Farewell, Carrie Fisher…

I usually don’t make posts like these, but for this one time I will make an exception. I just read the very sad news that Carrie Fisher, who played the role of the iconic Star Wars character of Princes Leia, has died at the age of 60. Apparently this year has not yet taken enough from us.

What to say to news like this. Pretty much everything you say about it, is just not enough. So I am not even going to give it a try. Carrie Fisher will live on in the work she has done, in the hearts and minds of every Star Wars fan. To coin a phrase that pretty much is going to be read in every item you will read about this “The Force will be with her….always”. Nothing seems more appropriate…


22 thoughts on “Farewell, Carrie Fisher…”

  1. We truly must be living in the darkest timeline.

    Words alone cannot express my sadness at this. May she rest in greater peace than she knew in life.

    If there is anything to be said, let it be this: She left the world a better place than she found it.

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  2. I’m just hearing about this. I knew she was in the hospital, but I was hopeful she would recover. I’m saddened to be losing such a talented and iconic figure. She will definitely be remembered by many.

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  3. Mooi stukje, Michel. Had gehoopt dat ‘The Princess’ er bovenop zou komen. We kunnen haar volgend jaar nog één keer zien in episode VIII. Ben benieuwd hoe de schrijvers dit verlies gaan invullen.

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    1. Dank je wel Dirk. Wat ik begreep is dat voor Episode VIII alle scenes alle zijn gefilmd. Hebben geen idee of ze ook in episode 9 nog een rol zou krijgen. Hoe je het ook went of keert, het is vreselijk nieuws 😢


      1. Totally agree, I saw Episode 7 (the Force Awakens again on New Year’s day, and at times I felt almost like crying every time Carrie came on screen. It really does have impact. I felt the same with Paul Walker.

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