Logan, American movie (2017)

All good things eventually come to and end. I don’t think that when actor Hugh Jackman signed up for the part of playing the role of Wolverine 17 years ago, he expected to play this beloved superhero for so very long. With this movie, he puts an end to that seventeen year run, having decided to finally quit playing the role. A real shame as I don’t think anyone will ever be able to play this character as well as he did. Ofcourse eventually the role will be recast, that is pretty much inevitable. Still I hope they are going to wait a while with this, as I don’t think the moviegoing audience is ready to see someone else play this part. As we are coming to the end of an era with this movie, the question on everyone’s mind was if this movie would be a worthy ending. I can honestly put everybody’s fears to rest and say: “hell yes”.


Logan takes place in the year 2029, where mutants are almost extinct. Wolverine is but a former shadow of himself, having aged a lot, and drinking heavily. He works as a limo driver taking on as much work as he can get in order to get medicines for his old friend Charles Xavier. One day a mysterious woman contacts him saying that she needs help badly. Travelling with her is a young girl who is in big trouble. Going by the name of Laura, a group of very bad people are on the hunt for her. It is not clear exactly why that is. Even though Logan at first rejects helping them, eventually he gets caught up right in the middle of it all. Now on the run, Wolverine will have to use all of his old skills to keep both the girl and Charles safe. However, it soon becomes apparent why Laura is being hunted. And that truth is more incredible than he could ever have imagined…


I had already heard great things about this film, when I went to see it, but I had not expected it to be this good. I dare say that this is one of the best Marvel films to date. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start by saying that this movie is brutal. It really deserves it’s R-rating, seeing the violence in this film is at times really off the charts. But that really suits this film, and ofcourse Logan’s character. Hugh Jackman is simply amazing. I think this is his best performance as Wolverine after he started playing this role so many years ago. We get to see a totally different and vulnerable Logan , and that is what made this movie so great. Laura, being played by newcomer Dafne Keen, is another reason why this movie is so fantastic. This being her first movie role, I was simply amazed by her physical prowess as well as her acting skills, especially since she is so very young.


The entire atmosphere of this film was very dark, and completely different from all the other X-men movies. And that was what I liked about it. The story was great, and it was nice to see an entirely different take on a character that we have grown to love and care about for so many years now. The action sequences were fantastic, and the most brutal fights ever featured in a Marvel movie so far. But besides featuring action, it also took it’s time to explore the characters and in that it succeeds equally well. Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine is one you don’t want to miss out on. It is everything you would want to see as a fan of this X-man, and I highly recommend this movie. It is sad to know that we will never see Hugh reprise his role again, but as I previously stated, all good things must come to an end.

I give Logan a 9 out of 10 score.


15 thoughts on “Logan, American movie (2017)”

  1. Damn, Michels, now you’ve made me want to see this ASAP. I’ve always liked X-Men and have kept up with the films so far so it’s devastating to see Hugh Jackman quit playing Logan.

    I still plan to watch this, even if the whole situation sounds like a low-key angst fest. Near-extinction of mutants makes me sad.

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  2. Nog niet gezien, maar staat heel hoog op de lijst. Uitstekende review, Michel. Ben benieuwd of Hugh Jackson zich ooit nog eens zal bedenken. Sean Connery zei dat destijds ook over James Bond.

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  3. This was definitely so different from any other X-men film, but it’s the kind of movie that Logan’s character deserves. I actually didn’t know the rating when I went into it, and was surprised to see just how violent it was. I really wonder about putting kids like Daphne Keen into such movies, but she was so fantastic that it’s maybe worth it.

    To be fair, X-23 has long been one of my favorites. I probably would have liked anything they did with her, but the way they crafted this whole story was really interesting. I’m still not sure about 24, but I guess they can’t get everything right 😛

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    1. I have been wondering about that myself if I am being perfectly honest. Not only in this film, but there are so many brutal films out there (take horror movies for example) that feature very young children, that has me wondering sometimes at the effects these movies have on them. Stil, I loved this film, and thought Daphne Keen was great in it. I did not know much about the character of X-23 before seeing this movie, but I plan to track down a couple of the comics, as I really want to know more about this character. Haha, no I guess every movie has it’s own flaws 😊

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  4. I adored this movie. I actually cried during various scenes. And it was not just one small tear rolling down my cheek either; it was a full-blown mess that made my friends a little worried XD
    I will probably re-watch it many times. Yes, it was absolutely brutal and downright depressing if one really thought about it. It was a side of Wolverine (and Professor X, while we’re at it) we don’t get to see often see. But it was incredibly touching and a real homage to Wolverine.
    This was a wonderful review of a wonderful movie 🙂 Great job, Michel!

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    1. Thank you very much. I completely agree with this being a fantastic homage to this truly great and memorable character. It is sad to think that we will never get to see Hugh Jackman in action anymore as Logan, but the way things ended, it was well done. Ofcourse it will be inevitable that at some point the series will get a reboot. But that is to be expected. Thank you for the kind words: always appreciate it 😀

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      1. I know… I think most of my crying came from that thought alone! But he’s done the character justice and there’s nothing more we can ask of him. Let’s just hope whoever comes next does the same thing.
        And of course! You’re always deserving of them ^^

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