Knights of Sidonia Season 2, Anime tv series (2015)

I watched the first season of Knights of Sidonia quite a while back. (You can find my review for it here). While the series started off pretty slow, and was definitely not without it’s flaws, it eventually started to grow on me. Now recently D from Dtalksanime has started on this show, and I thought this would be as good a time as any to start watching season 2. First though, if you have not yet subscribed to the fantastic blog of D, do that first. They have great reviews on anime, post that are always a joy to read, and not only that they are great to talk to, so seriously what is there not to like: subscribe….now. So for those of you who are not exactly up to speed as to what this series is about I will give a very short discription. Obviously this anime takes place in the future. Humanity is on the brink of extinction fighting an alien race called the Gauna. A gigantic colony ship called Sidonia, is pretty much all that remains of the human race. Think Battlestar Galactica, but with subtle differences.


The second season of this anime continues the story that began in season 1, and picks up almost right after the end of the first season. Garde pilot Nagate Tanikaze is out with his group about to engage a new and gigantic Gauna, that threatens to destroy the Sidonia. But just when the fight is about to start a new enemy enters the scene. As if one Gauna is not enough, two are more than a handful. It is right at that moment that something strange happens. The second Gauna engages the first one, and destroys it completely. Utterly baffled by this strange behaviour, the crew of Sidonia don’t know what to make of this. Is this new Gauna friend or foe? The answer to this question lies within Sidonia itself, and might hold the key to winning the war against the Gauna once and for all.


So…Knights of Sidonia season 2. Where to begin? The first season of this anime was often criticised for it’s lack of character development. You never quite felt an emotional attachment to them, and that makes it hard to get invested in a series. With this second season it almost seems like they are trying to remedy that flaw, as the series spents much more time with the characters themselves, and focusses less on action. This would not be a bad thing were it not for the fact that this often resulted in a few pretty boring episodes, where not much of anything happened. I don’t mind slow, if it is going somewhere, but often there were just some things in the series that I felt could have been left behind.


The series shines in the episodes that featured action, and it was during those episodes that I really enjoyed it. There were a couple of very cool Mecha fight sequences, especially during the last few episodes of the series. In the end though I found this second season not quite as good as the first one. The pacing was at times simply to slow, and I felt my mind starting to wander off, which is usually not a good sign. I had hoped that this season would answer every question that was still left unanswered, but the series ends without a resolution. There is still no official confirmation that this series will get a third season. But I honestly wonder if I will even bother watching it when it does get a release. I was pretty disappointed by this second season. Still, there are enough moments that do make it a worthwhile watch, especially if you liked the first season. Just be prepared to not see anything really surprising though.

I give Knights of Sidonia season 2 a 6 out of 10 score.


11 thoughts on “Knights of Sidonia Season 2, Anime tv series (2015)”

  1. Are we having a ‘make the other blush’ war? It sure sounds like it. For the record, I didn’t turn red but I smiled like an idiot reading your opening words. Thank you!

    On to the show…yeah, I’m staying clear of this season then. It doesn’t sound like it’ll improve on s2 and without a resolution, it seems like a waste of time.

    I’m curious about a thing – what degree of shittiness would it take for you to rate something as 1/10?

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    1. Haha…naw, no war that I know of lol 😇 You are welcome,and your blog and you really deserve it, so no worries 😊 Well I am pretty sure that there will be a third season, but as of yet there has not yet been an official confirmation for it. But yeah, this second season is definitely a step down. It contains some interesting episodes (and surprisingly introduces a character that you DO care about), but it really was a disappointment overall.
      Haha..well, looking back through my reviews, there was one movie that came pretty close: it was REC part 3, which I gave a 2/10 rating.the lowest score at least so far, for a movie. But really this season doesn’t come close to degree of shittiness (lol, great term) of that movie. But who knows…maybe I will hand out a 1/10 sometime. Miracles happen every day 😀

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  2. Great post. I loved season one so much, and was really excited for season two. Once season two came out I watched 2 or 3 episodes then lost interest for some reason (I guess other anime caught my attention instead). I should probably finish it though 🙂 🙂 x x

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    1. I really enjoyed the first season as well,despite the slow start at first. But this second season just could not hold my interest for very long. I felt it was just a step down from the first one, which might be the reason that you lost interest after 2 or 3 episodes.


  3. You pointed out some really great things in your review. I watched both season 1 and 2 back-to-back and I like season 1 better than season 2. As you pointed out, season one was very impersonal and you don’t really get a chance to connect to the characters, but the action was very well done in that season. Season 2 was pretty much the exact opposite of that…I was able to connect to the characters a lot more and be interested in where their stories would go. Season 2 lacked action and they did not do a good job of balancing the story in a way to make up for the lack of action without it lagging and getting really slow in areas. Great review!

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    1. Thank you very much. Yeah totally agree with what you are saying. Since there might be a third season I’m wondering if third time might be a charm in this case. Guess we will have to wait and see. Thank you for your comment 😊

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