Competition reminder….

Hi everyone! This is just going to be a very short post where I remind you that the Competition that I am running for my 1000 followers celebration is just open for one more week. And then it closes…like…forever. So in case you haven’t entered yet, or might have missed the post altogether just press on that link, read the rules and if you are eligible for entry don’t hesitate to do so. I promise, I won’t bite…much. Well I could make this post longer, listing all kinds of reasons for why you should enter. But I guess this pretty much covers it. And I said in the beginning that this would be a short post, and I want to keep that promise. So, the clock is ticking. Put on your fighting gear, grab your sword or favorite submachine gun and run towards the fight… know you want to!

Special note to my email followers:

If you are following my blog by email and want to enter the competion, be sure to leave a name in the comment. I have seen two messages that ended up in my spamfilter (entered by “someone” as a response to the competition. Not knowing who they were from (or if it was in fact spam) they have since been deleted. So that’s why I put up this special notice. Thank you!

Only one more week?!? Are you kidding me here???!!



23 thoughts on “Competition reminder….”

    1. Okay…I have reread this comment five times now…but I’m sorry to say Shoka I don’t exactly know what you mean 🙈🙈🙈 But that is probably just me, but erm…could you explain it (and erm sorry for asking but I’m really trying to understand it, but I couldnt 🙈).

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  1. This is unrelated, but have you seen the new Fullmetal Alchemist movie on Netflix? I saw it popped up recently, but I’ve been avoiding it since the Death Note movie was a huge flop & I don’t want to be disappointed like that again

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    1. I haven’t seen it yet: But that’s because I first want to see the anime 😀 So far I have heard it isn’t too bad though 😀 Another terrific anime adaptation you might like, which is also on Netflix, is Erased. That really was a series that was made quite well and did great in capturing the spirit of the anime 😊


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