Lethal Weapon, American Movie (1987)

And here we are, yet another movie from the 80’s that I am reviewing and have rewatched today. I really don’t know what has gotten into me, but for some reason I seem to be stuck into some kind of 80’s mode. The funny thing is that even on other blogs I see posts appearing, that talk about movies from this great era of filmmaking. Maybe there is some kind of world wide epidemic that I am not aware of. Whatever the case, I don’t mind it at all, as I am really having a blast rewatching these old, but classic and in my humble opinion timeless movies. As for Lethal Weapon, it has really been quite a while since I last saw it. The fun thing is, that there is now also a television series based on this great moviefranchise. I have not yet had the pleasure of seeing this series for myself yet, but I did catch a few clips of it on YouTube and I do have to admit it looks pretty cool. That said, it will never beat this classic movie though…not even by a longshot.


The movie starts when we witness a young prostitute jumping to her death from the balcony of a high rise apartment building. What at first seems to be a simple suicide, soon turns into something much more complex. Detective Roger Murtaugh from the LAPD, who has just had his 50th birthday, is put on the case. It is not long before he is partnered up with a detective called Martin Riggs, who got transferred from narcotics. But Riggs is not your average cop. Having just lost his wife, he seems completely crazy and on a road towards selfdestruction. At first Murtaugh wants nothing to do with Riggs. But as time passes the two begin to work together and form a lasting friendship. And not a moment too soon, because a brutal drug smuggling ring has very sinister plans. Plans that might end up costing the two detectives their own lives….


Even though this movies is now 30 years old (yes I know, I am getting old ), it has not last any of it’s charm and power. This film is the best buddy cop action film ever made. Yes, I know this is a bold claim, but it is definitely the truth. This movie works because of the incredible chemistry between the two lead actors. Mel Gibson is fantastic in his role as the completely crazy Martin Riggs. There are a lot of scenes that still had me laughing out loud because of his antics. But Danny Glover is equally funny in his role as the older cop Roger Murtaugh. The scenes between the two of them are well written and work very well.


But in between all the comedy is also a terrific, and at times even brutal action movie. The storyline, even though serving in the background with movies such as these, is effective enough. But a movie like Lethal Weapon you watch because of the action, and on that department the movie delivers. Right from the very start the movie has a good pace, and serves up enough action to satisfy any lover of action movies. Lethal Weapon will always be one of my favorite actionfilms. The three sequels that follow this one, are all pretty much as good as this part, except for maybe the third one. This classic action movie is still a joy to watch and I highly recommend it to anyone who is an adrenaline junkie. Don’t be put off by thinking that this is a thirty year old movie, as it is a film that still is every bit as strong and fun as when it was released back in the 80’s.

I give Lethal Weapon a 9 out of 10 score.


21 thoughts on “Lethal Weapon, American Movie (1987)”

    1. It really is a great series. I have enjoyed every installment. The fourth one was especially interesting as it featured Jet Li, one of my favorite Martial Arts Hong Kong stars, in a great role. These movies just simply never get old. Thanks for your comment 😊


  1. I love Lethal Weapon. Its one of the few films that isn’t dragged down by poor sequels as I kind of like the whole series. Plus, great dynamic with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I haven’t seen this movie in quite some time and only once I think so I’m glad you brought back my memory to revisit this sometime soon. What I do remember is it being more than a cop out action fuelled movie which I normally don’t like often when it’s dragged out without a strong plot, but Lethal Weapon as you rightly wrote is powerful between the chemistry the lead actors have between them and the dialogue is what makes it entertaining as it’s witty in the way they have their ‘serious’ conversations. Mel Gibson acting crazy is a delight to see in the nicest sense possible. Great review as always. ☺

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    1. Thank you, the fun thing about it is exactly that: the comedic bantering between those two. And also a rarity in movie land, the sequels were every bit as good as the original film. Don’t yet know which 80’s movie I am going to be seeing next, but I do expect another one very soon 😊

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  3. The opposite personalities of Murtaugh and Riggs is what really gives Lethal Weapon its greatness. They bounce off each other wonderfully, completely at odds at first and then begrudgingly more amiable.

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  4. This review makes me realize that I’ve seen very few buddy cop movies and can’t even recall the names of those I have seen.

    Ah well.

    Great review – it’s clear that you really love this film. 😀

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  5. Thanks your blog had me dig mt Lethal collection out. Looks like pizza and a binge night. I also agree although all good flicks in their own rights, The first is the best,,

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    1. Thank so much for this great comment: I always think it’s very cool if these posts actually make people dig out/watch these films again. Totally agree with you: these films are timeless. I hope to review the final two movies in the near future as well! Thanks again, and thank you for following my blog. Enjoy the pizza and the bingenight 😀😀

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