In 1971 a pretty much unknown director made a television movie called Duel. The movie starring Dennis Weaver became a huge succes. Such a succes in fact, that in Europe the film was even released in the cinema. It told the story of David Mann, an average guy who one day out on the road, encounters a truck driver who is intent on killing him. A titanic struggle ensues between David and the driver of the big diesel truck. It was an incredible movie, and to date still one of my favorite chase movies of all time. So who was that unknown director you might ask? Well, would you believe that it was none other than Steven Spielberg? I really hope I do not have to explain who he is. Anyway, all this brings me to the movie I just saw: Wrecker.

In Wrecker two friends, Emily and Leslie, are out on a roadtrip. At a certain point they are heading off the main highway, and enter a stretch of road aptly called Devil’s Pass. Once there they pass an old diesel towtruck. It is something which they should not have done as the driver of the truck turns out to be a psychopath intent on killing them. A dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, in which the two girls are brought to the edge of insanity.

In case you are wondering if I might have copied the first paragraph of this review, you might almost be right. The first thing I asked myself when watching the first half of this movie, is “how on Earth did they avoid a lawsuit?”. Simply put, it was an exact, frame to frame copy of Duel. The car and truck looked different, and Dennis Weaver was replaced by two girls, but otherwise it was the exact same movie. After this opening half hour the director apparently decided, now it is time to switch gears (pun intended), and put in some new scenes. Basically though you could say this is pretty much a remake of the Steven Spielberg classic. That would not be a bad thing in itself, but this movie just isn’t that exciting. The acting by the two girls is sub par, and as I have seen the original Duel so many times, I pretty much knew what was going to happen in every scene. The Ford Mustang car the girls were driving in, was pretty cool, as was the towtruck. You could even go so far that to say that these two objects were the stars of the movie. I guess if you have not seen Duel, you might get a little bit more excitement out of this movie, but honestly you would be missing out on a truly great classic. Try to hunt down the original before checking this one out of you can. If you can’t I guess there are worse movies out there that you can watch.

I give Wrecker a 5 out of 10 score.