The Walking Dead Season 6, American tv series (2015/2016)

There is such an enormous amount of tv series to choose from these days. Everybody though, has probably got one show that is his or her absolute favorite. For me that used to be 24. That realtime series starring Kiefer Sutherland in the role Jack Bauer, one of the most iconic characters ever, was the greatest thing to ever grace television screens. At least….that was what I used to think. I had never in my wildest dreams thought that a show would ever pass 24 as my personal number one show. But then in 2010, the Walking Dead premiered. A show that tells the story of the world facing a Zombie Apocalypse, and the people who try to survive in that world. After the first episode aired I was hooked, and to date I still am. I am going to apologise in advance. I will try and be as objective as I can with the review of season 6 of this show. And I do mean try, because when it comes to the Walking Dead, I usually lose my objectivity. So once again: my apologies.

Season 6 starts off with a big problem. And I do mean big…an enormous herd of thousands of zombies is threatening the community of Alexendria. Rick, the newly appointed saviour of the town has to come up with an incredible plan, in order to rescue everyone from this latest threat. Ofcourse in The Walking Dead nothing usually goes according to plan, and it is not before long that Rick, his friends, and everyone in the town of Alexendria might have to face the reality that the world truly belongs to the dead……

The thing I love the most about the Walking Dead are the characters. Yes the zombies are cool, the action is fantastic, and ofcourse the horror is terrifying. But the heart of this show is it’s ever expanding cast of characters. As in every season we gain a few new characters, but we also lose a couple of them, usually in totally unexpected and often heartwrenching ways. This season truly has been the most brutal one to date. The lines between good and evil  are beginning to fade, and our beloved cast has to really adapt in order to survive. This leads to certain situations where you begin to question the morality of some of the decisions that are being made. And I often asked myself the question: would I be able to that, if I would find myself in this same predicament.

Ofcourse one of THE most talked about things this season, was the enormous cliffhanger at the end. A lot of people hated it, and felt it went to far to leave people hanging for such a long time with an ending such as this. I honestly did not care about it. Yes, the ending was annoying, and I can’t wait for the season 7 premiere next week to start. But I truly felt it was the only way to end this utterly fantastic season, and any other ending would not have seem right. At least that is how I felt about it. So was this the best season of the Walking Dead to date? Thinking hard and long about it, I would say it probably was. There were so many shocking moments, fantastic action sequences, and terrific character driven storylines, that I wonder what they are going to come up with to top this one. One thing is for sure: episode 1 of season 7 will be a horrible experience no matter how it turns out….but it would take a herd of zombies to stop me from watching it next week.

I give season 6 of the Walking Dead a 9 out of 10 score.


6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 6, American tv series (2015/2016)”

  1. Can’t wait for the new season. I need to take stock first of who all is still alive. There was so much carnage, I forget lol. Yeah season 6 was the best since season 1 I thought. My favorite episode was Morgan’s flashback of how he came to learn the way of the stick, and that “all life is precious.” I loved that whole narrative. Also, 24 was SO good! It was the first show I ever “binge watched.” It was Season 1, from DVD that I got Christmas Eve. I couldn’t sleep that night, naturally, and so I knocked out the very first 6 hours and never looked back!

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    1. Before the Walking Dead, 24 was my favorite show. You can’t compare the two really, but the Walkimg Dead has truly become my alltime favorite show. I will never forget Javk Bauer though, and I will definitely rewatch them again sometime in the future. As for the Walking Dead, yeah however it will end on Sunday (for me Monday) it will be a horrifying episode for sure.

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  2. One of the things I really like about the Walking Dead is the ongoing presence/threat of zombies, and how they are frequently scattered about. There are occasional herds, but more often the threat is the zombie trapped in a bush, or dormant under a table, which only reveals itself after the characters have concluded it’s safe and begun wandering around.
    It’s the same reason I like the Silent Hill franchise. The monsters are not isolated to one region, they’re scattered about all over the place. Characters are constantly challenged with managing their space and calculating when to fight and when to evade and avoid.

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    1. The Walking Dead is still my alltime favorite show. As you say, the threat of this world is just so tense. Nowhere is it safe, there could be something happening around every corner. Imagine living in a world like that. I think I would go insane for sure. I am wondering how they ate going to keep things interesting though. Saying that they have material for around 20 seasons is cool, but it does have to be original to keep the interest of the audience. So far that has really been the case 😊

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      1. Agreed. I can’t help but think of how many shows that run so long either have to disguise the same patterns in new skins, or change so much that they’re hardly recognisable.
        I will say I respect the time they take to transition. There have been arcs that felt a bit slow and mellow, but I think a good story needs time to let tensions calm before rebuilding them.

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