The Conjuring 2, American/Canadian movie (2016)

One of the questions that will probably always remain a mystery to us, is if there is life after death. Ghost, spirits and other supernatural beings have been sighted all over the world. Well….supposedly that is. While there is certainly enough documentation about paranormal occurences in the world, one really has to wonder if all of this is true. Honestly though, I do think there are things out there, that seriously can’t be explained. At least not by any normal means. The horrormovie the Conjuring, released in 2013, told the true story about a case witnessed by two experts on paranormal sightings. These experts, the couple Ed & Lorraine Warren, have given a lot of lectures on universities, about the cases they have come across throughout the years. With the original movie being such a succes, it was ofcourse inevitable that a sequel would be made. With the movie again based on one of the true stories from the famous couple, is this sequel as good as the original?


In the Conjuring 2 Ed en Lorraine have trouble keeping up the energy to continue investigating paranormal cases. Not only that, but the media also makes them appear as a bunch of scam artists, which further takes it’s toll on the couple. Meanwhile in England, a single mother together with her four children begins to experience some horrible events. One of her daughters called Janet, soon becomes the focal point of the paranormal occurences. At first people think that she is making things up. However as things begin to get worse, it is clear that something terrible has invaded the home of this family. Even though the Warrens at first are reluctant to take on the case, eventually they relent, and head on over to England. When they finally arive there, what they are about to encounter is more terrifying than they could ever have imagined….


The horrormovie has certainly a track record for releasing a lot of sequels, especially when the original film is succesful. Sadly though these sequels are often not as good, or even just quite simply put: absolutely awful. The Conjuring 2 however is certainly not bad. In fact it might be the best horrormovie sequel I have seen to date. The acting, especially by veteran actress Vera Farmiga as Lorraine, is done very well and makes the film truly convincing. The young actress Madison Wolfe, who plays the role of Janet, also does a superb job, and is at times seriously scary. And while on the subject of things that are scary, the Conjuring 2 definitely tries it’s best to deliver some seriously disturbing scenes. At some points it succeeds in that job, but there are also times that you just see the scare coming from a mile away.


As far as horrormovies go, this one is long, very long. With a runningtime of over two hours, I dare say that it is simply too long. The film takes it’s time to set things up, and I felt that a few cuts here and there, would have resulted in a better balanced film. Director James Wan’s visual style certainly is effective yet again, as the movie has a few camera angles that really make the film more scary. This movie honestly speaking was pretty good. Sure the original is better, but even though it has a slow start, when the film picks up momentum it certainly becomes an entertaining horrormovie. If you liked the first film, you will probably like this one as well, as long as you don’t expect it to be as good as part one.

I give The Conjuring 2 a 7 out 10 score.


27 thoughts on “The Conjuring 2, American/Canadian movie (2016)”

      1. It really is :). After The Conjuring 1 this was decent part of the story just good as the first part. But that rarely happens with continued stories. But this one is my fav. I hope they will make some more parts because this kind of story is interesting 🙂


  1. “I do think there are things out there, that seriously can’t be explained.”

    Agreed! Though that does make me paranoid about getting a new place to live in… I mean most ghost films involve a family moving to a new house or apartment.

    Despite all the hype, I never watched either of the Conjuring movies, mostly because they came out after I stopped watching films on a regular basis. Still, I hope to see them one day.

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    1. Well…I am hoi g to be moving myself somewhere this year, so I will keep my eyes out for any unwanted guests. Who know maybe the Conjuring part 3 will take place at my new house. One can never know 😂😂 Hope you get to see the films one day. They are very entertaining 😊

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    1. Thank you very much 😊 Hmm, that is a good question. Honestly this movie did have quite a few scares, but I think the first film was scarier. At least for me it had more tension. But that is not to say that this movie is not without it’s scary moments 😊😊

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  2. I think it was better than the Conjuring 1. Though I think I gave both films 7/10, this one followed the real events more closely. I don’t think Conjuring 1 was that memorable, and its ending was a mishmash.

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    1. Both films were good, but they just missed something to make it really scary enough to turn it into a classic. There were certainly some good scenes in them, but overall both were just not consistant enough to keep the level of tension throughout the entire movie. Thanks for your comment 😊

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      1. Yeah, I totally agree. Still, horror is a very difficult genre to pull off successfully. One has to be either totally original or a genius in suspense, and I think Wan is doing a relatively good job.

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