I don’t know how many blogs are currently a part of WordPress, but I would not be very surprised if that number is somewhere above a million in total. I think we all come across new blogs every day that look interesting, have topics that you like or just look pretty damn awesome. But, no matter which way you look at it, you can’t follow everyone. I have a dayjob that keeps me pretty occupied throughout the day, and as such I have about 5-6 hours of free time on weekdays. I love reading other people’s posts, and commenting on them, but I have currently reached my limit at the number of people I can follow. But, sometimes, you want to give yourself a slap on the forehead (or punch yourself in the face whatever works best for you), when you find out that you are not yet following a blog that you thought you were. For me that happened just before I headed of to Animecon. I was just checking through some older comments that I had missed during my hiatus, and found out that I had been tagged by Irina. (Don’t worry I will get to you after this). Reading through the post, I found out that the tag was created by Kimchisama.

This is me: trust me you will understand when you read the next paragraph.

She is someone who I have seen making regular comments and giving likes on my posts, as well as following me on Twitter. But…I wasn’t yet following her. Sigh…needless to say, after I found out I punched myself in the face (and ended up with a bloody nose), and finally hit that follow button on her blog. So, if you are reading this post now please accept my humble apologies for not following you sooner. And if you are someone who also had yet to discover/follow her blog do the same as me (that is hit the follow button, not the punching in the face part). So…what about Irina huh? What can I say about her that hasn’t already been said? How awesome she is? Well, you all already know that right? How supportive and incredibly strong a person she is? Naw, that’s also common knowledge. Maybe her being one of the most important people in the anime blogging community? Sigh…I give up. Everything has been said already. Suffice it to say Irina is totally bad ass, and although she will probably deny everything I said here, she knows in her heart that I am right. So, in the small chance you are not following her either yet, also hit that follow button. Right…so…on with the tag!. What this all about?


Why are there always rules?

1. Mention the person who nominated you

Now Irina asked to mention Kimchisama

2. List 13 reasons why you keep going/living (This is borrowed from the book but I’m taking it the opposite direction).

Well, see below if I managed to make it to 13 reasons.

3. Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.

Whew…10 huh? Well…I will give it a try.

4. Use the picture that I created in your post. I’m sorry that I’m a bit bad a making these things… But I tried 🙂


Now then, on to the most important part of this tag, here are my 13 reasons to get up every morning, and go on with this crazy thing we call life:

1. My parents. 

I am an only child, and come from a very small family. In fact it’s so small, that it’s just me and my folks. I could not have been blessed with better parents then the ones I have. Always supportive, caring, and giving, they are a very constant factor in my life.

2. My friends

Who can live without friends? People who say that they can are lying through their teeth. Everyone needs friends in his or her life, no matter how hard you might deny that fact. I don’t have a huge group of friends, but the ones I do have (and you pretty much know who you all are), are the best ones you can ask for. Always there for me when I go through a rough time (and vice versa), I have never taken them for granted in any way.

You can never have enough friends right??

3. My blogging friends

Ever since I started this blog I have met people that have become an enormous and very important part of my life. Why mention these friends seperately? Because we might never meet in real life, but all the same they are just as wonderful as my normal friends (as far as we are all normal that is lol). Again, you all know who you are, but wow give yourself a big hug and a pat on the back, for the amount of kindness and love you have shown me is nothing short of amazing.

4. Movies

You probably did not see that one coming right? Seriously though, movies are very, very important to me. There is nothing better than to drift away for an hour or two in a different world in a movie theatre and forget all your troubles for a while. Movies, especially the good ones, can manage to lift my spirits when I am feeling down, or reach me on an emotional level in a way that almost nothing else can.

Just like you can never have enough friends, there is also no such such thing as too much anime.

5. Anime

I started my blog a little over two years ago. At that point I did not really know what I was doing and I just posted randomly not even really following any blogs. But then I came across Karandi’s blog, (and seriously if you don’t know who she is, where have you been all these years), and I loved everything about it. Moreover through her writing she managed to rekindle my love for anime, something I had stopped watching for almost 5-6 years. Right now anime is another big part of my life, and someting I can’t stop watching anymore.

6. My blog

Well, this one is very obvious isn’t it? During my unfortunate, but necessary hiatus, I really felt a weird emptiness in me. Blogging had become a routine and it was very strange not reading posts, placing comments, and writing new posts. I have always said this: blogging is a huge part of my life, and I can’t see a future where I would stop blogging altogether. It’s great to be back and speak to everyone again.

No these aren’t my books…it comes close though 😅😅


Just like movies, books especially the well written ones, allow you to escape for a while into another reality. It’s great to dive into a book that will have you on the edge of your seat, especially after a tough day.

8. My job

Having a job in this day and age is not as obvious as one might think. Finding a job that you enjoy is even tougher. Even though my job is always very busy, and there are certain days that I could live without it (last friday being one of them), I certainly don’t hate my job. As you spent a big chunk of your life in the workplace, it’s definitely important to have something that you can sink your teeth in and offers a challenge.

9. Winter season

Yes, everyone is gearing up for summer now, and relieved to finally see the cold weather being a thing of the past. But…I am not one of them. I love the winterseason. The dark, cold days where you come home, crank up the heat or curl up in bed whatever suits you best, and watch a nice movie or read a good book. Everything about that season is just very cosy, and that’s why I love it so much.

One day I will conquer my fear of flying and vist an Asian country.

10. Asian culture

As most of you that have been following my blog for a while now pretty much know, is that I simply love Asian culture. It’s a love that started for me when I was a child and continues to this day. Movies, anime, Korean dramas, it’s rich history, it’s customs: all those things have my interest and for me make it a culture that I highly respect and have a great fascination for.

11. Love

Well, I am still single. And have been for a long, long time (please don’t cry or pity me, absolutely not necessary). But I am a hopeless romantic at heart. Though I feel the clock ticking as I become older, I have not yet given up total hope in finding miss right. It might even be the biggest cliche, but it’s so true: love usually does bring happyness. (Though admittedly it has also brought me a lot of sadness, but that last thing only makes you feel more alive doesn’t it?)

Naw…this is totally not making me hungry…at all!

12. Desserts

The best thing about a meal? Desserts! I can’t get enough them. A meal for me is not complete when I don’t get some kind of dessert to close it off. Even at lunch I try to get a cup of tasty yogurt or pudding when I get a chance to. Really, what’s not to love about desserts right?

13. Games

I have always loved playing games. I don’t even care if I win (though of course that usually is even more fun if you manage to achieve a win), but playing the game is for me what’s most important. Whether it’s playing a solo game, or with some friends, the experience of a great boardgame is what always manages to put a smile on my face.

Who says you can’t have fun at boardgames??

And….over to you.

Here you go: the ten people that I nominate for this tag:

1. Kwenzqoatl

2. Karandi

3. The Things I’ve Seen

4. Biblionyan

5. Ya Boy Jack

6. Pete Davison

7. Scott

8. Kim

9. Dani

10. Didi

This is not a tag that’s for everyone, so really don’t feel any pressure or need to write a post for this one. Nor is there any rush (Lord knows I am really running behind on tag posts/award nominations).

Thanks for reading as always: see you at the next post!