I have always though that the best thing about blogging is meeting all kinds of wonderful people from all over the world. Most of these people you will in all likelyhood never meet in real life (but hey who knows, one can always hope) but that doesn’t mean you can’t become very close friends here. I think all of you that read this post would agree that some people on WordPress are just a little bit more special than others. Dani is one of those people. Ever since I have known this powerhouse of a woman, she has shown nothing but kindness, offering encouraging words, and supporting other bloggers in extraordinary ways. And all this despite everything she is going through and if you have been following her for a while like I have, you know her life has certainly not been one of the easiest. But that doesn’t stop her from being positive and still spreading her wonderful vibes all over the place. Lately though, and I am sure everyone else has noticed that too, she has had it especially tough. Which still doesn’t stop her from continuing to fight bravely, and wow how I admire that.


Today, the 31st of July, it’s Dani’s 30th birthday and I was thinking about a way how we can all cheer her up, and make her birthday at least a day that will make her feel happy. And that’s why I came up with the idea for this post. I want everyone to spread this post as much as they can. If you have a twitter account use the #Danirockshappy30th (let’s see if we can make that trending, which would of course be awesome). If you don’t have twitter, reblog it if you want to, or else leave a comment on this post to wish her a happy 30th birthday. I know a lot of you are following Dani as well, and care for her, so it would be really awesome if we can make this post something that will put a smile on her face and make her at least for today, forget some of her troubles. Let’s show her how special we all think she is! Thank you all so much already in advance. And just to start things off here: Dani, if you are reading this: a very happy 30th birthday 🎉🎉🎉. I truly hope the coming weeks will bring some positive things for you. You are a shining light in this community and never forget that. And of course how else could I end this post by simply saying: YOU ROCK!!!




107 thoughts on “#Danirockshappy30th”

  1. OMG this made my day and you have no idea the feels I am feeling reading this post!!!!! You are amazing, Michel and this has me crying in a good way.💖 You are such a great,sweet and special blogger and friend! I couldn’t see my life without this community and I don’t know what I would do without you and everyone else!!!💖 This was beautiful and will always be in my heart! You fucking ROCK!😀💖💯 🎸🎸XOXOXOXO!💖

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      1. Ugh…that is so annoying. I contacted Akismet last time, and they did something to my profile. I have to say, knock on wood, that ever since then things are working pretty good right now 😊


    1. Thanks Pete. I could not agree with you more. I really hope that things are finally going to go a bit better her for her in the upcoming year. Sometimes it really breaks my heart to see how much she has to endure 😢

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      1. I know, but still Dani, there has to come a point where there will finally be some happyness too. And I really hope that will happen soon, as really enough is enough. Now it’s time for good things to start happening to Dani 😘😘❤️❤️


    1. Haha….😂😂 You do love your emoticons lol..(seriously though I do too 😱😱😱🙈🙈🙈😳😳😳👍). I really do hope she has had a good day today, she deserves some happyness for a change 😊

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      1. I can tell whole stories through emojis!! If I could, I would never speak again and just show everything through emojis!
        Here’s my latest book review!
        👧💻 + 👨💻 = 💖

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      2. Haha…as I am nearing the time to head off to sleep (which I keep saying is just way too overrated 😂😂), comments like these just keep me awake: this let me laughing all the way 😂😂
        okay erm:
        Five star review?
        Girls/Women will love it?
        Men will think it’s okay and show off their muscles just to let people think they hate it?
        The police pretty much sucks?
        Two women head of with the car, drive into their home, have a sweet romance and then an old guy who is a serial killer breaks them up?
        But then a men and a woman step up in kill the serial killer and live happily ever after?
        But they find out that the serial killer had a son who kills the woman and leaves the man with a heartbreak.
        So…..how did I do? 😂😂

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      3. Ha ha!!! CLOSE!! I was saying the the female character was great and the male was great and strong, The police are no help in the mystery of girls who get taken in a car to a house where they are forced to be escorts for older gentlemen against their wills. The main male and female are chatting online and like each other, but she doesn’t know who his is in real life which is a shock! Then the questions marks are… What will happen?? Because I never have spoilers! 😂😂 But, yours was REALLY CLOSE, AND STILL MOSTLY TRUE!! See?? It works on even more levels than I thought! Maybe there’s something to this!… OMG!! I should do a “Guess the book” Emoji review every once in a while!! I REALLY need to stop adding more things to do!! But, I LOVE THIS IDEA!! 😂😂😂

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      4. Haha that is an awesome idea: You should really go ahead and do that for sure. You could even make a contest of it, or….even better a tag 😂😂 The Nicolelovesemoticons tag: that totally works!
        I have already had some practice now, so of course next time I will totally guess the entire story/review!
        But yes..totally DO this…you’ve got this, and as I said sleep (and probably work too) is overrated 😂😂😂

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      5. Too true. But, on that note I will cease and desist my stalking of you for the night, my dear, and allow you to get some of that overrated sleep! I’m off to have drinks with the parentals, because that’s how I party on my day off! 😂😂

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      6. Lol, well.. I survived the stalking and the night lol (though I didn’t catch much sleep, the heat here is still way too annoying ugh).
        Well that’s a good way to party! Have fun the upcoming two days 😊

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      1. hey, this tribute is for you…it was never written that it’s a “ let’s make MIchel more shy and let’s make hum blush all over 😂😂🙈🙈❤️❤️”


      1. No worries, I’m going to be very busy this month as I am hosting the Jons Creator Showcase. It’s a lot of fun, but it also takes up quite some time, so you might not see me around as often on my own blog. I will be around though! 😊😊

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