Blood Father, French movie (2016)

Throughout his career Mel Gibson has starred in so many of my favorite action movies, it is almost impossible to name all of them. Lethal Weapon is ofcourse a classic, as is the Mad Max trilogy. But where Mel Gibson can really shine is in the dark and gritty revenge films such as the briljant movie Payback. Unfortunately, Mel’s real life has caught up with him and his career has pretty much gone downhill because of it. When you are a fan of an actor it can at times be hard to separate things like that when a new movie from that star comes out. Still, things seem to be heading in the right direction again as Mel is definitely making a comeback. Ofcourse he is now nominated for the upcoming Oscar race as best director for the amazing movie Hacksaw Ridge. (You can find my review for it right Here ). And last year he has finally starred in a movie again that was well worth seeing, the action thriller Blood Father.


In Blood Father he plays the role of ex-con John Link. Having served a sentence in prison for seven years, and putting behind a life of drugs and alcohol abuse, he now makes a living as a struggling tattoo artist. He has not seen his estranged 16 year old daughter Lydia for years, when all of a sudden the phone rings and she desperately begs him for help. Finally meeting up with her, it seems that she has had a run in with a bad crowd. A Mexican drug cartel is hunting her down, hellbent on killing her. It is not long before John and his daughter have to run for their lives. A dangerous game of cat and mouse is about to start, and John will have to try every trick in his book to save himself and his daughter. That is all easier said than done though….


Blood Father is a by the book gritty and dark action thriller. This movie certainly does not reinvent the genre, but it really is a highly entertaining action movie. Mel Gibson plays one of his best roles since a long time as the father that tries to do everything to save his daughter. It was also nice to see William H. Macy again in a small, but crucial role as John’s sponsor. Their performances alone are the reason the watch this movie. Lovers of action certainly will get their fix as the movie contains enough action to satisfy any adrenaline junkie. Still, the movie also spents it’s time on the characters as well, and as such does not only provide non stop gunfights or carchases.


A movie such as this only works if the chemistry between father and daughter is there, and that is certainly the case. Lydia, played by the young actress Erin Moriarty, performs her role very well, and the scenes between her and Mel are great to watch. Blood Father is not a masterpiece, but in no way does it  ever pretend to be that. If you like action thrillers with a decent enough plot, and some great performances and action, than I would certainly recommend this film. Hopefully Gibson will continue to make films like these and get his life (and career) back on track.

I give Blood Father a 8 out of 10 score.


17 thoughts on “Blood Father, French movie (2016)”

  1. Bedankt voor de tip. Blood Father was jammer genoeg al snel uit de bioscoop, waar ik ‘m graag had willen zien. Binnenkort dan maar in de rebound op dvd of blu ray.

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  2. Now this sounds like my kind of action movie. Got to have the good character development to go with the thrills to make it worthwhile. And I always love a good father/child story. Mel Gibson is a fantastic actor too, so I’ll definitely plan to check this out sometime 🙂

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  3. I haven’t seen a Mel Gibson movie in quite some time but when he acts or directs and even both, he certainly delievers.

    It reminds me of another French movie, co produced by Luc Besson called Columbiana which surprised me with being a great movie, similar vibe with the cartel after a woman. You’ve written it really well to make me want to watch it when I can.

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    1. Colombiana was great. Seriously great. Honestly I did not expect much from thst film, but it was surprisingly good, with some great action sequences and a good lead. This film is pretty much like that, also did not expect much from it, but in the end was highly entertaining 😊


  4. Ah, Mel Gibson. Such an incredibly talented actor. Such a great example of why sometimes celebrities need to keep their mouth shut and just do their job.

    Still, there is no argument from me he’s always worth watching when he gets in front of the camera, so I’ll have to add this to my to watch list.

    Between him and Clint Eastwood, I’ve learned to separate my enjoyment of film from actors, though.

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      1. It’d be nice. Though, he’s getting a bit long in the tooth for action movies these days, he’s got plenty of dramatic talent and could still turn out plenty of good movies.


    1. Totally agree, and he was very good in this film. If you do manage to watch it, I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for your comment, and the follow: appreciate it. Welcome to my blog 😊


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