It has been quite a while since I last reviewed a horrormovie. Not because I don’t like them, but at Halloween I watched so many of them, that I kind of went cold turkey after that. But as with most addictions, they usually pop back up again, and that is also the case with my horror movie addiction. Then again, the movie I am about to review would almost make me go cold turkey again.

The Damned tells the story of David who is about to get married for the second time in his life. While in Colombia he visits his daughter Jill with his soon to be wife Lauren. Jill is not very happy that her dad is about to get remarried, but eventually agrees to go back with her father, together with a camera crew that is making a documentary with her. While in a ferocious storm, David loses control of the car he was driving in, and they all get stranded. While walking back to civilisation they eventually come upon an old mansion. At first the owner of the mansion, an old man, is reluctant to let them inside. Eventually though, he agrees to let them in, but it soon becomes clear that there is something not quite right. To their shock and horror they come upon a young girl trapped in the basement of the mansion. Who is she, and why did the old man keep her locked up? The answer to that question might be more shocking than they realise…

Yes, it is one of those movies again. A couple of people take a wrong turn, get stranded, and eventually have to fight something or someone to stay alive. Yawn. This concept is really getting old. Is this movie a total loss because of that fact? Well no, not quite. There are a couple of scenes in the movie that make it worth the watch for the horrorfans out there. The acting is also fairly decent, but nothing really spectacular. The movie takes a while to get going, and just when it seems things are about to get interesting, the end is near. There is something that almost redeemed the movie though, and that is the pretty unexpected twist at the end. That was cleverly done, and at least to me it came as a bit of a surprise. In the end though, it was just not enough to save this pretty mediocre horror flick.

I give the Damned a 5 out of 10 score.