Today is monday, and it really is my least favorite day of the week (as I guess it is for most people). However the first thing I saw this morning, before heading off for work, was that I had been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award. And just like that this monday just became an incredible day. Honestly it is really getting  hard to find the right words to say how much I am feeling honoured by getting this kind of recognition for my blog. My thanks go out to Sophiethestark who gave my this award. I really, really appreciate it. If you haven’t already, check out her incredibly awesome blog Blameitonchocolate, which covers a lot of things ranging from Anime to books, and even videogames. Once again my thanks, you are awesome 😀


The Rules

  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers
  • Select up to 15 other blogs you want to give the award to

The beginning

My blog started pretty much as an experiment. On my Facebook site, I used to post small reviews for movies I liked in Dutch. But at times I just got a bit annoyed at the whole Facebook environment. I did really like writing reviews however, and I started thinking about how I could continue to do that, but without Facebook. One day I came across a review for a movie, (honestly I can’t remember which movie it was anymore), and I saw the link on it.

After doing some research for it, I decided to give it a go. It took me some time to actually get it started as I am not actually a very technical kind of guy, but eventually I managed to create a site. I started almost half a year ago now, and honestly I have been having a blast. I had never expected to enjoy blogging this much, as it really has become a part of my daily routine.

Even though I don’t publish a post every day, I do check in every day, either to respond to comments, or read post from so many other great blogs I am currently following. Yes it takes time, but I consider it time well spent. One of the most fun things to date has been meeting all kinds of wonderfull people, and just sharing thoughts on all kinds of things. I don’t think I can ever give this up now, and I am definitely not planning to do so.

My advice for new bloggers

As mentioned above I have not been blogging yet for long so I would not in any way consider myself in a position to give advice in any way. Here are two things that I myself, think (emphasis on think), that might be important:

  • Cherish your followers. This might seem like a nobrainer, but I am still sometimes truly amazed that people take time to read my posts, and even at times post a response to them. Time is a very precious commodity, and as such I am just very appreciative every day, when I see likes or comments to posts that I wrote. So I guess this is also a big shoutout and thank you to everyone who has been following me so far. And that is what I meant by cherish your followers, never take it for granted, and always be respectful, even if someone might have a different view on something you wrote 😀
  • Write from the heart. When writing posts try to put something in it from yourself. This sounds a bit weird, but what I mean is try at times to make a post personal. It doesn’t mean that you should completely open up the floodgates and let every emotion that you have out (that might become messy lol), but still adding in something personal, can make a post somewhat more interesting (and a little humor at times, doesn’t hurt either😂)


The honorable nominees

  1. Cainslatrani
  2. Dtalksanime
  3. Japanimetalks
  4. Littleanimeblog
  5. Animetai
  6. Fragglepuss
  7. Tensecondsfromnow
  8. Anjimplays
  9. Strictlyridiculous
  10. Kurosamareviews
  11. Themaniacalbookunicorn
  12. Readingthroughinfinity
  13. Inthecubbyhole
  14. Brendarochelle
  15. Otakuorbit

Honestly, I did not check if you might have already have a nomination, but if you do, well….now you have two 😀

Thanks for reading, and see you next time !