Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, American Tv series (2015)

We all have our favorite television shows. Some of them are obscure and might not even be known by many people. In the brutal climate of television, shows like that are always in danger of cancellation. With sweat forming on your forehead you eagerly await news about a new season. And then two things can happen. One: you finally receive word that your beloved series has been renewed and you happily dance around in your living room (or maybe that is just me). Two: The television Gods have decided the show needs to get the axe, and you spent the rest of your week weeping, expending an entire box of tissues (erm, maybe that’s just me as well). But there are also shows that are juggernauts that are never in that danger, at least not any time soon. One of those shows is The Walking Dead, and it’s still my alltime favorite. When a series is this succesful, the television studios begin to think up ways to expand on that succes. Which usually means that the original show gets a spin off, that takes the established story into different directions.

Traffic can really be a bitch sometimes. 

Fear the Walking Dead acts as a prequel to the original show, and takes us back to the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. High school guidance councellor Madison Clark has more than her fair share of problems. Her son Nick is a drug addict and his habits weigh heavily upon the rest of her family. One day Nick ends up in the hospital after being hit by a car while he was running in the middle of the street. While visiting him there together with her new boyfriend Travis and her daughter Alicia, Madison tries to find out exactly what has happened. Nick tells a story that makes no sense and is being dismissed as yet another drug induced psychosis. Supposedly he woke up after using his drugs to find the girl he was with that night turned into a flesh eating monster. Travis still decides to investigate anyway, and is beginning to find indications that there might be more to Nick’s story than everybody at first believed. Meanwhile news outlets are showing strange reports about people that brutally attack others for seemingly no reason. Humanity stands at the eve of a total societal collapse and the real horror is about to begin……

Now doesn’t she look like your ideal prom date? 

Fear the Walking Dead is a completely different show than it’s big brother. At least that was the original plan. When the show first aired a lot of complaints came from fans of The Walking Dead about how this show was incredibly dull and slow, and had so very little to do with the original series. Finally the studios bowed to this pressure and took the series in the direction the fans wanted. And honestly, I think this is a real shame. Why would you want two series that are pretty much exactly the same, only with different characters? What I absolutely loved about this show in the beginning, is how it showed the slow decline of civilisation and the eerie atmosphere. When the first zombies begin to appear people aren’t even worried, thinking it’s just a disease that will eventually get cured. We of course as an audience know how the events will eventually turn out, and how the world is going to fall. One of the creepiest scenes in this first season is when the power begins to fail, and you see entire city blocks turning dark. That event really is the foreshadowing of the beginning of the end, and it was filmed in a truly powerful way.

Honey, please stay away from me when I am on the phone. 

For me that was one of the show’s greatest strengths. The pacing, especially in the beginning is definitely very slow. I can totally understand how people can be turned off by this, but I think this has also to do with the characters that aren’t all that interesting. Where The Walking Dead has powerful leads such as Rick and Daryl, here we have a normal albeit dysfunctional family that you just don’t really care about. Nick played by Frank Dillane, is a very selfish character whose only goal seems to be looking where he can get his new fix. Actress Kim Dickens in the role of his mother Madison does a good enough job of playing his despairing mother. But in the end she is just, at least in this season, a very dull character. The only character that I at least liked was Travis, played by Cliff Curtis. Here is a man that tries to keep his head above water while his family is being torn apart and society around him is collapsing. He played the part perfectly and was for me one of the shining lights. Later on in the series, his family meets up with another one, that also doesn’t contain very memorable characters.

Erm, I don’t really think this guy needs a shave right now. 

And that is pretty much this show’s greatest flaw. When a tv series fails to give you characters that you really care for, it’s hard to keep you interested in it. That said, I for one was still very much entertained. I know that in the upcoming seasons, the show is going to change and I heard that some people even say they found it better than it’s big counterpart. (A fact I find very hard to believe). But I loved the way this season showed us how everything started on the road to the zombie apocalypse. I thought it handled this in a very good and believable manner, despite it’s slow pace. Fear the Walking Dead won’t be for everyone, especially not if you are hoping to find full on zombie carnage, of which there is very little here. But for those of you that are interested in seeing what could happen when an unstoppable disease begins to ravage the world, you are hardpressed to find a series that does this in such a realistic way.

I give Fear the Walking Dead season 1 a 8 out of 10 score.


23 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, American Tv series (2015)”

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your enthusiastic and kind words: they really make me smile every single time ❤️😘
      This show deserves a watch, but I do have to admit it’s probably not for everyone. As long as you don’t expect another Walking Dead, abd don’t mind slow burners, you will enjoy this series. I’m really glad you enjoyed the review and that the captions made you laugh (these are always the hardest to do).
      Thanks you for being so incredibly amazing yourself each and every day 😘❤️

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  1. I never made it to series two of Fear the Walking Dead. Actually, no, that isn’t true I watched one episode and thought, meh, more of the same. I really enjoyed the first half of the series about the decline. I thought the pacing added atmosphere and for me one of the best bits was when the fall hadn’t happened yet and the main characters were driving along and see a character in a park, in silhouette. Nothing odd about that, but it has the distinct gait of a walker so the viewer knows exactly what is going on, even though the characters didn’t. I got a bit bored at about episode 4 where the military showed up and created a “Safe Zone”. I didn’t really like that story at all. And as I said, didn’t really get into second season. I think it would have worked better as a single season about the decline and fall to zombie apocalypse, but the nature of aggressive infectious diseases is that you don’t have a low decline. Maybe I will go back one day when I hear about something amazing happening further down the line and rewatch from the start, but as it stands I won’t

