Agent Carter Season One Declassified,Marvel tv series book (2015)

The character of Agent Carter was first introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in Captain America: the first Avenger. Played by actress Haley Atwell, Peggy Carter was a female who had no special powers, but who could stand on her own nonetheless.   Being a woman in the late 40’s where everything was dominated by men, was no easy task. But Peggy was not in any way hampered by the fact that she was a woman, in fact she pretty much outsmarted every living man in those days. And I guess you could say it is a character that I have developed a small crush on, ever since I first saw her in action in that movie. And I was not the only one, the character became so popular that she eventually got her own tv series. Agent Carter ran for two seasons, and after that was cancelled, mainly because the costs for the show were incredibly high.


Agent Carter was a tv series set after the second world war, and continued the story of Peggy after losing the love of her life Captain America. It was a really fun show, with a lot of cool things on offer for people who are fans of the Marvel Universe. Even though this show is not a superhero series, it contains so many little easter eggs for Marvel fans, that it is easy to miss things. Luckily we now have a book that features the entire first season of Agent Carter in all it’s glory : Agent Carter Season One Declassified.


If you are a fan of this series,  this book is an absolute must buy. The book comes in a very sturdy slipcase, and the first thing you will notice is the very pleasing layout of the book. Contained within the book are an enormous amount of high quality pictures, featuring both images of the series as well as a lot of behind the scenes images. For this alone, the book is well worth the buy. You will spent a lot of time looking at the photographs, and you will probably look back into them even when you have finished reading this tome. The book itself is divided into four chapters, and also includes a foreword by Haley Atwell herself.


The book deals with everything from how the series came into being, episode guides, and ofcourse some insightful things about the making of the series. The book is well written, although the chapter that tells the story of how the series was made I found the least interesting. A lot of the time that dealt with a lot of technical aspects, that I usually tend to find pretty boring. Another thing that I found at times a bit lacking was information about the photographs themselves. I would have liked to have had some info about exactly what was in a certain picture, but this is a minor issue.

All in all though, this is a very cool book, and if you are interested in the show I highly recommend tracking this one down. Even though the series has unfortunately come to the end of the road, this book let’s you relive the entire first season again.

I give Agent Carter: Season One Declassified a 8 out of 10 score.


5 thoughts on “Agent Carter Season One Declassified,Marvel tv series book (2015)”

  1. I loved the character, Agent Carter, I was less keen on the series. My main issue was that to build up her competence, they surrounded her with idiots & chauvinists. The chauvinists were entirely appropriate but I could have done without the moron G-Men. I realise it was done to make her look smart, but for me it detracted a bit. They stopped doing it towards the end of the first season and it got better. I did like her foe, Dot, who I am sure was an easter egg in Captain America Civil War, but would need to rewatch it to confirm that.

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    1. Hmm, you might be right about that easter egg, I would have to rewatch it myself in order to confirm that one 😀 As for the moronic g-men, you are quite right about that one lol. I still have to see season 2 myself, but if it is even better than season 1, I am seriously looking forward to it 😀


      1. It was, much better. Stronger than Agents of SHIELD was in the early season 1, but weaker than Agents of SHIELD Ghostrider. Though I am biased. Ghostrider is awesome


  2. Mooi boek en hele leuke serie. Heb deze week het 2e seizoen afgerond. Heel jammer dat de serie is gecancelled. Gelukkig kan je het 2e seizoen met een gerust hart kijken. De verhaallijn wordt netjes afgerond en de reeks eindigt niet met een MEGA cliffhanger.

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