Every person that loves movies probably has a few movie scenes that they find pretty much unforgettable. They can be memorable because of a certain number of reasons. Either they shocked you in some way, made you feel goosebumps, or are just so incredibly horrifying that they have been edged into your mind forever. Whatever the reason may be, the impact they made on you will never be forgotten. A scene that I recall vividly was the moment that Sadako appears from out of the television screen in the original Ringu (Ring) movie. I was absolutely terrified, never having witnessed something that scary in a movie before. It is moments like those, that make me love movies so much. To date, even though I now know what is coming, I still find it a truly horrible scene, but wow it is so good. The director of the Ring, Hideo Nakata, has since made a lot of other horrormovies and one of those is The Complex.

The student Asuka together with her parents, has recently moved into a new appartment complex. As with every new residence it usually takes a while to get used to your new surroundings. But in this complex things take a bit longer than normal. Asuka constantly hears strange scratching noises coming from the apartment next door. One day she finds her neighbour dead in his home. But the noises continue after his dead, and it doesn’t end there. When confronted by the ghost of her dead neighbour, she learns that there have been more people that have died in the complex. Soon, terrible secrets come to light, that will drive Asuka to the edge of insanity…

To get started right away, this movie definitely is not The Ring. There truly are a few pretty scary scenes, that will sent shivers up your spine. But those moments are scarce, this being more of a supernatural mystery than a true horror movie. As I expected this to be a movie more in the style of the Ring, I was a bit disappointed by it.  But that being said, this movie is not bad. The story is pretty good, and has some nice twists in it, that I certainly did not see coming. It is one of those movies that when you finish it, it does keep you thinking about it in your mind. The acting was fairly decent, and as far as cinematography goes that was done allright as well. The movie moves along at a slow pace, but has just enough in it to keep your attention. In the end I found this movie okay, but not great.

As such I give this movie a 6 out of 10 score.