The original Point Break dating back to 1991, is kind of a cult classic. It starred a young Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze and was directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who years later would receive an Oscar for best director for The Hurt Locker. Unfortunately I have not yet seen the original movie, but from what I heard and read about it, it seems to be quite an underrated movie. (And yes I already am ashamed that I managed to miss this one, so don’t rub it in, okay?). As seems to be the trent these days, last year the remake, reboot or whatever you wish to call it saw the light of day. Is it any good? Let us find out, shall we?

Point Break follows the young FBI agent Johny Utah, who used to be an extreme sports athlete. Across the world a series of crimes are being committed by a group of individuals, who perform incredible stunts to achieve these crimes. Johny goes undercover and tries to infiltrate this group, led by the charismatic Bodhy. When he does, he grows ever closer to these people, and soon finds himself questioning his loyalties. At a certain point though, he will have to make a choice, but will it be the right one?

Now there are two reasons that make this movie at least worthy of your time. One of these is the breathtaking scenery. Travelling across the world, we find ourselves at truly incredible spots of nature on Earth. Captured on camera, it is sometimes amazing that there are such beautiful places left in the world. The other reason are the incredible stunts being performed. Some of the extreme sports scenes filmed are absolutely amazing, and amongst the best action scenes I have ever seen on film. Unfortunately those are the only two selling points for this film. The story is almost nonexistent, but that honestly is almost always the case in movies like these. The characters themselves though, are pretty much cardboard. And the actors performing them, are also not going to find themselves with Oscar nominations any time soon. The only actor worthy of note is Ray Winstone, who is always a pleasure to watch.

Whether or not you are going to enjoy this movie pretty much comes down to your tastes. If you like action movies, and don’t care much for story or well thought out characters, you will enjoy this film. If it is the other way around, you would do well to pass on this one. As for me, I am kind of in the middle. I definitely enjoy action movies, and this one wasn’t half bad. The stunts made it worth it for me, but I did not care much for the characters, and that cost the movie some points.

I give this film a 7 out of 10 score.