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    1. Well, you raise some very good points here John. Because of the backlash of the Walking Dead fans, the showrunners decided to change the series to be more in line with the original series. I for one would have loved to see more episodes like the first 3 as well. Those were the most interesting for me as exactly what you say, it shows the slow and steady decline of everything familiar. That scene you described was absolutely awesome, could not agree with you more. I have yet to start on season 2 (will probably watch it in January, but I fear (erm pun intended I guess 😂😂), I’m not going to be enjoying it as much as those first three episodes. But…I will let you know as I most certainly will write a review for it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😀


  2. Well you know I love The Walking Dead, but didn’t get into this spin off, part of me is glad I didn’t and part of me wishes I had after your review, but anyway time for TV is limited for me so will just stick with what I’ve got. Great review Michel.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kindness😀 I’m glad you enjoyed the review!
      It’s certainly a problem I’m having as well. There are so many series on television, and as much as I would like to, you just simply can’t follow them all. This being a series that certainly isn’t for everyone anyway, I think you are safe with sticking to the original awesomeness that is The Walking Dead 😊

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  3. hehe I’ve definitely wept over a series being cancelled before (okay maybe not literally, but inside) so it’s not just you 😉 hahaha that is quite the ideal prom date 😉 It’s a shame this doesn’t totally give you characters to really root for (Rick Grimes and co are basically the reason why Walking Dead is so awesome- that and the surprisingly deep issues it deals with) I didn’t actually know this was a thing, but now I’m super keen to check it out!! Awesome review!

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    1. Haha, very glad it’s not just me lol 😂😂 Yeah, I can name quite a few of those shows that really made me sad when they got cancelled (especially when it didn’t end without a good resolution for it…Ughhhh).
      True enough, the characters are the driving force for the Walking Dead and the main reason why I love it so much.
      But, this certainly was interesting too, especially in the beginning where it showed the decline of society. I’m going to be starting with season 2 now, so it will be interesting to see what will change so much from that point on.
      Thanks for your awesome comment and your kind words 😊

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      1. hhehe yes 😂😂 Me too 😉 (and yeah I get what you mean!!)
        Yes!! I know right!
        Well that’s really cool- and I did always want to see more of what actually happened when it all stated. Awesome! I look forward to seeing your thoughts on that too.
        You’re welcome! 😊

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  4. This might be a bit of a shock. But as much as I love zombies and the walking dead, I’ve never watched this series. I really liked the walking dead’s webisodes though. 😀

    Watching a city go dark, sounds really cool. Details like that can really set a show apart 🙂

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    1. Well, it’s a completely different show when it starts, and that I think caused many people to dislike it, which is truly not fair. The way this series gave a frighteningly realistic depiction of the collapse of human society was what made it so scary. Later on, because of the pressure, the series became more like it’s bigger counterpart, which I still find a bit of a shame. That said, it’s worth a watch, and I hope you will enjoy it if you get to see it at some point 😊

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  5. I liked Telltale’s video game and have read a bunch of The Walking Dead’s graphic novels. Haven’t watched the live action stuff though. It’s weird that fans would complain about pacing because from what I hear the mainline series also suffers from spells were nothing much happens.

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    1. Well, I can explain that 😀 The first seasons of the walking Dead hardly contained any of those kinds of episodes. It was usually either very tense or full on action. It’s the past 2-3 seasons that contained more of those slower episodes.
      But yeah it’s really too bad that the fans started complaining because I really liked what they tried to do with Fear the walking dead. I think you would definitely enjoy the first few seasons of the walking dead by the way 😊

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  6. I love your passion for this series. As I might have already mentioned, I’m up to date with the latest series and will probably continue to watch the show till its end. When Fear the Walking Dead was announced, I was really skeptical, but I was down to give it a shot. Which I did. I saw season 1 and was sort of entertained. I had “mindless” fun with it. But man did you do justice in pointing out its greatest flaws. You just really don’t care about these characters even after the first season. I didn’t think any of them were any special. I also watched halfway through season 2 and then stopped. I didn’t return to the show since… I recently heard they planned on crossing over The Walking Dead with this spin-off by plugging in a character in there. I have no clue if that direction will be good for the show or not. It might give Fear the Walking Dead some new life though. It might also make me continue the show from where I last gave up on it. All that to say, great review as always, Michel. Hope season 2 will be just as good for you as season 1 was! 😉

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    1. True enough. The characters are with this shows biggest problem is. I really did enjoy the way they made the series start off and how it showed the decline of civilisation. But when the series progressed beyond that point and the military came I thought the series just went a bit downhill. I’m going to start the second season this weekend. I have heard people saying that the third season is where the series finally finds it’s footing, but I will wait and see. It’s true about the character crossover. I don’t know if that is a good idea either: it will probably draw in a couple of new viewers that are curious to find out what will happen, but if it helps the show in the long run? No clue. Thanks for your wonderful and kind comment as always 😊😀

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