They say revenge is a dish that is best served cold. Don’t know if that is true, but I can honestly say that I love a good revenge story. Be it in a movie, a tv series or a novel, I think there is just something fascinating about someone exacting revenge on people who did him or her wrong in some way. And if there is one country who is a true master at crafting movies or tv series around revenge it is South Korea. I have seen plenty of Korean Drama series that deal with revenge in some way or another. This year we can add yet another show to that list: Goodbye mr. Black. Is it any good though?

Goodbye mr. Black is loosely (very loosely) based on the famous novel The count of Monte Christo. The hero of the story is a guy called Cha Ji Won who is a soldier that has been trained in a special unit, together with his adoptive brother Min Seon Jae. The latter is very jealous of Cha Ji Won, feeling that he has always stood in his shadow.  When his adoptive father gets killed in Thailand, Seon Jae knows who is responsible, but he keeps quiet about it. And with good reason it seems, as he has been offered a very lucrative position by the killers, as the head of a company. Cha Ji Won travelling to Thailand is later framed for another murder by Min Seon Jae. Fleeing for his life in a daring escape, it looks like Cha Ji Won gets killed in the attempt. However Cha Ji Won has devised a cunning revenge plot, and under the assumed name of mr.Black, reappears a couple of years later. Together with the help of a mysterious girl whom he calls Swan, mr.Black prepares the first steps of his plan. Swan has become very important to him, and his feelings for her grow daily. Unfortunately though, his escape attempt has not left him completely unscathed, and time might be running out for him. Will he be able to complete his revenge against Min Seon Jae, and the murderers of his father?

This series starts with a lot of action. The first two episodes seem almost out of place in comparison to the rest of this series. Goodbye mr. Black is not a bad show, but I do feel that they took too long to tell the story. If they would have cut a few episodes, I think we would have had a much better tv series. As it is now, the story just gets dragged out, and this sometimes was the cause of some pretty boring episodes. The humour in this show, was at times truly cringeworthy. Acting wise however we had a few very good actors, most noteworthy of these being Kim Kang Woo, who did a more than decent job portraying the evil Min Seon Jae. This definitely is not going down as one of my alltime favorite K-drama series, but it was a decent watch, and every storyline did get wrapped up very nicely in the end.

As such I give Goodbye mr. Black a 7 out of 10 score.