I used to be a very fanatic gamer. My favorite game genre was definitely the first person shooter. For those not familiair with the term, a first person shooter is a game that is played from the point of view from the player. It usually shows the arms and weapon you are carrying on screen, as if you yourself were the gaming character. It has been years ago since I last played a videogame, but I do often think back on those days with some fond memories. Now why am I bringing this up in a movie review you might ask? Well, because the movie Pandemic is mostly shot from a first person perspective, and at times closely resembles the games I just described.

In Pandemic the world is on the brink of annihilation. Most of humanity has been infected by a very deadly virus and is close to extinction. The sole hope for a cure lies with doctor Lauren, played by Rachel Nichols. Her mission is simple: take a team and find survivors on the streets of Los Angeles, who have not yet been infected by the virus. However once she and her team arrive, they find a city on the brink of chaos, and the hope of finding anyone alive and uninfected becomes very slim at best…

Yes people, it is that time again: the end of the world and the Zombie Apocalypse is here. Empty and deserted streets? Check. Buildings on fire? Check. Hordes of Flesh eating zombies? Check. Since the succes of the Walking Dead, there have been an enormous amount of movies featuring zombies. Now, some of these are pretty good, and truly offer a nice experience if you like these type of movies. However, because of the incredible amount of zombie movies on offer these days, it is hard to find one that is original. Pandemic praises itself for that, because of the unique first person perspective that most scenes are shot from. That might be true, but because of this, the movie at times becomes impossible to watch as the shaky cam is hard to follow. And honestly, this just isn’t a very good movie.I think you might achieve the same experience by putting in a video game, and you would probably have more fun.

The story is almost non-existent and the characters are so incredibly dull, that you almost don’t care what happens to them either way. I really like Rachel Nichols, who was absolutely fantastic in the tv show Continuum. Here though, she is completely out of place, but that is not really her fault. The blame must be put on the people who wrote the script for the movie. I truly like watching zombie movies, but this one was just a waste of time.

I give Pandemic a 4 out of 10 score.