Corpse Princess, Anime tv series (2008/2009)

There is this old saying that there is one thing that is certain in life: death and taxes. While I don’t really care about taxes, I do care about not dying any time soon. I don’t consider myself to be very old yet (although some people might argue with that), but if I were to die now, I would certainly have a few regrets. There are still a lot of things that are on my bucket list and that I haven’t yet been able to do. Most of these are because of not having enough time, others are simply because I haven’t yet gathered up enough courage to do some of those things. And ofcourse I am being really cryptic here, but hey a guy has got to have a couple of secrets in his life right? Why all this talk about death in this post? Could I not find something more cheerful to talk to you about? Well I probably could have, but death and regret has everything to do with Corpse Princess, the Animeseries I am about to review.

The new student at school really was not working out.

Corpse Princess, or Shikabane Hime as it is also known, is a 25 episode horror/action anime series. Makina Hoshimura was just a normal girl until she and her family were brutally murdered. But Makina did not die. At least not in the normal way that everyone is used to. No, she returned as a living Shikabane Hime (a Corpse Princess) and has one sole mission on her mind: to avenge the death of her family. In this series when a person dies but still has intense regrets, he or she returns as a Shikabane. The Shikabane at first look like the normal persons they were in real life, but eventually turn into horrible monsters that prey on the living. The Kougon Cult has been created to protect normal humans from these horrible creatures, using the Shikabane Hime as their weapons. After a Shikabane Hime has killed exactly 108 Shikabane, they are granted peace and allowed to enter heaven. Makina, armed with dual Mac-11 submachine guns, and assisted by Keisei Tagami a buddhist monk from the Kougon Cult, soon sets out on the path for revenge. But it will not be an easy task, especially since the Shikabane group known as The Seven Stars have a horrible plan in store for humanity. A plan that may very well end every single living human being…

Well, I did mention there were monsters in this anime right?Β 

Corpse Princess was both a pleasant and a very unpleasant surprise. Now, I know this sounds very vague, but bear with me as I will explain soon enough. The thing that surprised me the most in this series was the storyline. I had expected this to be a pretty generic action packed horror series, but it was actually the story itself that I found to be the highlight. This anime has a lot of underlying subplots and a rich and well thought out worldbuilding concept, that I haven’t seen in quite a while. The Kougon Cult and their many rules and regulations slowly show their secrets throughout the episodes, and it was a delight and sometimes shock to discover them. This anime first starts off with Makina encountering the monster of the week, and dealing with it, but eventually turns into a rich and powerful storyline that gets better with every episode. This being a horrorseries, there are certainly enough gory moments in it that might turn off some viewers, though it never became the main focus of the show.

Yes, I know this stance looks incredibly cool.Β 

The anime also has a pretty large cast of characters. Throughout the series more and more are added, and at times it became hard to keep track of everyone. Makina, being the main character, certainly was one of the best attractions the series had on offer. She is just seriously bad ass, can take a hell of a beating, but also has a humanity to her that is hardly found in someone who is, well, basically dead. Keisei the contracted monk assigned to Makina, is a pretty funny character at times. While he can certainly hold his own in a fight, he also has a pretty lecherous side to him, that provided some great comic relief. Another character that becomes very important in the series is a young boy who Keisei took in once as an orphan, called Ouri Kagami. He inadvertently stumbles across Makina one night, and soon becomes involved in the daily struggles that she faces. On the villain side there is a great character called Akasha Shishido, but to actually tell who he is, would spoil things for you. Suffice it to say that although he is evil, you really feel for him as well, and that’s what made him so fascinating.

Some people take the phrase “I’ve got my eyes on you” a bit to literally.

