Before I started writing this post, I have been wracking my brain if there has ever been a sequel to a horrormovie that I liked better than the original. My mind drew a blank. Not counting Aliens (which technically is horror, but I always categorise as sci-fi), no horrorsequel came to mind that has surpassed the original movie. There certainly are a lot of horror franchises out there, and nowadays when a new and succesful horrormovie has been released, the inevitable sequel always looms around the corner. In 2013 movie audiences were introduced to Sinister, a quite erm sinister movie about the supernatural entity Bughuul. I liked it, but when the entity itself was introduced and looked like someone who had failed a job interview for Slipknot, that kind of ruined it a bit for me. Stil, the movie had some truly frightening sequences, especially the 8mm movies that were found by lead actor Ethan Hawke. Last year the sequel was released with the very original title: Sinister 2.

In this second part we are introduced to the young mother Courtney Collins, who is on the run from her wifebeating husband Clint, with her two boys. Taking up residence in a remote farmhouse it is not long before one of her boys, Dylan, is beginning to experience some truly frightening nightmares. Dylan is soon visited by the spirits of dead children who urge him to watch some films that have been left for him in the basement of the house. The movies show horrifying scenes of families being killed in awful ways. And so the cycle of death is again being set in motion by Bughuul, and it will take all of Courtney’s strength to save herself and her two children. Luckily she is going to get help in the form of a former deputy who has dealt with Bughuul before. However it may already be too late for even him to stop the evil spirit from wreaking havoc, and claiming yet another soul…….

For those of you that may have already scrolled down the page and have seen the grade I gave this movie, it will come as no big surprise that I really did not like this sequel. Where the original Sinister had a few seriously disturbing and scary sequences, there was almost nothing in this movie that deserved the label horror. It was just a plain and simple, very dull movie. Just as in the original the scares should have come from the 8mm “found footage” films, but this time these were just poorly conceived. Near the end of the movie, the pacing picked up slightly, and resulted in at least a few interesting scenes. Those were not enough to save the movie though. Add to that a really stupid ending, and actors that for the most part were not very convincing either, and you end up with a movie that is really a poor substitute for the original. Oh well, maybe Bughuul can do another audition for Slipknot…

I give Sinister 2 a 4 out of 8 score.