Boiling Point, Japanese movie (1990)

Those of you that have been following my blog for a while now, know that my taste in movies and tv series is pretty diverse. As long as the film entertains I am willing to tackle any genre. Recently I received a movie on dvd for my birthday that I had heard much about, but have never actually seen. Directed by the infamous Takeshi Kitano,that was pretty much enough to get me excited for it. Recently he had a minor role in the new Ghost in the Shell movie (you can find my review for it Here ), but he is well known by all lovers of Asian cinema. He has starred in and also directed a lot of (at times pretty controversial) movies. Most of his movies contain acts of violence, but also some dark humor, and Boiling Point is definitely no exception to this rule.


In the beginning of the movie we get to meet the rather simple man Masaki. He plays baseball for a local team, but is not very good at it. In fact the guy really comes across as someone who has definitely not got all of his marbles straight in his head. When his coach is threatened by a local Yakuza member, he travels to Okinawa together with a friend, to buy a gun. Once there they are befriended by a psychotic gangster called Uehara. Now this guy has his own score to settle with the Yakuza. Masaki soon realises that he is in way over his head. With Uehara going off on a rampage, the simple Masaki has to find a way to stay alive, while at the same trying to find a way to protect his coach. But the crazed Uehara is definitely not making this job easy….


Now if I would get only one word to describe this movie, it would be the word weird. The movie starts off fairly normal, and at that point is pretty much a comedy. Masaki comes across as a complete idiot, and this supplies a couple of really funny scenes on the baseball field. As soon as the Yakuza enter the movie though, the tone of the movie shifts, and is beginning to descend into complete madness. Uehara, played by director Takeshi Kitano himself, is an absolute psycho, and a very chilling figure. His natural charm makes him only more terrifying. And that comes across in the movie itself. Some seriously disturbing scenes make this at times an uncomfortable watch, as you often wonder who comes up with stuff like this in his head.


This movie has the word cultfilm written all over it. Even though the film has a pretty straightforward storyline, there are often strange jumps in time, and this really makes you question your own sanity at times. But ofcourse this is probably what Takeshi’s goal was in the first place. I did really enjoy Masaki’s journey however. It is always a really fun thing to see a local idiot turn into a hero, allthough even that fact is questionable by the end of the film. It is hard to recommend a movie such as this. The acting in the film is fantastic, but the sometimes weird imagery certainly won’t make this a movie that everyone will enjoy. I for one was definitely entertained by it, even though this certainly isn’t a perfect movie. If you like to watch the occasional cultmovie however, this one is certainly worth checking out.

I give Boiling Point a 7 out of 10 score.


11 thoughts on “Boiling Point, Japanese movie (1990)”

  1. This sounds quite interesting. I love different types of foreign movies and a strange movie seems enjoyable if done well so I’ll see if I can watch this sometime soon. I’ve only seen Takeshi Kitano in Battle Royale and he was insane in a great way in that too. You just don’t want to be near the man when he’s erupted.

    Oh and a Happy belated birthday Michel! ( sends you a virtual cake) 🎂 I hope you had a lovely day. It was also mine a few days ago but it was a discreet silent one. ☺

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  2. The things the human mind can come up with is truly amazing.

    This sounds entertaining definitely. Charming psychopaths usually make great characters. Yeah, you wouldn’t want to step into the same country as them but they’re interesting 😀

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  3. I also like to watch foreign movies, especially Japanese ones. I have to admit Japanese thriller/horror movies are a bit disturbingly weird, and scarier if compared to Hollywood versions. I’ve forgotten the title of this oneJapanese movie and the Hollywood version….. It’s about a Japanese journalist who could see the ” future”….. the Hollywood version had Sandra Bullock in it. What else can I say… lol

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    1. Lol, well I think you mean Premonition. I have seen both versions, and as usual the Japanese version was the best. I am an enormous lover of Asian cinema to be honest, so I always love watching those movies, no matter what genre it is 😊

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      1. Yeah ! That’s the movie ! ! !

        I hope you can watch Filipino movies. The ones on YouTube are lousy though. I think the producers are very protective of infringement rights. But I did manage to watch THE ROAD, then when I wanted to rewatch it, it was gone.

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      2. The Road was a great film, glad you at least managed to see it once. It was just as good as the novel, which is saying something. As for Filipinno movies, I will certainly keep my eye out for them 😊

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      3. Oh, wait. There’s an American movie The Road ( I’ have the book and seen the movie ), but this other The Road is a Philippine movie that was uploaded on You Tube , then disappeared.


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