Anaconda, American movie (1997)

I have always enjoyed watching horrormovies featuring some kind of animal that terrorises people. It all started ofcourse with the Steven Spielberg movie Jaws. A classic in every way, this film was responsible for spawning a whole range of movies that featured some type of animal vs man. Over the years, I think nearly every animal on Earth must have been in some kind of horror film. Ofcourse some of these were seriously bad and incredibly cringeworthy. However occasionally a movie comes along that seems to be a B-movie, but is so enjoyable that you take that for granted. The 1997 movie Anaconda definitely falls into that last category.

I am wondering who is more scared here.

In Anaconda a documentary crew heads off down a tropical river in the Amazon, in search of a mystical tribe. While travelling down the river they come across a shady character who is trapped on a boat during a storm. The man introduces himself as Paul Serone and tells them he hunts snakes for a living. When the journey continues, the head of their team, dr. Cale, becomes seriously injured. Serone tells them he knows he a shortcut across the river, which will take them faster to a hospital in order to save their friend. While skeptical, the remaining members of the crew including filmmaker Terri Flores, agree to follow his advice. But soon it becomes apparent that Paul has ulterior motives. Not only does Terri have to face the increasingly more psychotic Paul, but she will also discover just what it is he is after. Soon they will have to face a monstrous snake, and the fight of their lives will begin in earnest. Will they all survive, or will they become snakefood….?

Now, that is one scary looking dude.


Anaconda does little to to hide the fact that this is obviously a B-movie. Although the impressive cast that is involved in this movie would have you guessing otherwise. One of the reasons to watch this movie is veteran actor John Voight. He plays the role of snakehunter Paul Serrone, and it is obvious that he is having a blast playing him. The character he portrays is a seriously evil one, but he plays the role so well, that you can’t help but root for him at times. Also included amongst the cast is Jennifer Lopez, who plays the feisty Terri Flores who is more than a match for Serrone. Finally we have Eric Stolz who plays dr Cale in a small but important role, and Ice Cube who provides some comic relief.

Seriously man, no joke, look behind you.Β 

The special effects in this film are a mix of animatronics and CGI and they are both a hit and miss in this movie. Some of the effects are pretty impressive, but there are also scenes that are seriously bad. But then again that is also part of the charm of this film. Anaconda serves up just enough thrills to make this movie exciting enough. It is a bit slow to get going, but in the second half of the film the tension begins to increase and we get a couple of fun scenes with the killer snake. There is no real gore or blood to speak of, so if you like your horrorfilms more in the style of a thriller this one is for you. Anaconda is a fun B-type horrormovie, that serves up an hour and a half of mindless creature filled fun. While this film certainly won’t win the award for Best Picture, it is entertaining enough all the same. And sometimes that is just all you need.

I give Anaconda a 8 out of 10 score.


18 thoughts on “Anaconda, American movie (1997)”

  1. I agree with you, John Voight sure played well in this role. I disliked him in the movie because he’s that good haha.. It was an interesting movie. I did get scared and I thought the special effects with the snake were so real! That’s cool that you know what movie makers use to make special effects. I don’t recognize those terms at all haha.. and Jaws.. the trailer already got me scared so that’s good that you enjoyed it but you will not see me watching it, unless the room has all the lights on haha..

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    1. Haha thank you very much. Well, animatronics is basically what you could call a puppet, that is being controlled by robotics. CGI, are just special effects that are created by a computer 😊 Voight was seriously good in this role…and yes in the end you really get to hate him lol πŸ˜‚ As for Jaws, well…I highly recommend watching it, even leave the lights on πŸ˜€ It is a fantastic thriller and one that is just a serious classic.

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      1. Thanks for the recommendation! haha.. and explanation.. will it ruin for you to know that it’s all fake or computer generated while you watch the movie? I know it’s fake at the back of my mind, but most times, I feel it’s so real that I forgot it’s fake! haha.. that’s why I can’t watch shows like The Walking Dead because it looks so real and scary! haha..

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      2. Haha, but that is the power of movies and tv series in general I guess: the way they can sometimes convince you that things are real. I guess that is why I love movies/tv series so much. At times they manage to transport you for a while to a different place. Not that I ever want to be in a world like the Walking Dead lol πŸ˜‚

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      3. Since you liked watching horror.. have you just about watched horror films in many different countries? Any country make horror films you find more scarier than others?

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      4. I really love horror movies, and yes I have watched them from other countries as well. I think Japan has the scariest horrormovies to date. Ringu (the Ring), and the Grudge still give me the creeps. A close second these years is Australia. They have been making pretty good horrorfilms as well. I highly recommend the Babadook…wow…talk about scary 😊😊

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      5. I think I have seen the Grudge.. almost can’t recall but yes, it was scary. I don’t think I will check any of these titles out. It’s not fun to be scared hahaha.. but good to know which country makes scary movies πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t even remember when I saw this but it was fun as hell. I too have a fondness for horror films featuring an assortment of creatures…even if Jaws terrified my younger self bad enough to swear off oceans for months.

    Anaconda did little to kill my love of snakes though. The opposite in fact. Those humongous reptiles are adorably creeptastic.

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  3. I loved Anaconda as a kid! I saw it on a laser disc, which must be a long time ago. πŸ˜‚ Several scenes look awful. But it’s still, like you said, great entertainment! Besides, the movie earns bonus points for nostalgia. πŸ™‚


  4. omg i grew up on this movie!! we used to watch it back when i was a kid and i think this was one of those favorites but scary movies i had as a kid xD i think i watched it in spanish though so idk what it sounds like in english

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    1. Haha, yes it is one of those guilty pleasure movies, that are so bad, but because of that, they are so good lol πŸ˜‚ It’s a favorite of mine, and one of those movies that eventually you pick up again after a couple of years 😊

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