Homeland is just one of those tv series that I have a kind of love/hate relationship with. There are episodes that are completely briljant, but there also episodes that are quite boring, and at which I at times struggle to stay awake. For those of you unfamiliair with the show, Homeland tells the story of the American marine Nicholas Brody who is rescued from an Al Qaeda prison after having been tortured for 8 years. Upon returning home, and being reunited with his family, he begins to behave more and more strangely. The question becomes if he may have been compromised, and the CIA operative Carrie Mathison is convinced he has been, and may be planning an attack on America. Well, at least that was the story in season 1, but from there the story progressed, and in my opinion became an even better show.

Season 3 picks up where season 2 ended. Brody is on the run and the suspect of one of the biggest attacks on American soil. The only one who is not convinced of his guilt is Carrie. But she has her own problems at the agency, as an upcoming shift of leadership, makes it more and more difficult for her to do her job. And with a new threat on the horizon, the currently acting director for the CIA, Saul Berenson, has a briljant plan. But will he be able to execute it, as he too has increasingly more difficulty to do his job, under the upcoming director. With lines being drawn, the security of America and peace and stability in the Middle East hangs in the balance…

What a season this has been. I have heard it said that there were a lot of people that did not really like this season. They felt it was slowpaced, and that not much of anything really happened. For me though, this was the best season to date. In part that was because of the briljant acting of the three leads: Claire Danes, Damian Lewis and Mandy Patinkin. Already impressive in the previous seasons, they really outdid themselves in this season. Some of the scenes between them were so incredibly powerful, that at times I forgot I was watching a television series. Another thing that will definitely haunt me forever is one of the final scenes of the last episodes of this season. Now without giving away spoilers, I think for me this will go down as one of the most emotional scenes ever seen in a tv show. I felt like I had been punched in the gut after seeing this for the first time. This season has been a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. I truly wonder now though, where the story will go next, as season 3 felt like the closing of a chapter, or even could have served as a series finale. I will let you know soon enough, as season 4 is next on my “to watch ” list.

As for season 3, I give this a 9 out of 10 score.