow, I wonder where the name came from), and he does this in such an entertaining way that he really is one of my favorite all time reviewers. Most of his posts have me rolling over with laughter, where he sometimes even gets into whole arguments with his alter ego (still haven’t found out who that is though). When I read that tweet from him yesterday I just had to do something, which is why I decided to immediately make this post a priority. If you have yet to discover his wonderful blog, his amazing talent at writing posts, and just being one of the best reviewers you will come across, press that link above. And even do so when you don’t like anime. I guarantee you that this blog is worth your time as the posts are incredibly entertaining and fun. And to you I once again say this Cactus: Don’t get discouraged and have faith in your abilities: they are awesome!

Pete Davison (

E3A587CC-880C-404F-8718-FFD8F28079DC Well I have talked about this quite often on my blog, my gaming days are behind me. But…that doesn’t mean that I have totally turned my back on gaming all together. And that’s where Pete comes in. He writes posts about the world of videogames, and a lot of those posts deal with older games. In short for me it’s pretty much a trip down memory lane, but also a nice way to discover some games that I have never played in my life. A good example of this is one of his latest posts that dives into the history of Sonic the Hedgehog, a beloved game character known by many. I often wonder how the man is able to have such a vast amount of knowledge of these games. All his posts contain a wealth of little known facts, and are skillfully written and very informative. And did I mention he also has his own Youtube channel? I haven’t visited this one quite as often as I would have liked (time as usual being the bad guy), but it’s also something that is truly worth checking out if you love the gaming world. Lastly Pete is just an all around nice guy, who you will see popping up on other people’s posts with lenghty and kind comments. In short all of these are very good reasons to go right ahead and press that link to check things out. You KNOW you want to.

Kay (Kdrama Kisses)

80FD938A-B84B-482A-AE53-39F0A82218CANow, those of you that have followed me for a while now, know that I love Korean drama series. But one has to wonder how I am able to find out all the ins and outs of that vast world. Well, that’s why Kay is my number one source for Korean drama shows. Pretty much all the shows I have reviewed on my blog have been recommendations from Kay. This blog is so incredibly amazing that to describe it is almost impossible. But I will attempt to do so anyway. Kdrama Kisses keeps you up to date with news about up and coming dramas, telling you what’s about to be released, casting news, new trailers, in short a newsoutlet for pretty much everything you would ever want to know about this great medium. But there is more. There are also lengthy reviews that cover all the reasons why you should (or should not lol) watch a particular drama. There is so much more to Korean Dramas that a lot of people might not even know about. But the most important thing about this blog I haven’t mentioned yet: the host! Kay is a wonderful human being who I have been following almost pretty much since I started my own blog. Kay is always in for a chat, offering comments on your own posts and is really just one of nicest bloggers you will ever come across on WordPress. In short enough reasons to start following Kay’s amazing blog!

Fraggle (

B110F7AD-4107-43D8-9E59-2C4AD48871DB To say that Fraggle is one of my favorite bloggers that I have met here on wordpress would be understating it. Fraggle is an amazing woman who even has multiple blogs (and I have trouble keeping just one blog running). The one I want to put the spotlight on (at least for today anyway) is this one. I have never been good at taking photographs (yup, you can say it, some of the photos I have taken for my own blog are garbage), but that is a problem that Fraggle certainly doesn’t have. She shows off her amazing skills with a camera on her blog, and her pictures are true works of art. I have often said to her she should do something with this incredible talent, because any contest she would enter, would be a guaranteed win. My favorite posts from her are the ones where she shares pictures from some of the trips she takes, accompanied by some terrific tales of history (Yes I am a total history buff too). The pictures are absolutely breathtaking and I often just spent my time on her blog looking at them for hours on end. This talented woman though is also a joy to talk to, as she is always kind and very supportive. Just because her blog is so incredibly unique amongst all the others that I am following, it’s one of the reasons that I really want to put it in the spotlight so more of you can find out what I am talking about! So head over there, right now!

Nicole (The Bookworm Drinketh)

A23977ED-1A66-4D0C-9702-0B67DFCEC7FC Well, here we are the final, but certainly not the least of the bloggers that I am putting in the spotlight here. I love reading, and it’s all the more shameful that these days I am finding that increasingly harder to do. But because I love to read I also follow a lot of bloggers that write about books (and who just insist to keep adding novels to my to read list…..). Nicole is one of those bloggers, but she doesn’t just write about books. She does it in a very unique way  as well as having lots of other features on her blog, that are also highly worth checking out.  At the end of a book review she gives us a delicious recipe for a drink that you should make (and ofcourse consume duh) while reading the book she wrote about. Usually, even if you don’t read the book, you end up making the drink anyway. I love her writing style as she has a sense of humor that is pretty much the exact (totally insane) kind of humor that I have. She always responds to comments that you leave at her posts and also makes frequent visits to your own blog. But not only that Nicole is just a very heartwarming and incredibly kind person, and I have been having a blast visiting her blog ever since meeting her (well here on WordPress that is, sadly not in the real world). I have seen some of you that are already following her amazing blog, but those of you that don’t yet, go and do that right now. And I won’t take no for an answer. (Yep even I can be cruel sometimes).