Corpse Princess certainly also had a few fanservice moments. There were a couple of girls that had breast sizes that seemed to defy the rules of basic anatomy, but it luckily never became as bad as for instance in the animeΒ Highschool of the Dead. Now in the beginning of my review I also told of an unpleasant surprise and that was unfortunately the final episode of this anime. Seriously, what were they thinking? It just….ends. There is no resolution, it just ends in the middle of a fight, and the viewers are left to wonder how it will turn out. Now, after having invested time in a series that ran for 25 episodes I certainly felt cheated. As such, it also becomes hard to recommend a series in this way. It definitely was a terrific watch, with plenty of action, horror and a great story. But without a real resolution to things, you do wonder what the point is in watching this. My score for this just had to reflect that. If the final episode had handled things better, I would have graded this much higher. A real shame, but sometimes in life you are just left with regrets. Now….where did I hear that before?

I give Corpse Princess a 7 out of 10 score.


25 thoughts on “Corpse Princess, Anime tv series (2008/2009)”

    1. Well, it certainly was a great watch, right up until the very disappointing end. As mentioned the series starts off as basically fight a monster every episode, but after a few episodes the real story kicks in and it becomes pretty compelling. Just be prepared for yet another anime with a very bad ending πŸ˜”

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    1. Totally agree, it was a good watch, just really a shame about the ending. Still, there was enough in it to enjoy, and it has not been a series that I thought was a waste of my time (except for the end that is πŸ˜‚).

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  1. Considering you even had to mention HotD in the same review means this is an automatic “no” for me.

    That ending sounds like they were trying for a second season and failed. Hate it when that happens…

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    1. Lol, well I honestly only put it in there to say that it can’t even remotely be put into the same lines as that animeseries πŸ˜‚ There is some fanservice, but it really is very mild and innocent.
      Yep….I think they were certainly trying for a third season (this anime actually consisted of two seasons in total), but it didn’t happen. I read somewhere that the manga ended just as abruptly. Really annoying when that happens to say the least πŸ˜”

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    1. Yeah, I do too. I have had so many good tv series that got cancelled without ending it on a proper note. That is so seriously annoying. But an end overall for whatever medium can definitely make or break something, that is for sure.

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  2. I’ve been interested in this since Cain did a post on it and honestly, despite the bad ending warning, I still very much want to give this a go. The subject matter and execution seem worthwhile. Thanks for sharing another cool review πŸ˜‰

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    1. It really is a fun show, I am not going to deny that. I really had a blast watching it, and it certainly wasn’t a waste of time at all. I was just very disappointed by this ending. But I think you will have a great time with it. Am now watching Ergo Proxy. Wow, talk about a dark and depressing show, this one certainly takes first price, that is for sure. Am enjoying it so far though 😊

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    1. Thank you 😊 Well honestly, it is worth it. There is a lot of cool stuff in this anime, and it’s certainly worth it alone for the worldbuilding, just be prepared for the ending, that’s all I can say. Hope you will enjoy it if you get around to seeing it 😊

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  3. This certainly looks like it could be a fun series to just sit down and eat popcorn to. I mean an action horror with a strong female character and the fanservice not being as much as Highschool of the Dead already puts it ahead in my mind of action horrors to watch. Plus it kind of fits the zombie binge I have been doing recently! It is sad though that it is unfinished, as most shows nowadays seem to be unfortunately.

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    1. Well, it certainly isn’t a bas watch at all. I was really quite find of this series which is why it was all the more disappointing that it ended in such a bad way. But that said, yes it does fit the zombie binge thing, so I would say: go for it 😊 I hope you will enjoy the watch πŸ˜€

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  4. When an anime features monsters and people coming back from the dead I think female anatomy is the least of my concerns with respect to realism πŸ˜‰

    The show sounds awesome, but the non-ending is a real turn off. Maybe I will just seek out the manga, which I believe finished years ago. Aspects of the story remind me a bit of Claymore, which is another brill series that concludes in a meh way.

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    1. Lol, that is certainly true. Sorry for the late response by the way…it has not been an especially great weekend, so playing a bit of catch up here.
      Well…I don’t even know if the manga wrapped things up. Have to look into that. Honestly I really liked this series…a lot, but the endu g though was pretty much something that almost ruined it, and certainly made me lower the grade for it. Real shame if you ask me 😞

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