There have been so many movies about robot uprisings that I think I may have lost count. Each movie basically confronts us with usually a world far into the future, where robots have become part of life. Then something bad happens and the robots try to take over. Ofcourse there have been a lot of enjoyable movies in that regard, so I am not complaining. Automata, starring Antonio Banderas is another one of those movies, although unfortunately it is not very enjoyable.

In 2044 the world has been all but destroyed by solar storms. Only 21 million people are still left alive. The ROC corpororation has been making robots, or Automata as they are called, to help rebuild the world. They live by two simple security protocols: They cannot harm a human, and secondly they are not allowed to repair or alter themselves or other robots. When a police agent shoots one of the robots, claiming it was altering itself, the ROC corporation begins an investigation. They sent out insurance agent Jacq Vaucan to handle it. What Jacq stumbles onto is something that may eventually be the end of the human race.

Automata has one thing going for it, and that is the visuals. Even though this is a movie with a pretty low budget, everything looks fantastic. The robots themselves are gorgeous to look at and the post apocalyptic world is made very well. Everything this movie does however, has been seen before in many other movies in this genre. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but the movie is also very slow paced. It takes a pretty long while to get things starting, and the finale doesn’t really make up for it. Most of the acting is not very solid either, so we are left with a pretty mediocre film at best. When I first saw the trailer of this movie, I thought it definitely had some potential. Ultimately though this is a pretty lowgrade movie, which might still be somewhat enjoyable if you like sci-fi movies. Don’t expect too much from it though.

I give this movie a 5 out of 10 score.