Seriously….I am not one to swear in my posts or comments, but really what the F! Once again, just like last week it’sย The return of the comments malfunction !ย This time it’s even crazier, as only certain blogs seem to be affected, and the comments don’t disappear right away. I only noticed this just now, as I was looking back on a post I place a comment on, and it wasn’t there again…..aaaaaargh! ย This really is getting quite annoying. So, here we go again. I left a comment today at: Joy the Witch, Ethan Collins Ed, Cain S. Latrani, Pete Davison Moegamer, Crimson 613, Anime Girls NYC, Renxkyoko, Kawaiipaperpandas, Reel-TalkBlog, Superbromovies, Didi Oviatt and finally Schizoidmouse. All of my comments have disappeared on your posts, so I am pretty sure that you will find them in your spamfilters. Truly sorry for the inconvenience, but I thought I would at least let you all know. Sorry for this rather boring post, but man….this really is getting frustrating to say the least. Oh well, hope everyone will have a great weekend and sorry about the rant ๐Ÿ˜Š