Television these days is all about the ratings. It is a brutal climate that sometimes causes your favorite tv shows to be cancelled without notice. This can be very frustrating for fans of a good show, especially if they end it on a cliffhanger with no hope whatsoever of ever coming back. For a television show to last well past a first season these days truly is an accomplishment. Homeland will start it’s sixth season next year, and has even been extended for a seventh and eight season. Which is truly amazing, especially seeing as to how this show has changed over the past few years. Having just finished season five, all I can say is if it maintains this level of quality, bring it on!

Season five takes place two years after the events of the last season. A lot of things have changed in the life of Carrie Mathison. Now living in Germany, she has started a new life in the hope of never having to deal with the horrors she has been through in her previous one. However, it is not long before she gets pulled back in, as there are certain things you just can’t avoid even how much you would like to. Saul, in the meantime has his own problems to deal with back at the C.I.A. With a database hacked in a Berlin field office, some crucial and highly sensitive documents have been released to the public. This eventually will threaten the entire national security. With a terrorist attack imminent in Berlin, the paths of Saul and Carrie eventually cross again. However, the level of mistrust between the two is big, and the question soon becomes if they can overcome their differences in time to stop the threat…

This season of Homeland has a very dark atmosphere. Starting with the first episode you feel a sense of doom creeping up on you, and it does not release you until the very end.  The start of the season is a bit slow, and with the many changes that have occurred, you might have trouble with keeping up on what has happened. Stick with it though, as this season truly reinvents the term “Bingewatching”. I dare you to not finish this season in less than three days. It is really that good. I do have to say that this season at times felt more than a season of 24, than Homeland. Is that a bad thing? Well certainly not for me, as 24 is one of my alltime favorite shows. Some people might be upset by it however, as Homeland has truly changed from what it was in the earlier seasons. The driving force behind this show is still Carrie Mathison though, and as always she is played brilliantly by Claire Danes. I can’t help but wonder where they are going to take the story in season six, as this season felt like the closing of yet another chapter in the life of Carrie. Whatever they come up with, I will be there regardless.

I give season five of Homeland a 9 out of 10 score.