We all know that blogging is hard. And if you don’t yet, you only have to read this week’s absolutely amazing post about that subject by the wonderful Arthifis to see what I mean. (Just press on the link…come on you know you want to). I have been blogging for almost two years now (Yes time does fly when you are having fun), and I have seen many new bloggers come, but sadly also go. Blogging takes commitment, it takes time, and it takes energy. But the rewards…oh the rewards they are so amazing, I can’t even describe them.  And one of the best rewards, if not the best award is meeting all kinds of wonderful people on this journey. But sometimes, just sometimes…you meet someone in this community that has something special, that is just even more extraordinary than everyone else (and trust me there are many individuals like that here). But….today…I want this post to be about someone that I not only think is an amazing blogger, but also someone that should begin to realise by now that she is a person that inspires people here. It’s also someone who today celebrates her blogging anniversary of one year. I’m talking of course about *drumroll please* ….the wonderful Irina.

Oh come on Irina, you knew  I would do something like this right??

Now….the first thing you might notice right now is the fact that this post is published at the exact moment the clock strikes midnight in Irina’s country. In other words the exact moment when sunday starts for her, and the day her blog turns one year old. (That is I hope I did my research correctly, no pressure……). But that is just a technicality. Irina, this is my way to show how much I look up to you, but most importantly how greatly I value your friendship. When I was on my hiatus I at times was feeling very down and sad. But the thing that always brought a smile to me, was just a small word of encouragement from you on Twitter saying something like happy sunday, or just checking in on how I was doing. See my point? That is the kind of person Irina is, always there for others, and always helping out. Today though: we should be there for her: let’s all band together here and show her how much we appreciate her. Leave a comment on this post to wish her well, congratulate her or whatever else you want to say. And not only that: let’s all head over to her blog, leave likes, and in short let us all totally explode her blog stats to give her the best day ever!

No need to start blushing, everything I said here is true!

On the small chance that you might not have yet discovered her blog, go there now, and see what I am talking about. It’s good isn’t it? Of course it is..so go ahead and follow! Irina on a personal note I truly want to thank you for all that you have done for me, and for being such an amazing friend. The blog you have is something to be enormously proud of and I pretty much know right now that next year by this time: you will have reached 2000 followers. Don’t believe me? Want to place a small bet on it? Seriously though: I hope you will continue to have as much fun writing all those great posts, as I have when reading them. I was really worried I would not be able to complete this post as since friday evening I had enormous WordPress issues that eventually turned out to be Ipad issues. Luckily though I was able to come back just in time. I hope you are going to enjoy this day, because you really should. Be proud of all that you have achieved. I know I am totally proud of you! To close this off: this is me taking a deep bow and saying: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!