Don’t you just hate it when that happens? One minute you are cruising along in the galaxy aboard your spaceship minding your own business, when suddenly alien invaders have breached your hull. And as if that wasn’t bad enough they have left bombs on every deck in order to blow you, your ship and the valuable A.I. of your ship to smithereens. Okay it is time to get your dice out and start defusing them. Wait, what?



The components of this dicegame are relatively few, but they get the job done. Inside the box you will find a total of 25 coloured dice, and a nice looking cloth bag in which to place these dice. Also included are a total of 54 different bomb cards, and 11 special fuse cards. The rulebook is the last thing included, and it is written well, with enough examples to teach you the game. The components are relatively simple, but this is one of those games that is not about the way it looks, but the way it plays. And gameplay is definitely a blast (pun intended).



In Fuse your ship has been attacked and unknown assailants have placed a enormous amount of bombs aboard. You have 10 minutes to defuse them all, and this has to be taken very literally as this game plays in realtime. The game has a (free to download) app, in which a clock counts down together with a very annoying ship A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). In the beginning she is very encouraging, but as the clock is counting down, she becomes somewhat less friendly and tells you to hurry things along. Ofcourse you don’t have to use this app, you can also a regular timer, but I honestly say that I found it pretty funny listening to her.

So how does this game work? Each round, depending on the number of players, a number of dice are pulled from the dicebag. After you have rolled the dice that have been pulled from the bag, they are then used to defuse the bombs, which are depicted on the cards. Every bomb is different, and has it’s own set of problems to solve. For instance some cards require you to put dice on them in a particular order, or combination of numbers. On other cards you might have to build a stack of dice, starting at the bottom with a particular colour. If a die can’t be used, you have to reroll that one, and remove a corresponding die from a bomb you are in the middle of defusing. Depending on the level of difficulty you are playing at, there are a certain number of bombs you have to defuse before time runs out. This creates a very nervewracking game, especially when time is beginning to run out, and you are not even halfway through.



You can learn this game pretty quickly. The rules are really not that difficult, and as I mentioned earlier, the rulebook is pretty well written. However mastering the game and beating it, is a whole different story. I have so far played this game only solo, and after a couple of rounds have not yet managed to beat it. The timer is effective, and even though you should not let yourself be affected by it, you sometimes can’t help it. Being a dicegame there is ofcourse always an element of luck included, but you also have to think quickly and plan in advance, in order to become a winner. And trust me when I say that by using the app, you will eventually begin to get very annoyed at the ship A.I.voice. She can truly be a real….well I guess you can fill in the blanks for yourself.

The Verdict


I simply put, love this game. This is just one of those games that is easy to pick up, but  has that “Let’s try this one more time ” quality. Okay, this is not the most awesome looking game ever, but that really does not matter, as this game just has fun written all over it. I am primarily a solo boardgame player, and I find that this game really works well playing it alone. (Well not alone, you still have that kind and friendly ship A.I. to keep you company). I can imagine that when playing this with other people, things can become even more tense, passing the dicebag around, with the timer counting down to destruction. I highly recommend this game. If you like dicegames in general, this is almost a no-brainer. Well, with only 1 minute left to total ship destruction I am going to give this game my final score.

I give Fuse a 9 out of 10 score.