Alita Last Order Omnibus vol.1, A Japanese manga book (2011)

The Japanese manga Battle Angel Alita, or Gunnm as it is known in Japan, has been praised by none other than director James Cameron. He is a huge fan of this manga, and has been wanting to direct a live action movie based on it for quite some time now. I doubt it will ever get to see the light of day though, as it has been announced so many times that is almost becoming laughable. For those of you unfamiliair with the original manga let me tell you quickly what the story is about.


Battle Angel Alita is set in a post apocalyptic future and is centered around the character of Alita, a female cyborg. She was originally found in a junkyard, robbed of all her memories. The cybernetics doctor who finds Alita, decides to rebuild her, and when she awakens she discovers that there is actually one thing sheΒ doesΒ remember. It is the ancient legendary martial art of Panzer Kunst. With this deadly skill she eventually takes on the profession of Β bounty hunter. The world she lives in is an interesting and very unique one. The floating city of Tiphares is the cause of a massive scrapheap on the surface which surrounds the aptly named city of Scrapyard. As the city of Tiphares is off limits to surface dwellers, they are forced to make a living amongst the junk, a very hard life indeed.


Alita Last Order continues the storyline of the original manga, but does pretty much ignore the original ending, or so I have heard. While I did read a few chapters of the first Battle Angel Alita series, I have never completed it. But so far I have been able to follow the storyline along just fine without all the knowledge of the original manga. Alita Last Order starts off with the resurrection of Alita by her enemy/ally Desty Nova. Their relationship has always been a complex one, and it continues to be so in the new series. The story this time takes place on Tiphares, on which quite a number of things have changed. The city has turned into complete chaos, and numerous rebellions are underway. Amidst the chaos Alita tries to find out what happened to her old friend Lou, but at the same she also searches for more answers to her own forgotten past. Both things are incredibly hard to do, as Alita is about to find out…


While I still prefer anime to manga, this series was just to good to resist. I fell in love with the character of Alita quite a few years ago, when I first laid eyes on her in the original manga. While visiting Animecon 2017 last month, I was amazed to find out that the series had continued in this new form, and as such I bought all five omnibus editions. The first installment certainly did not disappoint. The art for this is absolutely breathtaking, and at times I just kept staring at certain panels to admire them. Alita contains enough action to keep your attention throughout the entire 650 page count, but the story itself also is worth every minute of your time. The theme that keeps returning the most is the question of what it is like to be human. But even though that has been featured so many times in other media, Alita turns it upside down, and still manages to be original too. I simply have nothing negative to say about this series. If you love dystopian post apocalyptic science fiction stories, featuring great art, and enough action to leave you gasping at air, I highly recommend you check this manga out.

I give Alita Last Order Omnibus Volume 1 a 9 out of 10 score.



17 thoughts on “Alita Last Order Omnibus vol.1, A Japanese manga book (2011)”

    1. It definitely is worth checking out. The Art is amazing, and as for that first image, I can definitely say, that’s what I thought as first as well. Already reading volume 2 at the moment, and it is still highly enjoyable. If you are going to read it, I hope you will enjoy it too 😊

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    1. That is a good question, but it luckily has a very easy answer.
      Manga’s easiest translation is comicbook. In other words it is simply the Japansese version of comic book. They read differently from their American counterparts (you read them from right to left, and as such start at the bsck of the book). Otherwise the are just as entertaining.
      Anime is the short word for Japanese animation. In other words it is Japanese version for cartoons (although the word cartoon doesn’t really do the medium justice). A lot of manga have been the basis for several anime series 😊
      So, hope this answers your question, and thanks for asking πŸ˜€

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  1. I’ve heard that Cameron is a massive fan of the series. And that avatar was a testing ground to see if he could get the rights to the series. Alas it is all a pipe dream. I haven’t seen the anime or read the manga. But might give it a shot!. Good post!! πŸ˜€


    1. Thank you very much. After your comment I decided to check IMDB to see just for fun if there was any news about this one. To my surprise the film is set force 2018 release, the entire cast for it has already been assembled, the screenplay written in part by Cameron is done and it is being directed by Robert Rodriguez. There is even a poster for it already. So…I’m guessing not a pipe dream lol πŸ˜‚ Which I had looked this up before writing the post lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      Well, if you are giving this a try I hope you will enjoy it. It is a very good read for sure 😊

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  2. The header picture is stunning!

    This sounds like a really interesting series and I want to say I’ll check it out but honestly, reading manga doesn’t really work for me. Something about the combination of words and graphics makes me take far too long to get through it 😦

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    1. Yeah, I hear you. I have not read a lot of manga myself. I am getting more into it, but I honestly won’t be making a hangt of it. This series though is worth the read, if only for the main character, who is seriously bad ass, and just simply for the amazing graphics 😊

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  3. Love your review of this manga. I also stare at the drawings, the last picture, very cool! 650 page, is that just volume 1? That’s a thick book! I know I will enjoy it because there’s dystopian, science fiction and action. Sounds like a read I cannot miss πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes it definitely is a thick book, and all five volumes have that page count if you can believe that 😊 But yes I think you will definitely enjoy this one. Besides the amazing art, the story is pretty good as well. Thank you for your comment and the words of praise 😊


  4. Sounds cool. I may pick this up during one of my Comixology shopping sprees. Years ago I watched a bit of the anime OVA. From what I recall the visuals look dated, which is understandable given its age.

    If Cameron directed the movie himself there would be hope that we would finally get a good live action anime film from Hollywood. Let’s see what Rodriguuez does.

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    1. Yeah the anime, while certainly not bad, did really do justice to the manga. The manga just has much more layers to it, and develops the character of Alita in a very good way. This follow up has so far been a blast to read. I am currently reading the second volume which so far has been just as good as the first part. I will be interesting to see where the live action movie will go (if it ever gets developed that is, as I have been hearing about this project for ages now).

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