Falling Skies has sometimes been described as the Walking Dead, only instead of zombies there are aliens. I can understand the comparisons. Both shows feature an Earth where humanity is facing extinction, and society has fallen apart. However I do think that it is not entirely fair to just call it a Walking Dead clone. Falling Skies is also a show about family, and where young children have to fight in a war out of necessity. It has always been the human element that makes this series shine, and season 4 is no different in that respect.

In season 4 the Mason family and most of the main cast become seperated from each other after a devestating new Espheni attack. Tom Mason will have to rely on all his skills to figure out a way to reunite the 2nd Mass and take the fight back to the aliens. The person who is also going to be playing a big role in the war is his own daughter Lexi, but the question on everyone’s mind is: can she be trusted? With the 2nd Mass scattered to the four winds, the war rages on and the stakes have never been higher.

I have heard it said that this fourth season of the show is where Falling Skies is beginning to drag out the story line. I do have to say that in comparison to the three other seasons, this one certainly does feel a little weaker. Some of the episodes are just a little bit less exiting, and the action that was always prominently featured on this show, at times is not as spectacular. However to say that because of that this was a bad season, I have to disagree with that notion. There were still enough good episodes that made it worthwhile. Noah Wyle was especially good this season, and in his role as Tom Mason he had to make a few very tough choices, ones that not everyone might agree with.

The season finale was definitely one of the best episodes of Falling Skies to date, and because of that episode alone, I am glad I stuck around for the ride. Ofcourse it ends with a cliffhanger, and with only one more season to go I am truly wondering how all of the storylines are going to be wrapped up. All in all though I still enjoyed this season enough to be looking forward to the fifth and final season of Falling Skies.

I give the fourth season of Falling Skies an 8 out of 10 score.