The original Maze Runner was a very pleasant surprise in the Young Adult novel movie adaptations. With so many of those books being made into movies for the big screen, the genre became stale and tiresome. The Maze Runner definitely stood out amongst those movies. It had a very interesting story, fantastic visual effects, and instead of a female lead, it featured a male who played the hero. (Not that I am complaining when there is a female lead mind you). As the movie was a great succes, the sequel called the Scorch Trials, was given the green light. Adapted from the second novel of the trilogy of books these movies are based on, I hoped the movie would be at least as good as the first one.

In the Scorch Trials we pick up the story of Thomas and his friends right after their exit from the Maze. After having been rescued they are taken to a mysterious compound, where they soon find out they were not the only ones who underwent the Trials. Believing themselves safe for the time being, they begin to relax. However, as people begin to disappear Thomas becomes increasingly doubtful of the true intentions of their would-be rescuers. It is not soon after, that Thomas and his friends are on the run again. Escaping into a scorching landscape, infested with people who have been infected by the Flare virus, they find themselves in a very harrowing predicament. With WCKD on the hunt, Thomas will have to think of something fast, or it will mean the end of all their lives…

Now as I said, I had hoped this movie would be as good as the original. It comes close, but honestly this movie does not reach that same level. One of the things missing in this movie is a good story. Basically this is just a chase movie, with Thomas, Minho, and all the others constantly being on the run. The actionscenes are definitely worth watching though. At times I did wonder if I might have accidentally put on the latest episode of the Walking Dead. The zombies featured in this movie are however downright creepy, and unique enough to stand out from the enormous amount of zombie offerings out there these days. I was not bored throughout this movie for one moment, and despite it not being as good as the original, there is still enough to enjoy and make it worth your time. As for the third entry in the trilogy, that movie has unfortunately been postponed until 2018. Dylan O’Brien, who plays Thomas, was seriously hurt on set during the filming of the third installment. As his recovery has taken longer than expected, the movie had to be put on hold for a while. Hopefully, the extra time gained will mean that they can take more effort into ensuring that the 3rd movie will be a worthy conclusion to this franchise.

I give the Scorch Trials a 7 out of 10 score.