A wind named Amnesia, Japanese (Animated) movie, 1993

Memories. They pretty much are a part of our everyday lives. I would even go so far as to say they also define a lot of who we are. Some memories you will cherish forever: your first kiss, the first time you saw a particular movie or countless other happy events from your life. There might also be memories that you would rather forget and could live without. Whatever those might be, I think it would be even more dreadful to lose your entire memory. All the things you have experienced in your life, gone forever, not knowing who you are anymore, or your friends, and everything that is you. It is this frightening prospect that is the subject for the movie I am about to review.


In A wind named Amnesia, a powerful storm sweeps across the world, causing the entire human race to lose all their memories. Everyday things like flying a plane, driving a car, and even talking, all of it is gone in an instant, causing society to collapse overnight. In the ruined wasteland of America, a young man called Wataru travels in search for answers. I am not going to say how Wataru still has certain abilities (that would be spoiling things for you), but just suffice it to say that he does. One day he comes across a mysterious woman called Sofia, who seems to know a lot more about the catastrophy that has befallen the Earth. Just who is Sofia, and why does she know so much? Pursued by a relentless robotic unit called a Guardian, Sofia and Wataru encounter a number of people that try to survive in the ruined world. The question is will Wataru find the answers he is looking for, or will the Guardian end it all before he finds out the truth….


It is funny how time catches up to everything. This movie takes place in the year 1999, but I really have no, erm, memories about an event like this taking place in that year. That said this is a very good movie. It is actually one of the first Japanese animated movies I had ever seen, and it was always the storyline that drew me in for this one. I think it is very original, and it really shows what would happen if everyone were to forget everything. And with a frightening disease such as Alzheimer’s it is not altogether unrealistic. The animation, even though dating back almost 25 years now, still looks amazingly good.

Even though there is action in this movie, and also some mild fanservice, this film is more of a drama than an action movie. As such, there are certain points in the film, where it slows down, and that might not be for everyone. Still, I wasn’t bored by this movie for a single moment, and it was very cool to see it back again after so many years. If you like post apocalyptic films, with an original story, and don’t mind seeing somewhat older animation, I highly recommend this one. It is one of those films that will remain in your memory…..forever.

I give A wind named Amnesia a 9 out of 10 score.


21 thoughts on “A wind named Amnesia, Japanese (Animated) movie, 1993”

  1. Alright, my first kiss with a girl was a mistake and my first kiss with a guy was a frickin mess. I’d like to forget them both 😀

    But yeah, this premise is really intriguing. I’m curious how humanity would function without their memories until that point. Great review and thanks for sharing!

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    1. Haha, okay, I am going to edit my post to remove the first kiss. Maybe that was a mistake to put that in the good memories section lol. In all seriousness, yes the story for this was the thing that grabbed my attention as well, and as such it did not disappoint. Thank you for your comment 😊

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      1. No no no don’t mind meee! First kiss is generally something that consistently shows up on the ‘good memories’ list. At least that’s what fiction tells us. Reality varies with each person I guess.

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  2. I loved the animated series of vampire Hunter D so this seems like my type of movie. (Makes a paper note of it, because who knows when I shall remember). We strive on memories and having my own personal hell with amnesia for a short week, I know how frightening it can be to not remember things. Let’s hold onto our memories. Well the good ones aleast.

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    1. Haha lol 😂 Yes, best make a note of this, especially with this movie. Yes it really is a good film, and even after seeing it back after so many years, it has withstood the test of time very well 😀


  3. 9/10, wow.. I’m thinking this must be amazing though I’m a little unsure about the premise, but no one can blame you for spoiling 😀

    That does seem like pretty decent animation for 1993. I think I’ll have to check this out sometime.


  4. Dit mag je wel een klassieker noemen. Heb deze nog op videoband gehad. Het was toen heel bijzonder dat Manga video tussen alle “rommel” zo’n kwalitatieve titel uitbracht. Het is inmiddels zo’n 25 jaar terug dat ik die film heb gezien, maar ik kan me nog herinneren dat ik onder de indruk was. Details ben ik wel vergeten, maar leuk om hieraan herinnerd te worden.

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    1. Thank you very much. Also for the recommendation. I have heard of the movie, but have not yet seen it. Will definitely check it out. Another movie you might like is Grave of the Fireflies. Also will bring tears to your eyes, but one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen😀

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    1. You are welcome. I don’t know if you perhaps own a IPhone or IPad, but there is an app called Anime Lib 2 (anime Library), where you can watch both Animeseries and movies for free. Which you can download in the app store. One of the movies you can watch is A wind named Amnesia. Hope this helps 😊

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    1. Hmm, not quite sure if I would classify this one as zombie-post apocalyptic, seeing there are no zombies involved here, but it’s still a great film. The story can be a tad confusing at certain points, but the animation even though it’s quite old, still has withstood the test of time in a great way. Thank you for your comment 😀


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