Don’t Breathe, American movie (2016)

If there is one thing that I am afraid of losing, it is my eyesight. I can’t imagine living in a world of total darkness not being able to watch movies anymore or reading books anytime I want to. Or even more important: not being able to see the faces of friends and loved ones. If I were allowed to choose, I would rather lose my hearing. Not that I would ever want to mind you. Now, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a review for a horrormovie. The last time was more than a month ago, so it’s about time that I revisit one of my favorite moviegenres. So what was all that rambling about losing my eyesight you ask? Let’s just say it has everything to do with the movie that I am about to review. And not to get to far ahead of things, but it’s certainly one of the better horror/thriller movies that I have seen in quite a while.

Shhhhh, did you hear something? 

For anyone who was ever in doubt that crime does not pay, he or she should really watch this movie. Don’t Breathe focusses on a trio of young burglars, Rocky, Money and Alex, who struggle to make a living. Money is the toughest of the threesome and someone who has pretty much no conscience. Rocky, his girlfriend, tries to make enough cash to get away with her younger sister from her horrible parents that are neglecting them. And then there is Alex the more sensible of the three, and who obviously has a crush on Rocky. When Money sells the goods from their latest heist, he doesn’t really get a fair price. Rocky is especially distraught by this, as she sees her dreams of a quick getaway evaporate into smoke. But then a golden opportunity arises. In an abandoned Detroit neighbourhood there is a house that is occupied by a retired US army veteran. He supposedly has a lot of cash in his house, and even better: he is blind. This seems almost to good to be true. But when the trio enter the man’s house at night, they soon find out that they might have taken on a little bit more than they can chew……

Aww come on, don’t be scared. You do know a dog is man’s best friend right? 

Don’t Breathe is one of those movies that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout most of the film. It’s not without it’s flaws, but overall it’s a very effective thriller with a pretty cool concept. Stephen Lang, who most people might remember as the villain from Avatar, plays the retired blind army veteran. And boy is he a scary guy. You will truly be afraid of this man, despite his blindness, and Lang’s acting is superb. Rocky is played by the relatively unknown actress Jane Levy, and I was pretty impressed by her performance. She is not the damsel in distress you see in most horror movies, but a really tough chick that can hold her own in a very gruesome situation. Her acting was very natural and I hope we get to see more of her in the future.

Hang on a second guys, I have an itch I have to scratch. 

As much fun as this movie is there are a couple of things that might turn some people off. For one thing this is a pretty violent movie. There is a scene near the end of the film, and trust me you will know which scene I mean when you see it, that really was pretty disgusting. It did not ruin the movie for me, but I did think that it went a bit too far in terms of violence. And then there are some actions that the characters do that make no sense, and are pretty dumb to say the least. But I guess that is nothing really unusual as we have countless examples in horror history where we have seen this sort of stuff before. Another not altogether small problem is that these characters are not very likeable. In fact they are criminals, and even though Rocky certainly seems to have a tough life, that doesn’t justify her going off on a crime spree.

I’m not that fat, you can pass without any problems mr Blind Man. 

All in all though, this is a very decent thriller with some nailbiting scenes that will get your heart pounding. Coupled with Lang’s great performance, and some interesting plot twists, it’s a movie I recommend seeing. If you are turned off by violence though I think you had better pass on this one. As usual when a horrormovie becomes a succes, I hear a sequel is already in the works. I hope I am proven wrong, but this will probably mean that we get a product that throws away all the stuff that was so great in the original. And it will ramp up the violence. One only has to take a look at the Saw franchise to see how that turned out. And you really don’t have to be blind to see that.

I give Don’t Breathe a 8 out of 10 score.


27 thoughts on “Don’t Breathe, American movie (2016)”

    1. Thank you very much. It certain,y was a hood film, but it did not live up to all the hype surrounding it that I do have to be honest in. Still, I enjoyed it quite a bit, and really did think it was one of the better horrormovies that I have seen in quite a while 😊

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  1. I know exactly which scene you mean by disgusting!
    I saw this recently and I’ve gotta say, it’s was decent, if not the ‘near perfect film’ that a lot of people hyped it up as for me. If there was one major criticism that I have for it it’s that I spotted one glaring plothole that essentially wrecked the film for me by the end of it. I can’t say what it is without it being spoilers of course, but it was enough to knock the rating down for me.
    If you liked the blind angle, there’s a film called Late Phases that deals with a blind war veteran as he tackles a werewolf too. That one’s good fun. Bloody start, slow middle when the guy investigates and prepares himself, bloody climax.