And that’s it….

No worries…that’s just it for this month.

And, that’s a wrap for this fourth installment of Bloggers in the Spotlight. This feature will return again next month, and I already have some bloggers in mind to be featured. But of course as we have already established that I can be cruel sometimes, I’m not yet going to say who these bloggers are. Sorry, but you are just going to have to wait a bit. On a short sidenote, I would like you all to know that I am having a lot of fun reading the posts that have so far been submitted to Jon’s Creator Showcase. It’s going to be incredibly hard to decide what will be featured, but luckily I still have until the end of the month to make up my mind. For now it’s goodbye from me, and as always thank you for reading. I hope you will have fun checking out all these wonderful blogs!

Welcome to the Brotherhood!

It’s been a while since I last did an awards post. As both Irina , Cactus Matt and Mel recently wrote a post for this new award that’s been going around the block, I was reminded that I too was tagged for this one. But even more shamefully I was nominated three times for this. Yes I know, I am horrible at keeping up with tags and awards post, so first off my apologies for that. But now I am finally going to make it up to everyone that nominated me, by writing a massive post for this one. So yeah this is going to be a long one so sit back, and take a soda (or whatever drink you might prefer). My first nomination came from Chizure who is currently on hiatus. That should not stop you from checking out her blog anyway though, as her posts are awesome, but so is she. I really miss her, and hope she will be making a return to blogging in the future. Ryuji is the one who gave me the second one, and sadly currenlty also on hiatus. Another blog that you should really check out ASAP, as it’s hosted by another amazing person who I also miss a lot. But, the posts in the blog speak for themselves as they are all wonderful.

These blogs and bloggers are so AWESOME!!

And they say three times is a charm, as I got nominatied for a third one by Merlin. I really hope that this blogger doesn’t need any introduction anymore (and really if he does, where have you been). Running a blog on a multitude of subjects (including some of my favorite tv series) it’s sooo worth it too follow this blog. So please do so! All three of you: thank you so much for this nomination, and sorry it has taken me so long to finally get around to it. I still hope you will enjoy the read though. But let’s first get the official part of this out of the way as of course there are (*groan*) rules.

The Rules

Why are there ALWAYS rules!!!!
  • Thank the Person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions sent to you.
  • Nominate around 10 bloggers.
  • Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules.
  • List the rules and display the Brotherhood of the World logo in your post.

So with that part finally out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff!

Chizure’s and Ryuji’s Questions

1. Briefly describe your blogging style (Where is your favorite blogging spot/what is your favorite blogging tool).

Well, right off the bat we start with a tough question. My blogging style huh? Well, one thing I do like to do (at least when I can that is) is try to put something personal in a post. When I write a review I try to come up with something that either happened to myself, or what in some way relates to whatever I am reviewing. In that way I try (and hopefully succeed *gasp*) in making an entertaining post. As for my favorite blogging spot, I always write on my ipad (with keyboard) on my bed. And now it has not yet happened that I have fallen asleep while writing.

2. How do you manage your blogging and blog reading time?

The easiest answer would be I don’t lol. But seriously though it is at times pretty hard to manage. I try to read posts at work during breaks, but on busy days I usually fail at that. When I come home from work, I usually take 3-4 hours to read posts and stalk people place comments. And yes I know that I place a lot of comments, sorry about that! As for writing my own posts, it depends. I usually get most of my writing done in the weekend, but sometimes I already spent some time on preparing drafts on weekdays.

I really wish I had a time machine…..

3. Who is your most read author?

It kind of depends what mood I am in. But I do spent a lot of time in the Warhammer 40000 science fiction universe and I would say my favorite author for that is Graham McNeill. His novels are just real pageturners with loads of great action and all kinds of wonderful characters.

4. How did you come up with your blogging name?

Well finally, an easy question! Some of you already know the answer to this one, but of course I will still say it anyway. Raistlin is the most amazing book character I have ever read about. He was a mage in a series of fantasy novels called Dragonlance, written by the remarkable writing duo Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickmann. There was so much in him that I could relate too (not the world domination and becoming a god part though lol) and I just really understood what made him tick. Despite meeting many other wonderful characters in books, there has never been any that ever came close to being as cool as he was. And 0903 is my birthday (as I am Dutch we first write the day, and then the month). Hey, I told you it was easy!

The guy on the right is Raistlin. Yup…he is pretty scary….

5. What keeps you blogging?

Well, that is another very easy question to answer. The most important thing for me and that makes it so much fun, is the interacting with everyone. There are so many wonderful people in this community, and a lot of them have turned into amazing friends. That to me gives me my drive to keep blogging. I do love writing posts, but I also know that I am nowhere near as good as some of the people who I have great admiration for. But, that’s really okay. I always try to come up with some reviews for things that might not have been seen by everyone (although of course I do write posts about those as well), and that for me keeps it interesting too. But…the community itself, that is what keeps me going!

