Coppelion, Anime tv series (2013)

I love comic books, and I especially like them if the art in them is done well. My collection of comic books consists mainly of American comics, but I am slowly expanding my collection to also include some Manga. Crunchyroll also has a Manga app, and it is here that I first came across Coppelion. What drew me in, was the amazing artwork of this series. There is also a downside to it though:it already has 233 Chapters! Now as I already have way too less time in a day, I so far haven’t gotten around to finishing this series (and honestly, I probably never will). However in 2013, an Anime was made based on this Manga, and having just finished it, I figured I would share my thoughts on it with you. Before I get into that, let me first tell you what this series is about.

Coppelion takes place 20 years after a nuclear disaster has turned the city of Tokyo into a contaminated ghost town. Back when the event occurred the government was forced to evacuate all it’s citizens, and since that time nobody has lived there anymore. At least, that is what everyone was led to believe. However when there are strong indications that there might still be people alive in the Old Capital, a special unit named Coppelion is sent in to find and rescue any survivors. The unit consists of three school girls who seemingly can walk around in the city without protection. It soon becomes clear these are no ordinary schoolgirls. When Coppelion begins to explore the dead city, not everyone they find alive is friendly and keen on being rescued. A sinister organisation is still operating in the ruined wasteland of Tokyo, that has plans for the rest of the world. Terrible, and horrible plans. Will Coppelion be able to stop them?

Just as in the Manga the backgrounds for this Anime are absolutely amazing. The ruined city is being depicted by showing rusted and overgrown buildings, streets, bridges and everything else you would find in an urban environment. It truly helps to set the the mood, and I have included a picture below to show you what it looks like.


After seeing the first few episodes I honestly thought of this as a pretty mediocre show, that I only continued watching because I wanted to see how it would end. However, the series does pick up the pace at the halfway point, and truly redeems itself. It almost seems as if they hired a few different scriptwriters. Whatever the case I am glad I continued to watch, because in the end I really did enjoy it. The three girls of Coppelion, especially the bumbling and young Aoi, also turn into real personalities after the initial episodes. As such, you grow to care about them, something that is always important in a show such as this. Special mention must be made about an incredibly cool Mecha fightscene in the last few episodes. People who enjoy Giant Robot scenes are definitely in for a treat during those episodes.

So, do I recommend this one? It is a bit hard to say. As I mentioned above, the series does take a while to get into, and if you have a low tolerance for things like that, you might want to skip it. If you have patience, and are willing to stick with it though, I do think that in the end the series does reward you. I enjoyed it very much after the initial slow start, and if you like post apocalyptic shows, you might want to give this one a try.

I give Coppelion a 8 out of 10 score.



14 thoughts on “Coppelion, Anime tv series (2013)”

  1. Glad you enjoyed this in the end. I’m one of those who started it but while I found it pretty I just wasn’t getting drawn into those early episodes and moved on. I may eventually come back to this series but I’ve got plenty of other shows on the watch list between now and then.

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    1. Truly can understand that. It really does take a while to get into it. It’s pretty much as I stated, it’s almost as if they realised that themselves and said: “Hmm….this is not working, let’s fire everyone, and hire some new people to make this show great after all 😂”. As for plenty of shows on the watchlist: definitely know that feeling lol.

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  2. This one’s been on my radar and from your review, it sounds like it’ll be worth a watch. I do like apocalyptic shows and I don’t mind waiting if the payoff is worth it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  3. Nice review. Sounds like an interesting show. Since you like comics, did you watch the drama W – Two Worlds earlier this year? I enjoy meta stuff and really loved the idea of someone getting sucked into the comic world and getting meet her hero and save him at the same time. It was a really crazy, twisty, and fantastic series 🙂

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  4. Great review! I really enjoyed this one too. I agree, it does take a while to get going (I almost dropped the show at one point), but it’s worth the wait and I’m glad I stuck with it. I had no idea there was a manga available in English though. I’ll be sure to check it out when I have the time.

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    1. Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I usually don’t drop series fast, as I have seen a lot of shows start slow but then turn into something cool. But I almost dropped this one too. Yes there is: if you have Crunchyroll (Kind of like Netflix for Anime) you can read it for free. Otherwise they are available as E-books.

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      1. Exactly! Depending on how long the show is I’ll try to at least watch about half before dropping it if it’s really slow. Reborn! And Natsume were two other shows that I was really glad I didn’t end up dropping. I’ve had a crunchyroll account for some time but havent really looked at the manga on there. I’ll definitely check it out 😊

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  5. I’ll have to give this one a try. I can deal with a slow starter, as long as it ends well. The slow burn approach to story telling is something that is easy to mess up, so it’s hard to know if your going to get a solid ending when a show runs that route. As long as it does, that slow approach is always worth it.

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  6. Your opinion mirrors what I said in my own review. I thought the first few episodes were meh, but it eventually got better. Around episode five they stopped with the emotional tales and focused on action, which was the show’s strong point.

    I am trying to read more comics/manga now that more stuff is available to read digitally. Physical books is out of the question for me. Where am I expect to store hundreds of volumes?

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    1. Haha lol 😂😂 I know what you mean…I have way too many hobbies anyway, but I always have trouble finding enough room to store everything.
      As for this anime, I recently rewatched it after having purchased it on dvd, and still think it’s pretty cool. It’s one of those anime that reward you when you stick with it, even after a pretty slow start. Glad to read you enjoyed this one as well😊

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