And……..we’re done. I have seen so many horrormovies leading up to the Halloween weekend, that this is going to be my last horrormovie review for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love them, but it is time for me to also catch up on some other movies I still have lying in wait for me. That’s enough of me whining, let’s get on with the review. Another pretty popular subgenre within horror is the home invasion movie. You probably know the usual premise for these movies :a couple of crazy killers entering the home of some poor helpless family and quickly dispatching one after the other into the afterlife. You’re Next falls into this category, although with a definite twist.

The Davidsons are preparing themselves for a family weekend. Three brothers and a sister, along with their spouses have travelled to the Davidson family home in order to spent the time with their parents. Some of the brothers don’t exactly get along though. Right in the middle of a heated argument during dinner between two of them, the house suddenly gets attacked by brutal psychopaths. Everybody runs away screaming in terror, with one exception. As the killers begin to enter the house, they are about to find out that this time they might have bitten of a bit more than they could chew on. For one of the so called helpless victims might turn out to be the most horrible murderer of them all…..

This movie is brutal. Absolutely and totally brutal. If you like movies with a strong female lead, who can turn the tables on men and turn them into mincemeat, you should definitely check this one out. Australian actress Sharni Vinson, who plays this lead role, shows us a few new tricks you can do with your kitchen appliances in this movie. And I definitely don’t mean cooking. She does portray her character in a convincing way, and for her alone the movie is worth the watch. This is definitely not your usual home invasion movie, and it was refreshing to at least see something new in this genre. However, some of the gore and violence in this film, might be a little too much for most people. Also a few of the other characters in this movie are actually pretty stupid. For instance: why run outside towards the people that are trying to kill you, instead of staying indoors where you can at least make a stand?  Well, let’s be honest, that isn’t the first time something like that happens in a horrorfilm. Anyway, this movie is definitely worth a watch, if you can stomach brutal and gory films. If the sight of blood makes you faint, than you had better avoid this one.

I give You’re Next a 7 out of 10 score.