A couple of days ago I got nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. You can read my post for it right here. Now I nominated in the tradition of this award (and ofcourse because they all deserved the nomination very much), another 15 bloggers. To my big surprise one of those nominees, nominated me back 😀 Now, I have been thinking a bit about how to handle this one, and that is why I came up with this special add-on. It would be a bit pointless to write the same post that I wrote two days ago (my advice hasn’t changed lol 😂), but what I do want to do is to thank the person who nominated me back, and put his blog in the spotlight a bit.

So here we go: thank you very much for nominating me back : Cainslatrani 😀 He has a very unique and diverse blog, featuring fantasy stories (he is a writer too, and a very good one judging from the posts he writes), Anime and features on Dungeons and Dragons. The posts he writes are filled with a lot of humor and always very interesting to read. So, if you haven’t yet, go and subscribe to his blog. You won’t regret it 😀

I realise this might be bending the rules of the award a bit, but when I get nominated for an award, I really appreciate it a lot. As such I wanted to write this short kind of add on post, as a thank you to Cainslatrani (and to let him know again that I have still no intentions of overthrowing the Gods 😂😂).