Spooks:The Greater Good, UK movie (2015)

One thing the British are very good at, is making good old fashioned spy movies. And why not, because the most famous spy in the world, James Bond is ofcourse also a Brit. The television show Spooks is a British spy show, that concentrates on the British Intelligence Service, MI-5. It has run for 10 seasons during which multiple characters either joined the show or left it. This movie is a continuation of the tv show, but if you have never seen it, you can still watch it, as it stands pretty much on it’s own.

Spooks: The Greater Good, starts of in the middle of a prisoner transport, escorted by MI-5 Agents. When the convoy gets ambushed, the dangerous terrorist known as Qasim is freed in the process. As the escape is almost too easy, suspicion begins to rise that there is a traitor inside MI-5. When the head of the Counter-Terrorism Division of MI-5, Harry Pearce, disappears soon after, he becomes the main suspect. A disgraced agent and former protégé of Harry, is then brought in to help track Harry down. The agent, Will Holloway, finds himself right in the middle of a conspiracy. And with the terrorist Qasim planning an attack, the stakes become very high indeed.

Honestly, when I bough this movie on dvd, I did not know that this movie was a follow up to the Spooks tv show. It just said MI-5 on the cover, it starred Kit “you know nothing John Snow” Harrington, and I found myself liking the story on the back cover. I have only seen the first two seasons of Spooks, and what I remember of it was that it was a pretty decent and exciting tv series. This movie is pretty good too. As far as the acting is concerned, both Kit Harington and Peter Firth play very good roles and because of them the movie rises to above average. There are a couple of action scenes, but I would not classify this as an action movie. The story has a few nice twists and turns, and from what I have read in other reviews some pretty cool easter eggs for fans of the Spooks tv series. As I said in the beginning, you can watch this movie without ever having seen the tv series. But this movie has sparked my interest to now continue with the other 8 seasons of Spooks, that I have yet to watch. All in all this is just a small but nice and decent spy movie, and worth the watch.

I give Spooks: The Greater Good a 7 out of 10 score.


2 thoughts on “Spooks:The Greater Good, UK movie (2015)”

  1. Ik heb de eerste vijf seizoenen liggen van Spooks, maar ben er nog nooit aan toegekomen om te kijken. Het lijkt me wel wat. Heeft Kit ook in de seizoenen van Spooks meegespeeld? Dan wil mijn vrouw er wel naar kijken.

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