Merlin’s Questions

1) How did you come up with your blogging name?

Asked and answered 🙂

2) What do you love most about blogging?

Well I kind of answered that one a little bit as well, but just in case I wasn’t clear: the great discussions I have had with everyone on various topics, and the wonderful friendships that have only been growing since I started my blog. I really could not ever think about leaving this fully behind.

Yeah…I guess Yoda is right…

3) What do you hate most about blogging?

Never having enough time. But I guess that’s a problem that is not only restricted to blogging. I do find it frustrating at times though. I only have about 5-6 hours on weekdays of free time after a workday. Sometimes even less, when I have something else planned for an evening. This is also one of the reasons why I have pretty much reached a limit to the amount of blogs I can follow. As much as I would love to, I just can’t follow everyone. It would also not be fair to someone’s post if I were to read it only partially and leave a like. But sometimes it’s hard, as I really come across some great (old and new) blogs. Occasionally though I do make an exception.

4) Do you have some favorite blogs to recommend?

Well, quite a few actually. On my blog I have a monthly feature called Bloggers in the Spotlight where I try to point out blogs that are really awesome and might not yet have been discovered by everyone. This month will see the release of the 4th volume of this. I  already have a few bloggers in mind, but I don’t want to say who these are (yet). Feel free though to look at the bloggers in the previous installments, for some recommendations. All I can say is that there are some amazingly talented people out here in this community. Well duh, of course you are one of them!

5) Do you have one or three personal favorite posts you’ve written?

Well it’s always difficult to choose things from your own posts, but looking back there certainly are some posts that I quite enjoyed putting together. As I like being nostalgic from time to time, hence my love for the 80’s, I really had a lot of fun writing my Childhood Movies post. It’s written almost two years ago, but I still remember it quite well. A post that I am pretty proud of in the way it turned out was my review for Ergo Proxy. I was really fearful to post it, as it was an animeseries that was loved by quite a lot of people, but I did never really get into it. In the end though it became one of my most popular posts. Lastly there is the The Last Jedi rantpost. It’s not a post that I really like (though I still stand by everything I wrote for it, I still hate that movie), but I really learned a lot from it. It’s never good to write a review in total anger. But then again, it really created some very lively and interesting discussions as well, which was something that was a fun experience.

And the nominees are…..


This award has been around for a while now, so I have kind of lost track of everyone that got nominated for this already. Feel free to ignore the nomination if you have already done one, or if you don’t want to do it, that’s of course perfectly fine as well. So here we go. I nominate:

The Bookworm Drinketh





The Otaku Judge

Rocco B




And now for my questions…


1) How did you come up with your blogging name? (Yes, that question is stolen, deal with it :))

2) How did you get interested in blogging?

3) Is there something you desperately want to write about on your blog, but haven’t done yet?

4) What’s the best thing that happened to you in the blogging sphere?

5) Name one movie, book or anime that you have seen this year that really impressed you

Well…that’s it. Thank you for suffering reading this post, and see you at the next one!

Jon’s Creator Showcase, August edition

As you might recall way back in january Jon @JonSpencerReviews created an amazing project called Jon’s Creator Showcase. It was a project that had almost died down, but I refused to let that happen and reached out, together with Jon, to revive it. And it payed off. The response was overwhelming and I am so incredibly happy to see Jon’s project has been embraced by so many amazing people. Now, if you have not yet encountered Jon (seriously where have you been), be sure to check out his blog by pressing on the link above. You will not regret it I guarantee you that! I was supposed to be the host of this event in april of this year, but due to my hiatus I could not do it and Mel was kind enough to take over the hosting duty for that month. Seriously, I have said this already many times, but again thank you so much for that. It’s certainly something I will not forget. This month though, I will be your host, so let’s get started!

How it works:

  • I’m accepting submissions via Twitter from now until the 25th of August. Be sure to use the hashtag  I can not stress how important using that # is, because else your submission might easily be missed, which would be a real shame.
  • Submissions should be your best/favourite post from July. 
  • It does not matter what your post is about as long as it is not offensive and can be read by everybody.


  • Give exposure to both the host & creators who submit content to the showcase.
  • Highlight a wide variety of content including written word, art, video, audio, etc…(each post will be categorized/sorted)
  • Allow for all creators, regardless of skill or current recognition, to participate and share their creations.
  • Encourage involvement from creators across all platforms.
  • Offer a fun and interactive way for people to discover new and interesting creations.
  • Inspire growth and exploration for both the host and creators.


Well…that about wraps it up. I am going to be looking forward to seeing your submissions for this one (and of course reading them all which will be even more fun). I know you are all amazingly talented people, so it will probably be very hard to make choices, but I guess I am up to the challenge. (At least I hope I am, absolutely no pressure whatsoever). Depending on how things are going to go, you might see a little bit less activity from me on my own blog, as I really do take this seriously and want to be able to really give this one my all.

Before I forget credit goes out to The Moyatorium for hosting last month’s event. Thank you so much! Last month has a lot of very cool submissions so let’s see if we can make this month even better! For now, everybody have fun and see you around!