There is a certain genre of movies that I like to call the “feel good movies”. Movies that when you watch them just make you feel happy, no matter how down you might be. A lot of these movies turned up in the golden days of the 80’s. Nowadays it seems that movies just have a darker tone, and the feel good movie is pretty much becoming a thing of the past. And I do say pretty much, because occasionally they do still turn up. And the movie Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children, a contestant for longest movie title ever, is one of them.

Jake is just an ordinary boy that lives out his ordinary and pretty much mundane life. He goes to school and does not have any real social life to speak of. The only one he is close with, is his grandfather, who almost everyone thinks is a bit of a crazy person. Ever since Jake was a boy, his grandfather has been telling him stories about other places that exist on Earth.One of those is a story about a orphanage for children that have special powers. One day it seems that something bad has happened to Jake’s grandfather. In trying to find out the truth about what has befallen him, Jake stumbles across a mystery across different timelines. Eventually he learns that his grandfather might not have been crazy after all, and that some stories, no matter how unreal they seem at first, might be true. But not every story may have a happy ending, as Jake is about to find out.

Tim Burton, the director of this movie, has always made films that transport you to fantastical places. A lot of these were made with an incredible amount of CGI effects, but Burton breaks that tradition with this film. Most of the places in this movie were practical sets, and that definitely shows. This movie was an unexpected surprise. A lot of the reviews for this movie were pretty mixed, but I just found this film an absolute delight to watch. The story and characters in this film, were simply amazing, and I just had a smile on my face pretty much throughout the entire film. Eva Green in the role of Miss Peregrine was superb, and truly carried the movie. At the end of this movie I left the theatre with a very satisfactory feeling, and it felt like I had been transported back to the era of the feelgood movie. A feeling I thought that might have been lost to the tides of time. Luckily Tim Burton proves that these movies are not a lost art, and I am glad he did. I highly recommend this film for the people who love fantasy, and just want to be transported away from their normal everyday lives, at least for a while….

I give this movie a 9 out of 10 score.