One has to wonder why live action movies are made based on popular animation franchises. The obvious answer is ofcourse to make money (duh). But let’s really think about this for a bit. The fans of an animated show, be it an Anime or normal cartoon, watch it because they like animation. When I was a kid I grew up on shows like Transformers, Heman, Gi-Joe and all those other great cartoons from the 80’s. All of the aforementioned cartoons have had live action adaptations. Did I enjoy them as much as the original cartoon? The answer to that is a resounding no. Yes, I did enjoy the Transformers movies, but the 80’s cartoon is still better. And now that I am into Anime, we ofcourse have had a great number of live action movies based on those series. All of these, though at times enjoyable in their own right, still do not bring the same level of excitement as the originals. So I guess my first answer to the question I asked is still true: to make money.

With the second part of the live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan, my view definitely has not changed for this. This second part continues, after a short recap of part 1, pretty much where the first movie ended. Eren and his group are still trying to complete their desperate mission to plug the hole of the great Outer Wall. They are joined in their efforts by the mysterious captain Shikishima. But it soon becomes clear that Shikishima might have completely different motives than Eren. With the Titans closing in, and the danger becoming ever greater, Eren will have to dig deep into himself to find the courage to save humanity. But first he will have to deal with his own inner turmoil…..

Where the first movie at least had some things in common with the original Manga/Anime, this second part just about rewrites every single storyline. We get an origin story of the Titans that I found pretty hard to swallow. I don’t mind trying something new, but this is taking things just a bit too far. Still, there are some bright points to be found. There are a couple of pretty cool fight scenes between the Titans, and the action displayed is just about enough to save the movie from being a total waste. This part is very short, and basically has no real storyline to speak off. And I guess that is the biggest shortcoming of these two movies. The original Manga/Anime had such an incredibly cool and moving storyline, and characters that you really cared about. In these adaptations we get characters that carry the same names, but have little to no substance to them. Obviously this could have been so much better, but this truly felt like hitching a ride on the succes of a fantastic franchise. Luckily season 2 of the Anime is on the horizon, and that will hopefully wash away the bitter aftertaste of these two movies.

I give Attack on Titan the Movie:part 2, a 6 out of 10 score.