Sometimes I just go out and buy stuff just because it is cheap and it kind of looks interesting. I admit it, I can be highly influenced by discounts and advertising. But it sometimes is very hard to resist, especially if it looks very promising. However, even though I can buy things on impulse, I usually have a lot of luck acquiring pretty cool and decent stuff. Need proof? How about the dvd set of the Anime series Rideback, a series I purchased pretty much  on a whim.

In Rideback we follow the young girl Rin, who has stepped in her mother’s footsteps by becoming a dancer. Unfortunately she suffers an injury on the stage, and eventually decides to quit dancing. Trading her dancing career for college life, she eventually winds up in Rideback club. A Rideback can be best described as a cross between a motorcycle and a robot. Rin is delighted with these machines, and has a particular connection to the red machine called Fuego. However, not everything in Rin’s world is so delightful. A tyrannical government, the GGP, rules the world with a very tight grip. When more and more people take up arms against them, Rin unknowingly gets caught up in this war as well. A war that will not leave everyone unscathed…..

Now the first thing I just have to say is that the Rideback itself has got to be the most awesome piece of machinery I have ever seen in a animated series. The way it looks, the way it sounds, and the way it is animated is absolutely briljant. The CG work for these motorcycle/robot hybrids is truly stunning. I also love the way this animated series develops it’s storyline. The first few episodes you think you are watching a nice, but pretty lighthearted tale about a girl who wants to live up to her dreams. It soon evolves into a very dark and brutal story, with big military action pieces, awesome fight scenes, and a few heartaches as well. Honestly I can find almost nothing that I did not like about this Anime. Sure, the storyline does slow down a bit in the middle, but not for long. I think that Animelovers who love sci-fi, will love this series. And did I already mention that the Rideback machine is freaking awesome? Sorry….forgive me my enthusiasm. Anyway, I highly recommend this wonderful 12 episode Anime series. So what have you got to lose? Just go along for the ride…..

I give Rideback a 9 out of 10 score.