Sylvester Stallone has starred in an incredible amount of action movies. There are two characters for which he will always be known however: One of those is Rambo, the other is ofcourse Rocky. He reprised his iconic role in 2015 in the well received spin-off movie Creed, which also gave him an Oscar nomination. Sadly he did not win this, which in my mind was definitely something that he should have won, since it was such a well played part. Before Creed, the last time he played Rocky was in 2006, in the movie Rocky Balboa. The story of the movie is kind of a metaphor for what people at the time were thinking when first hearing about a sixth installment in the franchise. Everyone thought that it would be a very bad movie, and that Stallone was simply to old to play the part. He proved them all wrong though.

In this sixth movie we follow Rocky after the love of his life, Adrian, has died. Rocky tries to relive his past by visiting old places he used to frequent, along with his old friend Paulie. His son meanwhile, blames him for casting too big of a shadow, and because of that can’t live the live he truly wants. In the world of boxing, the undefeated champion, Mason “the Line” Dixon has no real challenger. Because of that, the people in general dislike him, thinking he has no right to the title champion. When Rocky expresses his desire to return to the boxing arena, an exhibition fight is organised between the old and the new champion. Everyone doesn’t give a dime for Rocky’s chances. But Rocky will try to prove to everyone that it ain’t over ’til it’s over…..

Rocky has always been about the underdog story. And that is why people probably love these movies. Sylvester Stallone is Rocky, and  again he proves he can definitely act with the portrayal of this beloved character. The big fight in this movie is shot perfectly, and you can’t help having respect for the actor, who at the time of shooting this movie was 60 years of age.  Most people would not have even made an attempt to play a role like this at that age, but not only does Stallone pull it off, he does it convincingly. Ofcourse this movie isn’t perfect, but you can’t help but root for Rocky during his big fight with Dixon. The story tries to convince everyone that no matter how old you are, if you believe in yourself, you can succeed at anything. And you know what? That is true in every sense of the word.

I give this movie a 8 out 10 score.