Imperial Dreams, American movie (2014)

Isn’t it amazing the amount of things we take for granted in our life? Something as simple as a roof above our heads for instance. There is nothing better after a long workday than coming home, sitting down in your favorite chair, and watch a movie or read a book. It is truly something one should be grateful for. Not everyone on this world has that privilege though. And even though we are human, and we at times complain about everyday things, it is a good thing to sometimes stop and take a few moments to think about things that are really important. Like family for instance, and caring for them, even though you might not be able to do that in the way you would want to.

One day, your father will grow up to become a stormtrooper.

In Imperial Dreams we meet up with the 21 year old ex-convict Bambi. He has just been released from prison, and is on his way back to his old neighbourhood. His only care in the world is his son, and he will stop at nothing to protect him. However he has really decided to stay on the right path this time, in order to accomplish this task. Unfortunately it is not that simple. The only roof he has above his head is a beat up old car, in which he sleeps together with his son. In prison he picked up the art of writing, and he is trying to get enough money together in order to publish a novel. When his criminal uncle tries to recruit him for a task, Bambi at first declines. Things are becoming more and more desperate for the young father though, and living in such a criminal environment, it is almost impossible to remain on the straight path. Will Bambi succeed….or is the lure of evil to great to resist?

Really? You were in Star Wars? 

Star Wars fans might recognise John Boyega from the Force Awakens, who plays the main role of Bambi. And I honestly have to say that I was very impressed by his acting talents in this movie. Boyega almost carries this movie on his own shoulders, a task at which he succeeds perfectly. It is always nice to see an actor in a completely different role, and execute it so well. The rest of the supporting cast are relatively unknown, but they all do a great job anyway in creating the atmosphere for this movie.

I can see my house from here. 

And that is another thing this movie does well, create an atmosphere. It really goes to show that crime really does not pay. It is almost impossible to get back in normal society after a life of crime. Especially when you are trying to do the right thing, and follow the correct path. At some point in the film, Bambi tries to get a normal job, and it is almost laughable the amount of effort he has to take in order to succeed at this. The film loses points in the originality department. This is not a unique storyline, and one we have seen a couple of times in films such as Boyz n the Hood and Dangerous Minds. That said there is little that this film does wrong. The acting in the film is great, and the story even though it is not very original, still grabs your attention and is at times very heartbreaking. All in all this is a solid movie that is worth the watch.

I give Imperial Dreams a 8 out of 10 score.


24 thoughts on “Imperial Dreams, American movie (2014)”

  1. Lol “One day, your father will grow up to become a stormtrooper.” I actually lived out of my car for 2 months this past winter. I had money and was working but once Trump got elected president here in the US I just got this overpowering urge to try and “stick it to the man” anyway I could. Haha and it worked out great actually. I don’t have any kids though, I wouldn’t do it.

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    1. Hey, great to hear from you again. I hope all is well 😊 Yeah, these captions are a bit of a new thing for my blog, but I try to make the most out of it lol 😂 Good for you to “stick it to the man”. Can’t imagine that being easy, but I am glad it worked out great 😊

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  2. This movie will sure make me cry. But I do like movie with second chance.. fixing a wrong and succeed in making it right. And it’s definitely hard trying to get back into society after life with crime.. Great review!

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  3. Fantastic review as always, Michel! 😄 I watched this recently and loved it too. The message is powerful, and John Boyega is just phenomenal. He’s such a talented actor, with a wonderful sense of humour. Can’t wait to see him in more movies!

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    1. Yes I was very surprised by his performance. Before this movie, I had only seen him play in Star Wars which ofcourse was a good role, but this was just absolutely phenomenal. Glad I watched this movie, it was a truly terrific film 😊

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      1. Hihi, well luckily I don’t have to extend my list for that one. It was already on my list lol 😂 Thanks for the recommendation, maybe I will get around to watching that one next 😊

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  4. I do love your captions 😀

    I had to blink a bit at the name Bambi because popular culture has conditioned me to see a deer and nothing but a deer upon hearing that name. But non-deer Bambi sounds like a pretty cool guy as well. Even a non-original storyline can be riveting with the right execution. The popularity of certain tropes makes that quite clear.

    And as always, great review!

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    1. Haha…thanks. I still find it difficult to work with these captions, but I am glad that people seem to enjoy them. As for the name Mambi, trust me you are not the only one who thought of a deer lol 😂 But yes, this was a good movie, that was a worth while watch 😊 Thanks ! 😀

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  5. Your humour never ceases to amaze me. It’s great. I do enjoy reading these reviews on such underrated movies, it sounds interesting. I admit, I might fall into the minority of having never watched Star Trek.. ahem (runs into the shadows with a light saber to save her life). ☺

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    1. Haha, you are forgiven, and I am sure you are not the only one lol. But yes this was a really good movie, and it is always a lot of fun to see a film you don’t really expect too much from. Glad you enjoyed the review and the humour 😊

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      1. I have gotten back to blogging and have added another series for an older generation but working at a pace when I can due to health of course so I hope it is of some interest to you once again.


      2. I am really glad to see you back in action, and I know I will enjoy the posts, since your writing is absolutely great. I really hope you are doing well. Please take very good care, and take all the time you need. The posts will be worth the wait 😊

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      3. Thank you very much Michel. I’m still struggling but it’s an ongoing procedure and I’m trying my best. (I’ve recently posted something today). I’m very grateful you like my writing. It takes awhile but It comes from the heart. I’ve been trying to play catch up with everyone’s post at the same time heh 🙂

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  6. I’m pretty positive I might cry with this one… I always do! XD
    It’s nice to see Boyega creating a solid career of his own. The guy sure has talent! (I haven’t watched Star Wars but everyone raves about it and now I’m sure it’s well-deserved praise). I’ll be looking forward to watch more of his movies.
    Great review, Michel! And thanks for the rec! 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much again. Hmmm…This movie is not really a tearjerker if I am being honest. It is a very solid film, with great performances, and although heartbreaking at times, it also has a positive undertone as well. I hope yiu will enjoy this one if you get around to it 😊

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