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    1. Honestly, I do agree. It was made out to be the best horrorfilm in recent years. While I certainly enjoyed it, and there were a couple of great scenes in it, I don’t think it quite lived up to the hype. I think i know what you mean by the plothole by the way. But yeah it was enjoyable but certainly not as good as everyone made it out to be.
      As for Late Phases, I haven’t heard about that one, but it does sound very interesting. Thanks a lot for the recommendation 😀

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  2. Read the plot summary on wiki since it’s not like I’ll ever watch the actual film and wow, that is one badass blind old man. Pity he’s also a disgusting creep.


    1. Haha, that last remark cracked me up, yeah a real pity he’s a disgusting creep 😂 But then again if he wasn’t we would probably have had a lesser movie, so there is that. Hmmm…I can’t believe I just said that 😂

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  3. I saw this movie a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed it, though for me I had absolutely zero empathy for the protagonists and, when bad stuff happened, I had zero sympathy. They were robbing a blind guy that lost his sight for his country. Whilst I don’t necessarily go in for the usual jingoistic patriotism crap that is waved around the net these days, you have to have respoect for someone who not only fought when their country asked and lost as a result. I really struggled to see him as anything more than a victim, until one scene – which I suspect is the one you were talking about that turns Lang into a villain. I wasn’t keen on that, it smacked of a producer seeing the edit and thinking, shit, this villain is more sympathetic than the heroes. Still, great movie. I wrote about it on my writing blog as I was doing a piece about eyes and their effect on horror. Link attached if you are interested


    1. I completely agree. There is no sympathy for me for these characters either. None whatsoever. I thought they were all a bunch of…no let’s keep it clean here lol. But you are so right. Lang’s character certainly wasn’t very sympathetic either though, but I did relate more to him than his “victims”. Cool, will check out that post later today 😀


  4. You are much stronger than me for having that awkwardly dark moment near the end of the film to not turn you off of the film. It made me really question the film as a whole, because it felt a bit out of left field and disturbed me to my core even though I know that was the point. It is certainly hard to gauge the point of “how far can I handle something without it affecting my enjoyment or overall opinion of a work”. Stephen Lang though, I cannot agree more that he is terrifying in this movie. Certainly worth it to watch that performance.


  5. Well, I’m sure glad to see a tough chick in a horror movie for a change! Mostly they just scream and make stupid decisions, so a guy has to rescue them…
    I don’t really do violence or disgusting scenes so I might skip this one hahaha (nevermind that it’s horror and I don’t do horror at all, anyway). I guess if all characters were smart and sensible, it would be hard to make horror movies xD However, that doesn’t excuse them being unlikable or not relatable. That’s just not a great thing if you want someone to watch and enjoy your movie.
    Another great review! I’m glad you were able to enjoy it despite some flaws here and there 🙂 And oh boy, a sequel? We’ll see how that goes…


    1. Yes, knowing your taste in movies from what you have told me in the comments section, I don’t think this will be a movie you will enjoy. Especially not considering that brutal scene near the end. Yeah she was tough, no doubt about that but I can’t really see thst she was a kind character or someone you could relate to. But…yeah…a sequel. I don’t even know how to make a sequel to a movie like this, but apparently they are going to do it anyway. Thank you again for commenting always very much appreciated 😊😊

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      1. Hahaha yeah, funny how we start to get people’s tastes from interacting around here ^^
        And yeah, I get what you mean. They could have made her just as ruthless without losing her humanity in the process. Just sounds a bit lazy.
        Oh, you know, gotta milk the cash cow ’til it dries! After all, there’s always people wanting to consume a product, no matter how bad.
        And of course! ❤

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    1. That is certainly true. Times sure have changed, and it’s nice to see so many different options for the visually impaired these days. Still I would never ever want to lose my sight though😔 Thanks for your comment 😊

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