Finishing a movie trilogy is very tricky stuff. Everyone has seen the first two installments, and expectations for the end of the story are usually very high. There are of course a lot of examples in movie history where the third movie was a complete let down. And let us be honest, usually a third movie in a franchise is normally not as good as previous movies. With Rurouni Kenshin: the Legend Ends, the spectacular action movie trilogy is brought to a conclusion. The question is: is it any good?

With the second movie ending on a cliffhanger, the third movie pretty much picks up where the last movie ended. Shishio has arrived at the coast of Tokyo with his black Battleship, preparing to bring hell down on his enemies. Kenshin meanwhile is recuperating from his injuries at the house of his former master, Hiko. In order to face and defeat Shishio, Kenshin wants his master to teach him a very difficult sword technique. With this he hopes he can finally bring an end to the reign of tyranny of Shishio.The fate of Kaoru is however still uncertain….Will Kenshin be able to bring about the end of Shishio and find out what happened to Kaoru? The odds of this happening become very slim, as Shishio in a very nefarious plan, manages to enlist the help of the police to bring Kenshin down. And so the lines are drawn for the final confrontation……

What an end to a fantastic trilogy. This third movie starts off a bit slower than the previous one. As the second movie was so full of action, I think it is a good thing that they decided on building things up a bit slower. However not to worry, as the second part of the movie contains some incredible swordfights, about the best I have ever seen in any picture whatsoever. This trilogy is brought to a close in a very satisfying way, and does not disappoint. Looking back on all the three films, I think that this has been the best action movie trilogy that i have ever seen, apart from maybe Die Hard. With a whopping six hours and fortyfive minutes of run time there has not been a single moment that was boring to me. Even if you are not a lover of manga or anime, this movietrilogy is one you will enjoy if you like actionmovies with big epic swordfights. The acting is very good, the setpieces are amazing, and the action without the enhancement of any computer effects is at times breathtaking. For all you action junkies out there: go and see it, you will definitely not be disappointed.

I give this movie a 9 out of 10 score.